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Special Report on

The Rise of Franchising

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In Morocco, Franchising started in the 60’s. At the beginning, the growth rate was very low with franchising networks opening every 5 years. The first franchising networks entering the Moroccan market were car rental brands (Avis, Hertz, Europcar). Nothing surprising when we know that Morocco is a tourism place!     There are important geographical disparities in terms of franchises implantation in Morocco. From now, that is in cities like Casablanca and Rabat, two booming cities, that we can find most franchises. In 2007, we could find 12% of Moroccan franchises  in Rabat, and 27% in Casablanca. ...
goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain. The franchisor's success is the success of the franchisees. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a direct employee because he or she has a direct stake in the business. However, except in the US, and now in China (2007) where there are explicit Federal (and in the US, State) laws covering franchise, most of the world recognizes 'franchise' but rarely makes legal provisions for it. Only France and Brazil have significant Disclosure laws but Brazil regulates franchises more closely. Where there is no specific law, franchise is considered a ...
The Rise Of Franchising In The Minority Industries And How They ...
exists, when firstly the buyer, or franchisee, purchases the product or service that allows them to begin their own company. Secondly the seller, or franchisor, makes some laid out representations about the Franchise Opportunity, such as making the Low Cost Franchises profitable; providing a location that the Low Cost Franchises will work in, advertising and marketing of the Low Cost Franchises using their brand name, getting the product or service offered by the Low Cost Franchises, and giving the Low Cost Franchises. There are a lot of Franchise For Sale choices available on the market, some range from a low investment ... market research, surveys and trends
This is for the People of the Sun* | Filipino Voices
I’d like to throw my hat into the whole hubbub about mainstream media and blogging taking place right now here at Filipino Voices, but somehow, I feel the urge to voice out something.  I’d like to talk about Filipinos who live on their voices.  I’d like to talk about a generation of young Filipinos who, in more ways than one, never see the Sun. I was reading the news online when I came across this snippet of news : Accenture is going to lay off 500 workers because of a “redundancy” program.  I don’t know what “redundancies” are, and I’m sure this is a necessary move for many ... market research, surveys and trends


Fast Food Nation
CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN SITS on the eastern slope of Colorado’s Front Range, rising steeply from the prairie and overlooking the city of Colorado Springs. From a distance, the mountain appears beautiful and serene, dotted with rocky outcroppings, scrub oak, and ponderosa pine. It looks like the backdrop of an old Hollywood western, just another gorgeous Rocky Mountain vista. And yet Cheyenne Mountain is hardly pristine. One of the nation’s most important military installations lies deep within it, housing units of the North American Aerospace Command, the Air Force Space Command, and the United States Space Command. During ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
RealClearPolitics - Articles - McDonald's in the Snack Wrap Era
OAK BROOK, Ill. -- To gauge this pell-mell nation's velocity, visit here with Jim Skinner, CEO of a company on pace to have a net income for 2007 of $3.46 billion, up 12.7 percent, on revenues of almost $23 billion. The evolution of McDonald's mirrors that of the nation in which it serves 27 million customers a day. Americans commonly say this or that distinction is "as clear as night and day." Americans, ricocheting around the country around the clock, are erasing the distinction between night and day. Breakfast, the meal most apt to be eaten at home, now accounts for more than 25 percent of U.S. business ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Earnings Preview: McDonald's (MCD)
is slated to release its second-quarter 2010 results on Friday, July 23. The current Zacks Consensus Estimate for the second quarter is $1.12 per share, representing an annualized growth of 15.4%. With respect to earnings surprises, over the trailing four quarters, McDonald’s has outperformed the Zacks Consensus Estimate for all the four quarters in a short range of positive 0.98% to 7.29%. The average earnings surprise was a positive 3.23%. This implies that the company has beaten the Zacks Consensus Estimate by the same magnitude over the last four quarters. Previous Quarter Performance McDonald’s posted robust first-quarter ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Metro franchises rise as proven models hit the ground running
Widespread job losses combined with strong regional demographics have turned metro Denver into a popular spot for franchises. But even though many people who've lost their jobs want to go into business for themselves, getting financing remains a challenge. As a result, some franchise companies are making special offers to lure franchisees, and many landlords are negotiating more favorable lease rates to attract tenants. "When the economy lags, franchising sees an increase in the number of people becoming franchisees," said Corey Bowman, vice president of franchise development for The Pita Pit, a Coeur ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Third-generation franchised organizations: Innate quality ...
The rise of franchising. According to Davidson and Rees-Mogg (1992), the 1980s was the decade of the franchise. BFFOs were able to obtain exceptional rates ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Franchising first took hold in Vietnam in the 1990's with the appearance ... Per capita GDP and per capita incomes are on the rise, and incomes in the urban ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Non-Income Based Business Franchise Taxes
releases/SOS2005Speech.pdf. Concerns expressed included the rise in corporate tax planning and the failure of the corporation franchise tax to properly ...
Franchising: Disguised Franchise As A Distributorship - Mr ...
author and instructor with 2-plus decades of franchise industry experience, including ownership of a successful franchise. I answer all business format franchise questions, how to franchise a business, issues about ongoing franchise relationships, buying a franchise, evaluating franchise investments, franchising vs. licensing (franchise vs. license) , franchise disputes, franchise operations manuals , franchise expert advice in franchise lawsuits and franchise litigation, franchise agreements, FDD Franchise Disclosure Documents and intellectual property. I don't answer questions about franchises in the automotive and ...
What was the failure of the Copenhagen climate conference?http ...
The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference ended in failure today. Never mind the predictable rhetoric from several leaders who welcomed the tepid accord signed after two weeks of intense, acrimonious and chaotic negotiations. They include President Obama who called it "an important breakthrough," British Prime Minister Brown who saw it as "a vital first step," and the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon who hailed it as "an important beginning." But even they could not fully hide their disappointment. Such is the confusion that the very status of the accord is in doubt since it was not formally approved as the delegates only ...