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.  Those apps were primarily mobile extensions of CRM applications, for use by salespeople.  There are few more to talk about, each more suitable for the marketing side of an organization.  Ironically, despite the “hotness” of the iPhone and in the Marketing arena, the “hotness” of marketing automation tools, it’s hard to find good analysis of marketing automation apps for iPhones.  So here goes a scratching of the surface… ExactTarget was the first ESP to create an iPhone app, way back in May of 2009. It is a free extension for any of ExactTarget’s customers, and allows Marketers mobile ...
at INSEAD, one of the top European business schools. The book illustrates the high growth and profits an organization can generate by creating new demand in an uncontested market space, or a "Blue Ocean", than by competing head-to-head with other suppliers for known customers in an existing industry. Based on 15 years of research, the authors used 150 successful strategic moves spanning 120 years of business history and across 30 industries to bring the Blue Ocean Strategy theory to life.
Rise of the Marketing Technologist - Chief Marketing Technologist
Based on the positive feedback I received from brands, agencies, and technology vendors alike, it apparently resonated deeply. So, first, I'd like to share the slide presentation with you: However, since slides can't capture the full dynamics of the presentation, I thought I would follow with an essay version of my talk as well. My premise is simple: marketing must control its technological destiny . In the past few years, marketing has been flooded with a deluge of marketing technologies. The logos below provide merely a sample of the breadth of these offerings: And more innovations are pouring in every day. Five ... market research, surveys and trends
Augmented Reality – The New Reality? « The Marketing Consigliere
Using a virtual to real-world conversion mechanism, the location of Second Life avatars is converted to locations on the map of The Hague. Carrying a GPS device, a group of walking tour participants will explore the real-life manifestation of the virtual world, interacting with the avatars in their vicinity. (Creative Commons by Overig on The Marketing Consigliere does not make it a habit to hobnob with the journalistic class, but living in the Washington DC area makes it hard to avoid.  And when a journalist is a paisano , that makes it even harder-  occasionally, he has had the good fortune of bumping into the ... market research, surveys and trends


Lead Management, Lead Generation
All good companies should use an e-mail program that allows them to measure and develop success. Most advanced and paid e-mail services will allow you to develop e-mail cycles. I'm partial to Eloqua, but many others do the same thing. August 13, 2010: I’m pleased to bring you a series of interviews with thought leaders in B2B Sales and Marketing. This time we interviewed a great marketing expert, Brian Kardon, Chief Marketing Officer of Eloqua. August 06, 2010: Kudos to Eloqua. This is a brilliant way to engage a wider audience, create content and drive buzz about their company. August 06, 2010: No, it is not a strategy in ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will Marketing Automation Be Free? | LeadSloth on Marketing Automation
So these offerings are closely matched. Both are meant as ‘freemium’ offerings. They are great for small companies and small initial projects, but they’re too limited for normal projects. Companies will have to upgrade to the paid version as their initiatives grow. And of course, that’s what Loopfuse and hope for. Why are they doing this? Loopfuse gives as the main reason that adoption rate of Marketing Automation is still very low (5-10%), and that a disruptive offering is needed to get the remaining 90-95% on board. This is supported by the main trends in the Marketing Automation market: My ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Steve Nash's newest project: Consigliere
We live in a day and age when players like Antoine Walker go bankrupt despite making more than $110 million in their careers and the NBA has to warn players to save their millions so they don’t run out of cash in case there’s a lockout. And then there’s a player like Steve Nash who has his own production company that has produced pieces for Vitamin Water and Nike as well as an ESPN “30 for 30″ video , and he also runs a charitable foundation , a sports club and a soon-to-be MLS franchise (as a part owner). Now Nash is adding one more major project to that list by helping launch a firm called ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Steve Nash Isn't The Only Pro Athlete In Venture Capital
The basketball star has teamed up with advertising executive Mike Duda to launch a hybrid marketing consultancy and venture capital firm. The New York firm, Consigliere , will offer fee-based marketing services, as well as seed-stage capital. Duda said he and Nash are raising $20 million and will invest up to $250,000 in consumer products that can benefit from creative marketing. Nash is a two-time MVP who has spent 14NBA  years in the league. Duda, previously chief strategy officer at Deutsche Inc., said Nash is equally impressive off the court. “He has an unbelievably creative mind,” Duda said. “His instincts ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Consigliere, Yahoo! Matt Scheckner is the Executive Director of Advertising Week , the largest annual gathering of advertising, marketing & media ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
With the assistance of the underboss and the consigliere, the ..... provided marketing and advertising services for the purpose of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
STANFORD Magazine: July/August 2007 > Features > Stanford in ...
are notoriously rewritten, written off and pissed off—so much so that they’ve dramatized their own plight in projects like Adaptation, The Player and the recent David Duchovny film The TV Set . Perhaps one day they will need new material. If so, it will be due in part to years of meticulous behind-the-scenes negotiating and diplomacy on the part of lawyer Alan Wertheimer, ’69, JD ’72. He is helping the first screenwriters receive gross points, as A-list directors and actors do. That’s a percentage of a movie’s gross receipts—not adjusted, not net. The gross is the only meaningful figure ...
What is the biggest leadership lesson from Toyota's down fall ...
That you should always listen and respect your customer, for without them you do not exist. Accept your failures immediately with grace and address them even faster, remember what got your business to where it is, focus. Look to improve your processes and people where the faults occurred, do not point fingers or lay blame. posted 6 months ago Biggest lesson I suppose is that no one person/entity is immune to a disaster. There will come a time when you will be challenged and normally it's a caused by hubris. I don't think Toyota was undone by too much "success". They have had problems for quite a while, especially ...
My Emails are all being discarded as Spam at YahooMail - Google ...
When I told YahooMail about this, they sent me a list of questions, and I don't know enough about this to answer the following ones: ************ from Yahoo ************* 1. Please provide all ACTIVE IP addresses you are currently using to send mail: Each IP address: *IP Address: *Mail Server Hostname: *Primary Mail Server, Fail-Over Mail Server, Bulk Mail Server, etc.: NOTE: At this time, we can only consider active and correctly configured mail servers/IP addresses for possible addition to the whitelist. 2. Do you have a dedicated IP address or do you use a shared mail server/IP address (i.e., the mail server/IP ...