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Store Brand Surprise

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"It's almost like being able to read their minds, because they're confessing to the search engine what they're looking for," says Don Batsford Jr. in a New York Times piece by Stephanie Clifford (4/17/10). "You can really key into who they are," adds Don, who is involved in online advertising for Jackson Hewitt, a tax preparation company that is among those packing its online coupons with all kinds of information about those who download and use them. Jackson Hewitt's main intent is to target its coupons better, but privacy mavens don't like it. "There is a feeling that anonymity in this space is kind of ...
although it now has no relation to the American stores except in name, after U.S. equity in the Australian business was purchased in the late 1970s. Kmart is the third largest discount store chain in the world, behind Wal-Mart and Target ; all three chains were founded in 1962. As of January 30, 2010, Kmart operated a total of 1,327 (13 closing by late May) Kmart stores across 49 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This store count included 1,361 discount stores, averaging , and 29 Super Centers, averaging . Kmart's world headquarters were located in Troy, Michigan , in a sprawling complex which, since ...
Look Out! Reusable Bags Harbor Deadly Illnesses!
Every once in a while, (okay often) the American Chemistry Council tries to convince consumers that reusable bags are indeed the devil in disguise. Just to clear things up, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) represents most of the major companies engaged in the business of chemistry, such as the Plastics Division , the Chlorine Chemistry Division , and the Chemical Products and Technology Division . I.e. a lot of companies who are making stuff that has the ability to trash the planet. You gotta hand it to them, the ACC tries REALLY hard. They use phrases like, “ Thinking Green? Pick Plastic! ” They remind ... market research, surveys and trends
Links of London give you a surprise | Article Directory
is why there are many shared and virtual hosting options in the market for very low monthly prices. When you go with a dedicated server there is no sharing of bandwidth, hard drive space, memory, or CPU power that can significantly hinder the links of london sale performance of your site. Dedicated servers also allow you to have root access of the server to install custom scripts and plugins that many shared services to not offer. Dedicated hosting truly is a computer you own and can manage on the internet backbone with no restrictions and limitations. There are many kinds of website server hosting options you can choose from. ... market research, surveys and trends


Trends in private label protein: store brand meats are big news ...
these days. In fact, a story in the June 11 Washington Post titled "A Savory New Prospect" describes the recent rollout of several new lines of high-end meats under--get this--retailers' own store brands! While scores of supermarkets offer private label meats, the newest generation of store brands includes the kinds of premium varieties once reserved primarily for specialty stores. The rationale behind the trend is simple: Center-store items tend to vary little from store to store so retailers must rely on meat and produce, which consumers consistently rank as the most important departments in the store, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Strong iPhone and iPod sales drive Apple profits to $1.21 billion ...
Apple on Wednesday reported a profit of $1.21 billion for its fiscal second quarter ending March 28, 2009, buoyed by strong iPod and iPhone sales. Mac sales were down three percent for the quarter compared to last year, but sales of the iPod and iPhone were up for the same period. "We are extremely pleased to report the best non-holiday quarter revenue and earnings in our history," Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO said during the conference call announcing the results. Apple’s $1.21 billion, or $1.33 per diluted share, was posted on revenue of $8.16 billion, the best non-holiday quarter revenue and earnings in Apple’s ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Pricey Vs. Cheap Shades Put to the UV Test
Consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen tested sunglasses at all price points to find out if they really offer UV protection. Consumer Correspondent Susan Koeppen tested the UV protection of cheap and designer sunglasses.  (CBS/The Early Show) Photo Essay Style for Sun Lovers Swimwear fashions for 2010 unveiled at South Beach shows (CBS)  When it's sunny outside, sunglasses are key to protecting our eyes from dangerous UV rays. But do you really have to pay a lot of money to get good glasses? A $5 pair off the street or a $200 pair of Versace glasses. Which would you think offers more UV protection? Consumer ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Obama calls on Congress to extend jobless benefits
today called on Republicans in Congress to stop blocking efforts to extend jobless benefits, arguing that providing unemployment insurance to people who are out of work is the government's responsibility. Some 2.5 million people have already lost access to this emergency relief, and those numbers are growing by the week. The White House believes helping the unemployed would boost consumer spending and help spur the economic recovery. But Republicans argue this kind of assistance should not be paid for through emergency spending that adds to the deficit; they say it should be paid for, for instance, by using unspent stimulus ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Private Label
It's no surprise that store brands are held in such high esteem. They are a boon to consumers' pocketbooks. U.S. shoppers who reached for the store brand of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
NEW JERSEY AUTHORIZED WIC FOODS Effective October 1, 2007 ...
18 oz. jar only, store brand only. Not Allowed -- Those mixed with jelly, marshmallow, .... alcohol or calcium; splashes; twisters; coolers;. Harvest Surprise. technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Alum celebrates 100th -- and gets PBK surprise || Bucknell University
It was a wonderful party surrounded by friends and several generations of family, including a number of Bucknell graduates. But Paul's son, Richard Humphreys, Class of 1962, had a special surprise in store — membership in the nation's oldest academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. Paul had graduated before a Phi Beta Kappa chapter was established at Bucknell. But in May 1942, he received a letter from the newly established chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, telling him that he was one of 20 members of the Class of 1928 to be nominated for membership in the brand new chapter. Such invitations were a common practice for ...
Menu for surprise 25th wedding anniversary party? - Yahoo! Answers
It will be for my parents and their friends and family. Very casual. Semi-small budget. I have a professional caterer on hand if necessary. The party will be approx. 30-45 people and indoors. A friend suggested some of the following: cheese ball & crackers, cocktail wienies, chips, pretzels, macaroni salad, potato salad,, meatballs.... It seems a little eclectic, does this all work together?? Oh and I will have a drink fountain, what kind of drink should I put in it? Put a non-alcoholic non-carbonated punch in the fountain. Carbonated beverages go flat fast in fountains, and if there isn't any alcohol in it, everyone ...
At this point, what is your favorite way to save some money?
If you’re still embarrassed or worried about the quality of no-frills store brand products or generics instead of those with brand names, face it: You’re in the minority now. In fact, 55% of grocery shoppers say they frequently purchase store brands, and more than 77% say the store brands they buy “are as good as, if not better than, national brand products,” according to a survey commissioned by the Private Label Manufacturers Association, an organization that represents makers of store brand food, beverages, health and beauty aids and over-the-counter drugs. And in this economy, it’s no surprise. The Store Brand Secret Many of ...