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Special Report on

The Retail Value Chain

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THE global retail industry today is struggling to get out of the recessionary clutches and finding ways to curtail operating expenses and maintain profit margins. The consumer driven industry is feeling a dire need to streamline processes and optimise operational efficiencies. Industry experts are of the view that to fight back in this challenging environment, retail value chain can prove a handy tool for retailers to understand and identify performance improvements within the network while at the same time improving the customer experience in every store. Management guru, Michael Porter theorises in the concept of ...
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Content in this category is featured in the carousel at the top of the page. There should only ever be ONE ITEM in this category; remove any others after you add a new story. DE Content IN GERMAN. Do NOT enter anything in //just// this category – it’s a container for German-language items. Any content in this category goes to the .de german-language site and IS EXCLUDED from the UK/.net homepage. For German-related content in English, please use the “Deutschland” category. Analysis Editorials, opinion, analysis, guest writers, industry comment and more… There is no getting away from the fact ... market research, surveys and trends
Supply Chain Management: Augmented Reality and Multi Channel ...
The Infosys global supply chain management blog enables leaner supply chains through process and IT related interventions. Discuss the latest trends and solutions across the supply chain management landscape. « How do you protect yourself from small supplier’s BIG issues? | Main | Technical Architecture and the silos thereof.... » Most retailers have three primary channels: stores, catalog, and online. A catalog offers a great selection of products in a medium that customers are comfortable with and providing service through a contact center allows ample opportunity for cross-sells and up-sells. The online channel ... market research, surveys and trends


1.5 billion times a day, our beverages are enjoyed around the world.
$580 billion covers 80 markets that represent 98 percent of global consumer ... knowledge that drives results at every point along the retail value chain. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Indian Retail:
players across the retail value chain and their strategies to help cope with ..... In India shrinkage is equivalent to 2.9 percent of retail sales and is ..... market, which was worth about USD 300 billion. With most of the retail ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DemandTec Announces Fifth Annual Scholarship Competition and Charter Sponsors
a global leading provider of predictive merchandising, marketing, trade, and shopper analytics solutions for the retail value chain, today announced the details of its fifth annual DemandTec Retail Challenge , a nationwide scholarship competition incorporating math, science, and business disciplines for high school students. The goal of the DemandTec Retail Challenge is to raise awareness of applied math, science, and business concepts among high school students.  The competition is conducted through an online business simulation where high school seniors compete for scholarship awards toward the college of their choice. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Thin ice: Examining the facts behind Foxconn, Apple and the "crisis" facing ...
Suicides. Spreading strikes. Militaristically zealous management and aggressive security guards. Pay raises and suicide contracts. These recent dramatic headlines have shoved Foxconn, the trade name of Taiwan-based Hon Hai, from relative anonymity straight into the unwelcome limelight, dragging its big-name customers like Apple, Dell and Sony along behind it. But while the glare of publicity may be bright, it has blinded many to the real story, which is about much more than suicides at a single electronics company in Southern China. While the shrill voices of daily news have been pointing fingers at individual players, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Retail Value Chain
Dec 3, 2008 ... The Retail Value Chain provides a clear, yet in-depth, analysis .... For more information on The Retail Value Chain please contact: ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
individually and there is little or no centralized buying of apples at the retail level. VALUE CHAIN MAP AND CHANNELS. Figure 2 presents the apple value ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Diamond Global Value Chain
The global value chain of the diamond industry includes exploration, mining, sorting, polishing, dealing, jewelry manufacturing, and ultimately retail. The entire process varies in terms of length of time depending on the size of the stone. Usually the process occurs within 18 to 30 months, with larger stones (above .5 carats) moving faster through the value chain.   Source: Formation Diamonds obtain their unique and beautiful structure deep inside the earth from extreme heat and pressure, beginning 3.3 billion years ago. The carbon atoms within the diamond bond into pyramidal structures, making them among ...
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What is the value added chain? - Yahoo! Answers
The "value added chain" is a descriptive way of describing describing commercial business. Business is usually a set of transactions from niche suppliers and vendors rather an all-in-one supplier. For example, if you buy a wooden table, the hypothetical value chain would be: 1) Forestry company. Grows and harvests the wood. Sells as logs. Value added: Makes trees. 2) Lumber company. Buys the logs and planes them into timber. Value added service: Sawing and providing inventory control (ie, you only buy the type and size of wood you need). 3) Furniture company. Turns wood into table. Puts finishing parts onto table. Value add: ...
Help me out here guys and girls. What is the best way to measure ...
Retail Supply Chain measurements are a tricky beast to tame because you are likely dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of items in case quantities. So, your first question should be, "What do I want to measure that will demonstrate a need or show postive change for a customer?" With that question in mind you can narrow down what it is that you want to measure. For the DC, you can start with line fulfillment. How many lines shipped on time, shipped complete, shipped on-time and complete? For the Logistics, if you find your logistics costs are high, you can start with outbound freight costs as a percentage of net sales. For ...