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Special Report on

The Transformational Role of Marketing

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What does the CMO and, by extension, marketing need to be accountable for within an organization? How can CMOs ascend to the role of strategic adviser to the CEO? What strategic initiatives and processes provide lead marketers the greatest opportunities to drive change in an organization? CMG Partners’ (CMGP) second round of research, based on interviews with CMOs and lead marketers, answers these questions and uncovers the emerging themes changing the role of marketing within an organization. Key themes include: Accountability for revenue: Marketing should be driving the business, but this role is earned; it’s not a ...
data to estimate the impact of various promotional tactics on sales and then forecast the impact of future sets of promotional tactics. It is often used to optimize promotional tactics with respect to sales revenue or profit. The techniques were developed by econometricians and were first applied to consumer packaged goods , since manufacturers of those goods had access to good data on sales and marketing support. In the recent times MMM has found acceptance as a trustworthy marketing tool among the major consumer marketing companies.
The Oil Drum | Energy Use in the US & Global Agri-Food Systems ...
This is a guest post by Shirin Fatemeh Wertime. She wrote this report for a sociology class at College of William and Mary in May 2010. The report was previously published by Culture Change. During the 20th century, access to cheap and abundant sources of energy helped transform the world in countless ways. Extraction of fossil fuels led to a massive expansion in economic growth and agricultural production, and was one of the bases of a six-fold increase in human population. Petroleum, the most sought after fossil fuel, had the largest role in this transformation. Because of its versatility and liquid form, oil is today the ... market research, surveys and trends
Web Architect - Toronto | Profectio Job Board
Our Government client is seeking the services of One (1) Web Architect for the Service Ontario intranet site. This site requires a content review and structural redesign to ensure it remains an effective employee tool as organization matures. CLIENT’S REQUIREMENTS: Scope of Services and Deliverables Adhere to the scope of this project to ensure that is inclusive of ServiceOntario non-project internal website content. The Web Architect will work closely with MGS and ServiceOntario project contacts to review and perform an analysis of the current ServiceOntario site, the users, how it’s used etc. Develop a process to identify what ... market research, surveys and trends


beSpacific: Marketing Archives
"For our annual Most Influential Lawyers special report, the editors of The National Law Journal have selected 40 attorneys in a dozen key legal areas whose work between Jan. 1, 2000, and Dec. 31, 2009, was so consequential that it helped to push the profession, an industry or a practice area substantially forward. The lawyers were selected through our staff's reporting, as well as from more than 100 nominations submitted by the legal community. Associate Editor Leigh Jones valiantly spearheaded the effort, sifting through mounds of material to help us come to our difficult, final decisions." New on From ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Common Scold
next week in Los Angeles? You'll face a smorgasbord of choices to help you stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and products. Among the highlights, Erick Andersen, of Microsoft's legal team, will present the 6/24 keynote about how legal organizations can effectively use unified communications systems to reduce costs and improve collaboration among colleagues and clients. Microsoft was just chosen by our colleagues at Corporate Counsel as the 2010 Law Department of the Year. A key factor was how general counsel Brad Smith helped engineer a "personality shift" for the software giant, from contentious to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
University leaders eager for community college transfers
With concerns growing about the price of higher education, Maryland university leaders find themselves in the unusual position of encouraging students to take their initial classes not in the state system but at community colleges. Two years of community college followed by two years at a university is simply a cheaper formula — for the student and the state — than four years at a university. "If we're going to find a way to keep higher education affordable, community colleges are going to play a very significant role," says William E. Kirwan, chancellor of the state's university system. That has ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
US Air Force, industry prepare for T-38 replacement
At least five companies are plotting potential bids to win the contract to replace 450 T-38s and become the go-to trainer option worldwide for Lockheed Martin's fifth-generation fighters - the F-22 and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter . With fewer new contract opportunities available over the next decade, the T-X programme is shaping up as a must-win battle. In terms of quantity, the deal represents the single largest new contract opportunity for manned aircraft in the US defence market for several years. By 2012, the USAF may select a contractor to build at least 350 aircraft to replace the T-38 alone. But follow-on ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Role of Transformational Leadership in Enhancing Team Reflexivity
important gap in our understanding of team reflexivity by focusing on the role of leader behavior. We examined the extent to which transformational ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The 20th Century Transformation of U.S. Agriculture and Farm Policy
A common point in the debate over U.S. farm programs has been that current policies were tailored for a time in American agriculture that no longer exists. The structure of farms and farm households—and of the rural communities in which they exist—has changed enough over the last century to raise questions about the efficacy of policies with roots in an agriculturally based economy. How have policies adapted to change in the agricultural ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Strategic Role of Marketing - HBS Working Knowledge
Management has forgotten, or never realized, the ability of the marketing function to help drive organizational change, says Nirmalya Kumar in his new book, Marketing as Strategy: Understanding the CEO's Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation , published by Harvard Business School Press. In this interview, Kumar discusses how the burden is on marketers themselves to rise above the tactical level and drive organization-wide initiatives to deliver value to customers. Manda Salls: You make the point that marketers are often (and increasingly) treated as a function rather than as part of the strategic team. Why does this ...
Marketing: Advertising, consumer durable product, product life cycle
QUESTION: Q.1 How will the role of advertising differ when the product involved is a consumer packaged product instead of a consumer durable? How will it differ for a retailer and an industrial advertiser? What part of the marketing program will advertising be assigned to in each case? Q.2 A transformational ad must �ring true�. Must it have literal believability? You should not use transformation advertising for avoidance products such as oven cleaners. Do you agree? ANSWER: SADHANA, HERE  IS SOME  USEFUL  MATERIAL. REGARDS LEO LINGHAM =================================== Q1  How will the role of advertising ...
What are the top 3 qualities of a Great Leader? | LinkedIn Answers ...
I keep a daily devotional book entitled "Leadership, Promised for Every Day" by John C. Maxwell at my desk. The pages describe many values and qualities a leader must have to be a good leader. Thus I have the question on my mind, what are the qualities of a good or even great leader? Think about people who have been your leaders. What qualities did/do these people have that made them good leaders? Why did you want to follow them? If you wish, think about those who have not been good leaders. What qualities did/do these people lack? If you are a leader, what qualities do you find serve you best in your role as a leader? Since ...