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Carol Francavilla, principal and founder of Connected Marketing, brings a wealth of experience to this team. She has a unique professional background that lends a fresh perspective to marketing campaigns and projects. Prior to starting Connected Marketing, Carol worked at Apple for ten years in the disciplines of human resources, training, sales management and marketing. As owner of Connected Marketing, she has grown an extensive set of project management and entrepreneurial skills. Carol has worked with a variety of Silicon Valley companies, focusing on business planning, marketing communications, sales development, content ...
Strategies For Great Internet Marketing Business Online | Articles
People struggle everyday setting up an eCommerce site or an affiliate program connected to a product. Though this is a good stop on the way it is only half the battle. To truly make it online you will need more resources than you think. You will need a nice structured plan of action for starting an internet marketing business online. There are many experts that do this all the time in great detail, they have derived strategies for traffic generation and headlines that scream at you. Some people like to only mention content and that when you have good content you will catch every bodies attention and they will come back and ask ... market research, surveys and trends
How Social Media Optimization has become the supporter for online ...
has become a fantastic way to optimize your company’s website and generate it more connected and link with social online networks and media sites. Social Media Optimization has generated immense revenue for your online business by enhancing the brand awareness in all social networks. Today online community sites i.e. orkut, social book marking etc has become the preeminent places to freeze your advertising messages and business links. The foremost step of optimizing your website socially is to ensure that its content’s keywords are rich and relevant to the topic that makes it highly linkable. ... market research, surveys and trends


What will be the major trends in mobile marketing in 2010 ...
In 2010 brands will allocate larger portions of their digital media plan towards mobile to further capitalize on the most personal marketing medium out there. Moxie Interactive, Millennial Media, 1020 Placecast and the Mobile Marketing Association expect growth in mobile in 2010. Augmented reality, applications and rich-media ads will likely be areas of focus in the new year. �I believe that mobile Web and application advertising will still be the focus in 2010 and will have most of the attention of marketers next year,� said Federico Pisani Massamormile, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-based CEO of Hanzo Inc. and global chairman/interim ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Survey Reveals that B2B Marketers Struggle with an Evolving Role ...
a study that examines the challenges facing marketers and how their position is evolving in the enterprise. This report highlights the evolving role of the B2B marketer; showing greater revenue focus but continued lack of alignment with sales in B2B marketing profession. We initiated the survey because while we know that the role of B2B marketer is evolving due to technological and economic tides, we wanted to know exactly how. In partnership with BtoB Magazine, we took our questions to our peers and over 500 of you responded. The survey validated some long-held beliefs− marketers are challenged to do more with less− and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
What do the iPad and Tablet Computers Mean for Search?
Like the iPhone before it, the iPad is a category igniter -- it won't end up being the dominant product in its category in terms of sales volumes, but as the poster boy of tablet computing it has drawn attention and media coverage, which has promoted the device category to the public. However, it's first to market -- and as an iPad user myself, I'm beginning to glimpse how the device will have an impact on search and digital strategies going forward. Here are my thoughts so far. Search Engines and Tablet Devices Obviously search engine interfaces need to be tailored to the device. The iPad doesn't support ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Knicks pitch to LeBron: You could make $1 billion playing here
For months, marketing experts have been saying, "It doesn't matter where LeBron James plays, he makes the same money anywhere, he is a brand unto himself." The focus of the New York Knicks' pitch to LeBron yesterday (and a specially prepared report for the meeting): Hell yes it matters. Forbes got a hold of the PowerPoint that says, basically, you can only make $1 billion in New York. And you want to make $1 billion, don't you? You are not going to make that in Miami and Cleveland, and probably not in Chicago. Why? Because we're New York. To come up with the numbers for the Knicks, Interbrand says ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Connected Marketing, the viral, buzz and Word - Book review
(author of the bestselling Anatomy of Buzz), Connected Marketing is a collaborative work ... by marketing experts. The customer was put in the middle. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Social marketing-based communications to integrate and support the ...
Correspondence: Dr LL DeBar, Center for Health Research, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, 3800 North Interstate Avenue, Portland, OR, 97227, USA. E-mail: lynn.debar/at/ The HEALTHY study was a randomized, controlled, multicenter, middle school-based, multifaceted intervention designed to reduce risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes. The study randomized 42 middle schools to intervention or control, and followed students from the sixth to the eighth grades. Participants were a racially, ethnically and geographically diverse cohort from across the United States. Here, we describe the conceptual underpinnings and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
If Marketing Experts Ran Elections — HBS Working Knowledge
Most Americans seem indifferent about the political process, judging by lackluster voter turnout historically, although the primaries so far seem to be bucking the trend. Professor John Quelch discusses what politicians can learn from consumer marketing. Key concepts include: Americans are turned off by the electoral process for a number of reasons including a belief their vote won't make a difference and the mixed messages from candidates. People have stronger relationships with their favorite consumer brands than they do with politicians or parties. Politics needs better marketing, focusing on current and emerging ...
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Who is the top Twitter in Marketing Automation? | LinkedIn Answers ...
The Connected Marketer is running a polll to determine theBest B2B Marketing Automation Tweeter! Vote now: Show some love for the DemandGen tweets. posted 4 months ago in Lead Generation | Closed Share This Technical Writer and Copy Editor see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (47), Government Policy (10), Professional Networking (9), Ethics (7), Education and Schools (6), Change Management (6), Energy and Development (5), Mentoring (4), Professional Books and Resources (4), Event Marketing and Promotions (3), Internationalization and Localization (3), Treaties, Agreements and Organizations ...
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  Q: Lawn, I read in your profile that you give advice about "Branding"; therefore I would like to hear ...   A: Alfonso, It is very difficult to say that it will be out of your league as I do not know you and/or ...   Q: I read in your profile that you give advice about "Branding"; therefore I would like to hear your ...   A: Brand licensing is creating contracts between the owner of a brand and a company or individual who ...   Q: You actually seem perfect for this. I'm currently a college student and figured now was the best ...   A: Hey, Jonathan. If you specialize in ...