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The Barbarian Group CEO Interview

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Five years ago today, a bunch of youngsters at two companies called The Barbarian Group and Crispin, Porter + Bogusky launched a small minisite three days in advance of the late night running of some broadcast spots. They wanted to iron out any last minute wrinkles in the site by emailing it around to a few more friends, and get a little early buzz before the spots ran. In the next 48 hours, before the spots even had a chance to air, the little viral site that could had already bombarded the poor XServe in Crispin’s internal data center with 25 million hits. Within days, a cultural phenomenon was spawned. AAnd here it is, five ...
Numerous athletic, educational, cultural, business, and government leaders of significance to the State of Hawaii have been excluded, as well as most University of Hawaii and other State of Hawaii educators, and Hawaii-based entertainers, and artists
Full San Diego Comic-Con Saturday Lineup (UPDATING)
10:00-11:00 Spotlight on Carla Speed McNeil— Comic-Con special guest Carla Speed McNeil is best known for her creator-owned title Finder. A few years back, Carla took new stories of Finder to the Internet, and the result was an Eisner Award for best Webcomic of 2008 and a new series of reprints from Dark Horse. Carla talks about her work and what’s next in this Spotlight panel. Room 3 Categories: Art and Illustration | Comic-Con Special Guest Spotlights & Appearances | Comics | Science Fiction & Fantasy | Webcomics | Writers & Writing She really is very good. So glad to see this kind of recognition of her work. Worth ... market research, surveys and trends
Real Ad Men Talk About Mad Men
the men and women at Sterling Cooper create and design retro 1960s ad campaigns, all while obsessively chain-smoking, drinking and womanizing. Looking for a little fact in the fiction of Mad Men , is asking some real-world ad men and women to talk about the show’s realism and relevance to the advertising industry today. This week, we spoke with Benjamin Palmer, co-founder and CEO of award-winning interactive  marketing agency The Barbarian Group. We asked Palmer to talk about this week’s episode, expound on the death of the American Dream and tell us about his favorite branded schwag. In this ... market research, surveys and trends


Survey: Apple iPad Generates Greater Pre-Launch Demand Than iPhone ...
The interest in the ipad will increase even more if, in the next generation: add a still and video camera for chat; add phone - must have service anyway it seems. they must already have these and are saving them for announcements in the future but it is a shame to have to wait. I'm not surprised by this. Lots of people already had phones before the iPhone and didn't really know why they needed a smart one until later on. But nobody has a sexy touch tablet yet and 95% of all sci-fi movies have already explained why you want one. I've heard from a number of my friends who are pure business people, not ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Content Decoded » New Content Formats - Thoughts on the future of ...
There have been a few dismissals of the iPad. My Facebook feed was flooded for a few hours last night with friends calling the iPad an exaggerated version of the iPhone. While that judgement may not be far off the mark, I am personally quite excited for the iPad and the potential impact it can have on the content publishing worlds. So a few things off the top of my head: New Markets – I think the main thing the iPad will do is unlock new markets and underserved audiences. I’m thinking my 50-yr old Mom or my 5 year old niece. The broad applicability and price points of this device will fill the niche for readers who ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Israeli PM Netanyahu Offers to Go to Ramallah for Peace
In a major push to restart peace talks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday (June 30) invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to Jerusalem, even offering to travel to Ramallah to get the peace process underway. "I call on president Abu Mazen to come to Jerusalem," said Netanyahu. "I'm prepared to go to Ramallah." Netanyahu, speaking about his upcoming trip to Washington, added, "I hope and I believe that a main part of my conversations with President Obama in Washington next week will be focused on how to start direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
The Cannes Lions Wrap That Will Make You Feel Like You Went, Hangovers and All
Here is where I distill the Cannes experience and make a lot of reflections that the world will forget or, more likely, simply never read. So I'm gonna start with the videos and photos, culminating in the longest wrapup of Cannes ever, which you must all read or perish. Not really. If, after all that , you still want to read the reflections, scroll all the way down. SUNDAY Chelsi of CMSWire and I pick up badges, then wander through the dizzying heat. Somewhere on the Rue d'Antibes, we find Brian Morrissey of AdWeek walking toward us as if in a dream. He tells us, curiously enough, that he is looking for a special pizza ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


such as the long-running Michelin Guide, Johnson ..... CEO and co-founder, The Barbarian Group. Tracy Pizzo / ... Benjamin Palmer interview with PSFK / ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Vice President appears on Meet the Press with Tim Russert
MR. TIM RUSSERT: And we are Greentop in the shadows of the presidential retreat at Camp David. Mr. Vice President, good morning and welcome. VICE PRES. DICK CHENEY: Good morning, Tim. MR. RUSSERT: This is the first television program to originate from here, which underscores the seriousness of our discussion this morning. The president, the vice president, the national security team have been meeting for the last 36 hours. What can you share with the American people this morning? VICE PRES. CHENEY: Well, Tim, this is the first chance we've had really since the events this week to sit down and really focus on various ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interview with Theodore Y. Wu
emperor after he conquered the barbarian invaders, called upon the sages to create characters for writing .... He told me to see his teacher, and also the president— ...... about information science—that was McCann and his group. ...
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Do you know a movie about Board of Directors/Chairmen/Corporate ...
A few scenes in "Are You Being Served?", which has many scenes of general bad management: Kids in the Hall's _Brain Candy_: Night at the Roxbury: Santa Claus, The Movie (the Dudley Moore one): I'm sure I'll think of tons more as soon as I walk away from the computer! That's always how it goes. posted February 10, 2007 Thank You for Smoking Wallstreet posted February 10, 2007 Fast Food Nation definitely has some scenes regarding top ...
What's with Greece stealing Macedonian history? - Yahoo! Answers
However there are some Slavs ashamed of their history and background and want to play it up as wanna-be Macedonians or Greeks The country you refer is FYROM not “Macedonia”! Let me give you some facts so that you can understand the problem! Authentic Macedonia is in Greece. The entire north Greece is the province of authentic Macedonia. From there Alexander the Great started his epic campaign and he managed to spread the Greek language and culture throughout the known word. Since the ancient Greek kingdom (of Macedonia) the Greek word “Μακεδονία” (Macedonia) was used to describe a geographical region of Greece (later it applied ...