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Special Report on

Technology Hype Cycle

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comes another “unintended consequences” article. It turns out that the whipsawing that accompanies the adoption of new technologies is completely foreseeable, the “Why doesn’t this thing work right?” phase is as predictable as the seasons. Thanks to Dr. Mark Wheeler, Director of Clinical Informatics of PeaceHealth, for introducing me last week to the “ Technology Hype Cycle ” concept. The Cycle, originally described by the IT consulting firm Gartner, is comprised of an all-but-inevitable series of phases that technologies tend to traverse after they are introduced. The five phases are: Technology Trigger – The initial launch; a ...
Technology Hype and Investment Mania are Not Always Irrational
cartoon above stands in a back alley outside the Capel Court stock exchange asking a purveyor of dubious scrip how to honestly make £10,000 in railways. It is the end of a technology hype cycle in which the modern-day equivalent of $2 trillion was pumped into an investment bubble.  The picture on the right is a desolate and economically insignificant outpost connected by some of the 2,148 miles of railway capacity that entrepreneurs built during the British railway investment mania of the 1830s. The conclusion is that early investors in British railway companies were played for suckers. The mania probably started with an ... market research, surveys and trends
Technology Story » Blog Archive » The Technology Hype Cycle
There is a concept in the technology world that I find pretty interesting, and it is called the Technology Hype Cycle. It postulates that there are stages that technologies go through as to how they are adopted by humans. The speed that any single technology goes through the stages might vary a bit, but the stages are always there. Here is a description: The Technology Trigger – The genesis of the technology, this where only extremely geeky people have any idea what it is. The Peak of Inflated Expectations – This is where our “next big thing” is suggested as the cure to all ills and the next “disruptive technology.” I ... market research, surveys and trends


Microsoft PowerPoint - Trends and Glimmers handouts 23 Apr 07
Jun 7, 2007 ... On the Technology Hype Cycle, it's interesting to note that Gartner perceives ... Based on IT Budget as a Percent of Total Operating Expense for the 177 ..... Spent $7.5 million on training and $35 million capital on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Leading in Times of Transition: the 2010 CIO Agenda
Mark McDonald, Ph.D., is a group vice president and head of research in Gartner Executive Programs. He is responsible for the research agenda focused exclusively on CIOs and the business of information technology. Read Full Bio Coverage Areas: by Mark McDonald  |  January 19, 2010  |  6 Comments These years 2010 Gartner CIO Survey captured the priorities and plans of more than 1,500 CIOs.  The CIOs reported that they see 2010 as a time of transition across three areas: Economically from recession to recovery and growth Strategically from a focus on cost cutting efficiency to raising enterprise and IT productivity industry trends, business articles and survey research
Hope, Hype, and VoIP: Riding the Library Technology Cycle
After the initial hype is past, the real value of an emerging technology unfolds as librarians adopt, test, and learn from it on the ground. By understanding a tool’s practical library affordances and how they are adopted, adapted, and rejected, we can better evaluate its local promise critically, creatively, and with an eye toward sustainability. The long-term adoption cycle of one established tool, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), offers actionable insight into the library innovation process. Web voice and video are old news: Skype’s international popularity is established, voice and video chat proliferate, embedded ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Mitigation of the Threats of the Cloud
Cloud computing is an emerging phenomenon that offers enormous advantages, such as shorter time to market, flexible computing capabilities and limitless power, but the cloud market, still in a very early stage, continues to grow and evolve. As cloud computing evolves, it creates a global infrastructure for new possibilities used in software quality assurance and testing. Businesses can share public or hybrid clouds with each other or create private clouds to be shared within the whole company, instead of using separate options for different enterprise departments. However the cloud is also threatened by some risks. These risks ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


A technology Hype cycle of 1995 [13]. In the version of 2004 (Fig. 15) the diagram has been improved by adding a new piece of information ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Moving Toward Interoperability— Technologies for Accessible ...
"Build it and the money will come." Yes, sir. Buy a predictable product. The Gartner Hype Cycle. Riding the News Media Roller Coaster. Technology. Trigger ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Hype Cycle for Intelligent Grid Technologies - conference ...
Intelligent Grid Technology Hype Cycle. Technology. Trigger. Peak of. Inflated. Expectations. Trough of. Disillusionment. Slope of Enlightenment. Plateau of ...
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I would expect the market to grow at a even greater pace than it's doing currently; the drivers being (for cellular services): a. A number of new handset manufacturers with competitive pricing aross the board b. Entry of new service providers, hence more competition, better services and target for newer areas Apart form this, am personally intrested to see the trends going forward for 3G networks!! posted 2 months ago
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The washers use "nanotechnology" to release silver ions into the rinse cycle. Silver ions have antimicrobial properties, so the idea is that your clothes will be fresher and in certain cases, like with diapers, you might not have to use hot water or bleach to sanitize your wash. Consumer Reports that the washers did indeed reduce bacteria in the wash. Here is what they say: "The Samsung performed very well overall, and T-shirt halves washed on its SilverCare setting were less malodorous than those washed normally, so clothes should smell fresher longer. But SilverCare adds 6 to 24 minutes per load, and you must replace the ...