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Special Report on

Sports Fan Loyalty Index

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Robert Passikoff is Founder & President of Brand Keys, Inc. and a sought-after speaker and thought leader on engagement and loyalty. Dr. Passikoff has 35 years of agency and client experience in all phases of strategic brand planning for a wide variety of B2B and B2C product and service categories. He has pioneered work in the area of loyalty and engagement, creating the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ® , the Brandweek Loyalty Leaders List, the Sports Fan Loyalty Index ® , and the Women's Wear Daily Fashion Brand Engagement Index ® . His company has developed research and brand positioning ...
is a person with an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for something. Fans of a particular thing or person constitute its fanbase or fandom . They often show their enthusiasm by starting a fan club , holding fan conventions , creating fanzines , writing fan mail , or promoting the object of their interest and attention.
MLB Now Tied with the NFL in Fan Loyalty
While it is not certain that MLB will avoid a work stoppage when the current CBA expires at the end of 2011, the league and MLBPA seem to be on far better footing than the NFL and NBA in terms of labor relations. A strike or lockout in either league could bolster MLB's position further in terms of popularity. After years in the #2 spot, Major League Baseball is now tied with the National Football League with the "most loyal fans," according to the 15th annual 2010 Brand Keys Sports Loyalty Index, a survey which helps professional sports teams increase broadcast, ticket and merchandise revenues by providing loyalty ... market research, surveys and trends
Episode 23: Making a Video Blog (Part 1)
This week we start a two part quick tip on creating a video blog. Part one includes, why, what to cover, and how to capture the video. Key News Stories: Sports Team Pay Rates, Sports Fan Loyalty Index, Topps trading cards go global, Lebron has a new shoe deal, How likely are you to make the Final Four, Darren rovell covering economic change of Butler making Final Four, and an IEG sponsorship conference recap. News Sports Team Pay Rates – Link Yankees make most 4 European Soccer Teams and 7 NBA teams round out the top 12 Sports Fan Loyalty Index – Link Measures Fan intensity thru Fan interviews Topps trading Cards go ... market research, surveys and trends


The Keyhole: Peeking at 21st Century Brands: April 2009
The Keyhole makes observations about consumers, brands, ads, & marketing, through a predictive customer loyalty lens. Most marketing is ineffective to today's bionic consumer, given undifferentiated products, loss of "brandness," & hard to come by profits. Marketers talk about "engagement" but nobody seems to be doing a very good job measuring or integrating it into what they do & it shows! The Keyhole opens a dialogue on this subject & suggests real-world solutions with the marketing community. 24/7 Wall Street, the online news source for things financial, posted an intriguing article on April 15, 2009. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Brand Keys | Latest Thinking
Branding an edible NBA logo onto your slice to show team support? Robert Passikoff discusses the NBA's newest merchandising tactic to try and boost team loyalty. Read further. Robert Passikoff, The Warc Blog.  ( 6/3/10 ) Tweener Technology There is now a blur lined between what qualifies as a tablet, phone, laptop, smart device, etc. The iPad is the latest and greatest example of a smart-phone tablet like device, but competition is on the way. Read more as Robert Passikoff discusses consumers and branding in this new category. Robert Passikoff, The Warc Blog. ( 6/1/10 ) Progressive's Flo Pushes Brand To 2nd ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hyundai Ties Passion of Soccer Fans With Owner Loyalty in FIFA World Cup(TM ...
/PRNewswire/ -- Hyundai, a global sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, will connect with the world's most passionate sports fans through a new ad campaign titled "Loyalty" breaking on ABC and ESPN's wide ranging coverage of sport's largest global event.  "Loyalty" ads will unite soccer fans' zeal for their team with Hyundai's top owner loyalty ranking in Brand Key 's 2010 Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. The campaign will feature new TV spots woven into coverage on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2, with extensions on radio, print, online, social media and even Hyundai's ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Brand study finds US sports fan loyalty shifting
May 23, 2005 ... 120 sports teams tracked by the 2005 Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index, with particular disappointments stemming from steroids and strikes ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
World Cup Matches Might Boost Your Mental Health - The Office of ...
WEDNESDAY, June 16 (HealthDay News) -- If you can't wait to watch the U.S. soccer team take on Slovenia in its next World Cup match on Friday, know that being an avid sports fan may be more than just a lot of fun. Scientists have shown that fans who feel personally invested in a team or, better yet, who attend games and cheer along with like-minded fans, reap the mental health benefits that come from a feeling of social connectedness. "The main thing that people achieve via sports fanship is a sense of belongingness, or connectedness, with others," said Edward Hirt, a professor of psychological and brain sciences ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
5-Forces Industry Analysis - Graziadio Business Report
Did you ever wonder why the NBA is wildly successful, or why some teams are much more successful than others?  In honor of the 25th anniversary of Michael Porter's contibution to strategic management, we apply 5-Forces Industry Analysis to the "industry of professional basketball" to draw conclusions about the main success factors for "firms" (teams) in the NBA industry.                               Photo: Dyana A seminal analytic tool in ...
Sports Business: team themes, kansas city royals, professional ...
Hi, thanks for your questions. In reading your questions, appears there are three separate questions that I will address. Just about every professional team and many minor league teams employ season promotional themes, or rallying points, as you describe them (I like it!). I like the ones that focus on the field, in other words, the ones that drive interest in the sport. Here's an example of a set of season long promotions being employed by Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals in the upcoming 2008 season. The main focus is the Bob Evans Friends and Family Days. The use of Bob Evans Restaurants as a promotional ...
Why doesn't Los Angeles have an NFL team? - Yahoo! Answers
Stadium issues have been a big problem. Los Angeles doesn't have a big money-making facility, which is where the money is in the NFL. The Rams were given the dome in St. Louis, so they found it more lucrative to move from Los Angeles. (TV revenue and ticket sales are roughly even around the league, so the difference from team to team usually is determined by things as seat licenses, suite sales, etc.) If the NFL expanded and L.A. was willing to build something new, the league would be there in a second. I could also see a franchise moving there someday; Buffalo and New Orleans seem like the best candidates. Asker's ...