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The Tipping Point Discussion Questions

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It is hard to write a review for a book about which so much has been written. It was one of the most fascinating books I read in recent times. Malcolm Gladwell is an amazing writer. I bought his other book, Blink after reading this one.   The Tipping Point is an analysis of an idea and how it spreads. Galdwell examines an idea in terms of three dimensions which he calls the three laws of tipping point 1) The law of few – analyzes the kind of people who have huge influence on the ideas ability to catch-on. 2) The Stickiness Factor – Deals with the quality of message which makes it stick. 3) The Power of Context – Talks about ...
is a philosophy of discussion in which participants pursue the answer to a single, basic question about the meaning of a text. The pursuit is accomplished by finding and directing other participants to passages in the text that argue for one interpretation of the text over another. The text discussed may be of any medium (book, film, painting, etc.) containing significant ambiguity in meaning, which lends interpretive discussion to be effective as a pedagogical method in classes of nearly all subjects and grades. Interpretive discussions typically culminate in some sort of synthesis of the many arguments presented over the ...
Higher education is at the tipping point - Public Service
There's been enough discussion about funding and resources, access and student debt in higher education. Isn't it time to talk seriously about competition? Surrey University's Andy Adcroft and Robert Willis from Anglia Ruskin University think so Malcolm Gladwell describes a tipping point as the level at which momentum for change becomes unstoppable. This article argues that higher education has reached such a point because, for the first time, the higher education sector is about to face real competition. The future of the sector will be very different to the past and we need to think differently about the sector ... market research, surveys and trends
Should I stay or should I go now? - General Discussion and ...
I am seriously considering selling our current Massachusetts home and renting in-town for the next three years while my daughter finishes high school.  My reasons for this can be found in many of the posts in the various forums on this site, but basically it's because I don't trust the economy to recover and fear that things will be significantly worse in three years.  We plan to move in three years anyway to get into a more sustainable community and life style, and to significantly reduce our debt by moving to a more affordable community and down-sizing.  I also have my fears about making the wrong ... market research, surveys and trends


2009 Survey of Health Care Consumers - Key Findings, Strategic ...
with a $451 billion economic impact and jobs for one of every 48 wage earners.1 ... have pursued and the questions that will drive their future sustainability. ..... The health system reported a 25 percent reduction in bad debt as a result of the program.18 ... Academic Medical Centers: The tipping point 11 ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
BizBooks Discussion: Ryan Allis
Did you know that eighty-one percent of millionaires are entrepreneurs? By the time Ryan Allis had reached the age of twenty-one, he had achieved the financial goal most people just dream about: He built his company to one million in sales. Allis has since grown his company iContact Corp., a provider of Web-based email marketing and online communication software, to $10 million per year in sales, and has helped numerous clients increase their sales dramatically. Read more bio Did you know that eighty-one percent of millionaires are entrepreneurs? By the time Ryan Allis had reached the age of twenty-one, he had achieved the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
In Perspective: The Bliss Road Problem
Bliss Road in La Crosse is as well known for its winding curves and great views as it is for it's many problems and closures.  The scenic road is closed again and the city is now left to decide how they're going to move forward. The name 'Bliss Road' has seemed ironic the past few years.  There hasn't been much bliss in a road that seems to be closed more than it's open.  Since a re pavement project in 2002 there have been multiple road failures and closures. In 2004 it was partially closed after rain washed out a portion of the road.  "It's a tough ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Beyond The Tipping Point
How do those interested and active in stopping man-made climate change get everybody else to realise the urgency of the threat and change their behaviour accordingly? It is a question that has generated a lot of discussion in the Green movement. The outcome will have profound consequences for the entire planet. Speaking at a public meeting organised by the World Development Movement in May 2008 now Green MP Caroline Lucas noted that the language of fear and disaster surrounding climate change is both "deeply scary and deeply unhelpful." According to Lucas, "trying to terrify people into action" simply doesn't work. To ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Tipping Point Discussion Questions
Student Name___________________ Class Time______. Tipping Point Discussion Questions. Introduction. 1) What was the point Gladwell makes with the Hush Puppy ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Appendix A: Abusive Schemes “Tipping Point” Study
Appendix A: Abusive Schemes “Tipping Point” Study. August 1, 2003 ..... This LDC was advertised as a "resource" for questions and specialized research ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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The Tipping Point - We've read the book, now where else can this ...
If you have read Malcolm Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point," you'll be fascinated by the ideas and viewpoints explained - suddenly, 'It makes sense...' for concepts of getting ideas and branding popularized. Taking the concept of the Tipping Point further, what else could be expanded upon using this theory of face-to-face / personal recommendations and in what arenas can it be used? The Tipping Point's basic premise is once someone becomes interested in something (product, service, etc.), they start talking about it to their friends, family, peers, and social circle, and based upon the level of ...
What is the "tipping point"? | LinkedIn Answers | LinkedIn
What is the "tipping point"? When do you know you've reached the point of diminishing returns, so it's time to bring in a specialist? When do you know that you, as a corporate executive, cannot fill an executive position on your own using your internal resources and therefore have to rely on hiring and working with an outside specialist to fill the position for you? The position in question is one of great importance to the future success of your organization and its ability to remain viable beyond a year's time. However, the position is not one that has to be filled immediately in order for the business to be ...