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Strategy & Tactics

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Nicola Nasser translates the last name of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, as "Addouri." There is no genuine difference as "Al-Douri" is the written form of the name and "Addouri" is how it is pronounced.     Five Years on, Saddam's Successor Resurfaces   For the first time since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in April 2003, the deputy of Saddam Hussein, the late President of Iraq, Izzat Ibrahim Addouri has resurfaced, despite a $10 million U.S. bounty on his head, in a lengthy interview with Abdul Adhim (Abdul Azim in slang Egyptian dialect) Manaf , the editor-in-chief of the Egyptian newspaper ...
On Tap: Tactics vs. Strategy
In one call, [Larry] Summers said, “I have 13 bankers in my office and they say if you go forward with this you will cause the worst financial crisis since World War II.” -- Credit Crisis Cassandra The quote above -- which occurred during a call in which Summers was fighting against regulating derivatives -- is one of the most illuminating of the financial crisis (so illuminating, in fact, it's the title of a new book by James Kwak and Simon Johnson). Viewed in the best light, it represents the extent to which regulators simply deferred to Wall Street for their cues on complex financial issues, while viewed more ... market research, surveys and trends
Commanders and Kings in Antiquity: From Magicians to Monarchs
In these egalitarian times, it may be unfashionable to say so, but Nature which is the driving force behind life on Earth, has never worked on the basis of equality. The lottery of the gene pool from which individuals take their abilities has always ensured that some are better endowed than others. Extraordinary people have always been required to solve problems, provide inspiration and, when life is under threat, devise ways of enabling it to survive. The medicine man of antiquity, with his ritual dances, exotic gestures and magic potions exerted a strong influence over his tribe who looked to him to cure their ills, or banish ... market research, surveys and trends


Personal Investment Strategy, Tactics and Tips
Emerging market stocks are expected to be the best performer in 2008. South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong are tops in Asia, with emerging markets in Europe, Latin America and Mid East being the best. Read on from the Citi Private Bank analyst. Thailand: Emerging equities to shine in 2008; Citi analyst says US will underperform, Bangkok Post, 17 January Emerging market equities will be the world’s best-performing asset class in 2008 amid increasing global market volatility, says Norman Villamin, the head of research and strategy for Citi Global Wealth Management Asia Pacific. Emerging markets would be marginally affected by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
trends | brandeo
A new study by the Marketing to Moms Coalition, a not-for-profit industry group, reveals that mothers are sacrificing purchases for their own use in order to ensure their families get what they need. For example, seventy-two percent of survey respondents say they gave up on the quality of new clothes they buy, while 51% cut back on health and beauty product quality. Yet the majority of mothers say they are not scrimping on the quality of their children's' food, medical needs and clothing. The annual State of the American Mom Report is a nationally representative sample of 1,225 moms with kids under 18 years old living ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Covering your Social Tracks
the current common denominator social graph provider, have rolled out another component which they have turned on by default between you and your friends within the USA (and who knows who else behind the scenes). Your friends can now ‘ check you in ‘ to a geographical location at a specific time (much as they can tag you in an image) and you can elect to reveal your whereabouts to whoever when you chose. 75 Percent of Individuals Use the Same Password for their Social Networking accounts as their Email , according to Internet security company BitDefender , and Google CEO Schmidt, probably in a politically deflective ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Online No One Knows You're an Expert...
starts JP…. If you can make sure that no one else has access to information that you have access to, if you’re in a position to deny others access to the information, then you can do something useful with it. This is ‘ asymmetry-in-access ‘. Asymmetry-in-creation means if you create/originate the information in question, then it is possible to prevent anyone else from knowing it, while JP defines asymmetry-in-education as expert education obfuscation… … exploited by experts in many guises: doctors, lawyers, priests, even IT consultants. And their theme song is simple. “You didn’t have to work as ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


From Strategy to Business Models and to Tactics Working Paper
Similar to strategy, tactics are also plans of action. Tactics are courses of action that take place within the bounds drawn by the firm's business model. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Strategy and Tactics for Initial Company Operations-Student Manual
Strategy and tactics are the activities undertaken to achieve objectives; ...... For the confine and extinguish strategies the tactics might be. Tactic #1: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Strategic and Tactic
The common view about strategy is that of setting the high objectives of an initiative or an organization. The strategy of an organization dictates the direction of all activities. Tactic, on the other hand, are the chosen types of activities needed to achieve the objectives – to implement the strategy. This looks clear but let’s examine our understanding on a specific case, a "for profit" organization example. The main objective of that organization is, "To make money now as well as in the future". Accourding to the above definition this high objective is the strategy of the organization. ...
  1. profile image angela0919 RT @MHYC: SO is MHYC! RT @ColoYouthCorps: CYCA is at Effective Social Media Strategy and Powerful Tactics for Nonprofits #ztrain
  2. profile image MHYC SO is MHYC! RT @ColoYouthCorps: CYCA is at Effective Social Media Strategy and Powerful Tactics for Nonprofits #ztrain
  3. profile image ColoYouthCorps CYCA is at Effective Social Media Strategy and Powerful Tactics for Nonprofits with Colo Association of Funders and Beth Kanter #ztrain
What are strategy and tactics? | Smart QandA: Answers and facts ...
Share this credible answer with others. Simply paste this code into your blog or Web page: What are strategy and tactics? ... strategy and tactics in warfare, related terms referring, respectively, to large-scale and small-scale planning to achieve military success. Similar questions: Are strategy and tactics the same? How do strategy and tactics differ? [ Hide these questions ] Mission, vision, strategy or tactic? (Market View).(column on food... Magazine article from: Food Processing ...statement, ...
The art of war...
Whilst watching the film it rekindled a desire I've always had - but long forgotten - to understand the strategy of war & battle. Barring Sun Tzu's "Art of war" - a philosophical treatise - are there any recommendations of books or sites that you would give relative to understanding battle strategy, and which would provide explanations and justifications of the tactics used in historical examples? Syzygy Tank Warfare (Battle Tactics) by Tim Ripey Numbers, Prediction, and War: Using History to Evaluate Combat Factors and Predict the Outcome of Battles, by Trevor Nevitt Dupuy US World War II Amphibious Tactics, Army and ...