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Special Report on

The Kano Model Illustrated Report

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Conjoint analysis provides incentive for survey respondents to determine which features must not be omitted in their final purchase. The method closely mirrors decision-making in the real world, and as shown by TRC in this white paper, is applicable to many situations including how customers choose their bank. An important consideration for banks is how customers choose them for opening checking accounts. Given that checking accounts can often be the keystone of an entire relationship with a banking customer, the importance of this decision becomes even higher. How then do we understand choice in banking? Traditionally the focus ...
These categories have been translated into English using various different names (delighters/exciters, satisfiers, dissatisfiers, etc.), but all refer to the original articles written by Kano. Attractive Quality These attributes provide satisfaction when achieved fully, but do not cause dissatisfaction when not fulfilled. These are attributes that are not normally expected, For example, a thermometer on a package of milk showing the temperature of the milk. Since these types of quality attributes of unexpectedly delight customers, they are often unspoken. These categories have been translated into English using various different ...
newsweek: let's surrender to the jihad
"Learning to Live With Radical Islam: We don't have to accept the stoning of criminals. But it's time to stop treating all Islamists as potential terrorists," by Fareed Zakaria in Newsweek , March 9 (thanks to all who sent this in): Pakistan's Swat valley is quiet once again. Often compared to Switzerland for its stunning landscape of mountains and meadows, Swat became a war zone over the past two years as Taliban fighters waged fierce battles against Army troops. No longer, but only because the Pakistani government has agreed to some of the militants' key demands, chiefly that Islamic courts be ... market research, surveys and trends
the end of the epistemological era & organization man (thesis draft)
Concluding his essay, “A View of Japan through Japanese Art,” Peter Drucker writes, the most important thing one can learn about Japan through its art is that “Japan is perceptual.” But all humans are perceptual, and all art employs perception. Art asks, to paraphrase Drucker, “What does perception MEAN?” During an office meeting, Joseph Maciariello invited me to read Peter’s essay on Japan and Japanese art, which appeared in an exhibit catalog in 1979. The object of the task was for me to illuminate the aesthetic content, to provide Joseph an artist’s opinion or perspective, and perhaps clarification on some of Drucker’s ... market research, surveys and trends


The women of Kano: internalized stress and the conditions of ...
million, Kano (Figure 1) is the most populous state in the northern part of Nigeria.1 The .... internalized stress, illustrated in the aggregate by data .... Women's work categories: percent by category (Kano State DHS 1990). Agriculture/ .... Becker's household economic model paints fertility. The women of Kano ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Diagnostic Report on the Collection, Production and Use of ...
population of Nigeria (2003) to be about 126 million. ..... A good documentation on the conceptual model (database design, report design, ... Under the Kano State Capacity-Building Project, funded by the U.S. Agency ..... An analysis done by UIS of the database, showed that fully 40 percent of schools nationally ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Quarterly Report
Mar 19, 2010 ... Nigeria in Kano, Nigeria (April 23-25) and the Idlelo open source event in ... months of Q1 illustrated well the broad work accomplished by the ... Administrator Suite and the. Developer Tools. This model has ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cross-national Synthesis on Education Quality Report No. 2 ...
Oct 24, 2006 ... and Tsanyawa in Kano state. The instruments used to collect the data .... the model was piloted) reach most teachers on a frequent basis; ..... They illustrated this by citing examples of new methodologies, such ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ALN No. 53: Orr et al.: Participatory geospatial research and ...
"The RangeView application is the result of a collaborative, ongoing knowledge exchange between stakeholders. . .and researchers. . . .This two-way exchange educates researchers on user requirements while simultaneously educating users on how to make use of the application and interpret its data and value-added products." (Back to top) Geospatial tools such as geographic information systems (GIS), the global positioning system (GPS), remote sensing, and spatial modeling have proven invaluable to environmental research. Moreover, because geospatial tools help ...
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