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Special Report on

Supply Chain and Spend Management

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In the mid-1990s, the U.S. Council on Competitiveness used the term "innovation ecosystem" to describe the system of interconnections and interdependencies that bring individuals and enterprises together to drive the advances in science and technology that keep the economy moving forward. In a sense, the innovation ecosystem was a supply chain of ideas, supported by talent, investment and infrastructure, and aimed, ultimately, at creating new products and services. In this magazine, we concern ourselves, appropriately, more with the supply chain of things � the ecosystems of partners that get those new products ...
is the way in which companies control and optimize the money they spend. It involves cutting operating and other costs associated with doing business. These costs typically show up as "operating costs" or SG&A (Selling, General and Administrative) costs, but can also be found in other areas and in other members of the supply chain. Whether it is the money spent on goods or services for direct inputs (raw goods and materials used in the manufacture of products), indirect material (office supplies and other expenses that do not go into a finished product), or services (temporary and contract labor, print services, etc.), ...
Spend Matters: The Growing SaaS Spend Management Market
Even though I'm not a member of the SaaS politburo like On Demand junkie Tim Minahan -- who really is betting his retirement and kid's college tuition on SaaS' up-take -- I do count myself a card carrying party member of the movement. Given this, you can imagine I was pleasantly surprised to see Phil Waineright's post over on ZD Net about the growing SaaS market within Spend Management. In his blog, Phil comments that most SaaS supply chain and Spend Management players "remain privately held, including well-funded ventures such as Ketera and Rearden Commerce ... Then there are hosted supply chain vendors ... market research, surveys and trends
Supply Excellence — Supplier Performance Management: How to start ...
Supplier Performance Management (SPM) is the process of measuring, analyzing and managing supplier performance to improve quality, reduce costs, mitigate supply risk and drive continuous improvement in the supply base. That all sounds very straightforward and simple…until you try to get the program up and running for the first time. How does a company that has never measured a supplier’s performance accomplish this task? First, let me emphasize that SPM is not merely a scorecard and survey. SPM spans the continuum of the Spend Management process. From identifying qualified suppliers for sourcing events to measuring ... market research, surveys and trends


Enterprise License Optimization: Software budget planning
).   ManageSoft is a global supplier of enterprise software management solutions that combine asset recognition and inventory, license compliance, contract management, and software/OS deployment.  ManageSoft solutions manage over 3 million devices across more than 250 enterprise customers. The enterprise has awoken to realize that applications are one of the least well managed of all strategic corporate assets.  Corporate procurement is bringing the lessons learned from strategic solutions such as Supply Chain and Spend Management to the world of software.  Procurement is no longer just the final ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
June 2008 - News
ome may hear the term "maverick" and envision actor James Garner from the late 1957-1962 television series western. Or think of actor Mel Gibson in the 1994 big screen remake. Or actor Tom Cruise in the 1986 movie "Top Gun." But it can be a challenge to peg a maverick in healthcare, an industry stereotyped for being risk-averse, with the supply chain management segment largely toeing the line. However, that didn�t thwart Healthcare Purchasing News from searching for those beacons of independent, non-conformist thinking. We asked readers to nominate colleagues, competitors, customers, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bottomline Technologies Reports 4Q Results
Bottomline Technologies, a provider of collaborative payment, invoice and document automation solutions, reported financial results for the fourth quarter ended June 30. In a release dated Aug. 12, the Company said revenues for the fourth quarter were $41.5 million, an increase of $6.6 million, or 19 percent, from the fourth quarter of last year. Subscriptions and transactions revenue increased 54 percent from the fourth quarter of last year to $11.9 million. Gross margin for the fourth quarter was $23.0 million, an increase of $3.2 million from the fourth quarter of last year. Net income for the fourth quarter was $1.1 million, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Tracking Ariba's Third Quarter Fiscal 2010 Earnings Report: Three Perspectives ...
I explored a combination of reported metrics and observations that contributed to the quarter. In this final post, looking at Ariba's performance, I'll turn my attention to exploring Ariba in the context of how prospects and customers are making decisions, and how Ariba factors into any decisions in the Spend Management technology market. I think it's most important to first consider customers in the context of Ariba's overall strategy today. After all, there's a bit of game theory involved here -- it's not quite a zero sum game, either -- and if you can use Ariba's strategy to your advantage, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


From the Desk of Milan Ganatra
Supply chain and spend management: Listed expense and travel management vendor. Concur is on track to come close to $100 million this financial year. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Supply Chain Management NIGP Commodity Codes Business Case ...
Aug 26, 2009 ... procurement and supply chain management systems. 44. The NIGP Code System is a national best ...... 6 Purpose: Spend Management Research ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Spend Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry: An ...
The SCRC recently conducted an industry study, led by Dr. Handfield, and four MBA students (Ragesh Rajan, Rahul Sharma, Sangrum Chavan, and Swetha Menta) on the current state of spend management solutions in healthcare.  A spend analysis was often viewed as a one-time annual event to derive budgeting estimates, and develop insights into annual contract negotiations.  Today, spend analysis is evolving into spend management, which is a much more dynamic and on-going assessment and tracking of spending patterns, matched to other cost drivers and activities.  Spend analysis does not need to occur only on an annual basis, but can be ...
What is this Supply Chain Spend Analysis Solution Provider ...
Bellwether Services, announces 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) results. Global Supply Chain Solution Provider will focus on Sustainability, Environmental Governance, Supply Base Diversity and Inclusiveness goals in 2009. PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 31, 2009 – Atlanta, GA - Bellwether Services, Georgia-based strategic management consultancy firm with global capability, is pleased to report its 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) preliminary results and planned 2009 goals. Bellwether Services is a global Spend Management, Supply Chain Engineering, Environmental Audit, Lean Six Sigma, and Green Supply Chain ...
To what extent do you rate your company Procurement function and ...
The Purchasing Group in turn send out the vendor rating scores to the vendor base with a covering letter from me. We also publish the scores in the Plant where all our visitors can see everyone's scores. It is interesting to see how competitors are always interested to see how the other is doing!! My advise: Keep it simple at first. posted January 5, 2007 You can evaluate your Procurement Function based on many factors like Industry Norms, Competitors, Company Target etc. You Can improve by - Identifying areas of Improvement - Drawing Plan & Methodology - Selecting Right IT solution - Monitor Progress posted January 6, 2007