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Special Report on

The Trickle-down Effect

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Corruption is often categorized as either petty or grand, with the implication that bribery is the form through which citizens are most directly impacted and inconvenienced in their administrative interactions with government. Despite that conventional wisdom, a number of Global Integrity field staff are taking on initiatives to show how grand corruption and weak institutional governance frameworks in fact have serious local impacts. They are doing so through citizen monitoring projects to promote better service delivery in their communities. Our first example of this came from Brazil , where the investigative journalism ...
" are pejorative terms of political rhetoric that refer to the policy of providing across the board tax cuts or benefits to businesses, such as tax breaks , in the belief that this will indirectly benefit the broad population. Such policies are primarily supported by Conservatives , who prefer the term "supply-side economics". Conversely, the term "trickle-down economics" is more often favoured by Liberals and Socialists for its pejorative undertones. 1 The term has been attributed to humorist Will Rogers , who said during the Great Depression that "money was all appropriated for the top in hopes ...
the meandering mind of a History Hound: True Ugliness revealed ...
I’ve always felt that a person’s intelligence is directly reflected by the number of conflicting points of view he can entertain simultaneously on the same topic.  ~ Lisa Alther Part II of the screen shots of screen shots of the "password protected" portion of the R4TU site is below. It baffles me how someone can SAY wish the best for another, yet continue to spew vitriol and make personal attacks.  I've read what was posted on R4TU & on many blogs, I've looked at both sides of this entire situation. I can not find any reasonable justification what-so-ever for the never ending ... market research, surveys and trends
Formula One to cut emissions by 15 percent within 3 years, becomes ...
within three years. That’s a remarkable goal seeing as though Formula One cars (and all supercars, for that matter) are about as green as a smokestack from 1900. While it’s good, I suppose, to see Formula One “go green,” let’s not pretend it’s doing so for altruistic reasons. No, it seems F1 has been feeling the pressure from many of its advertisers, advertisers who want to be associated with a “green” sport. Perhaps it makes sense: F1 is sort of an upper class sport (unlike, say, Nascar, which is a Southern Everyman sport), and these people would be most concerned about global ... market research, surveys and trends


The Richest New Yorkers: The Trickle-Down Effect of Ridiculous Wealth
Not long ago, the superrich were a knowable entity�as New Yorkers, we were on something of a last-name basis with them. There were so few of them that when we saw a Guggenheim or a Rockefeller on, say, a new hospital wing or atop a list of public-library benefactors, we felt a certain familiarity. We had at least a vague sense of who they were, what company they owned, or where their family had made all its money. And that’s as far as it went. Mostly, they stayed out of our way; the superrich were one minuscule subculture in a city that had better things to worry about. But somewhere along the line, as great torrents of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Game Sales up 6 Percent, God of War 3 Leads the Charge
In a sign that the economy could be turning around, the game industry is seeing the trickle down effect with a 6 percent increase in game sales for March. After a rocky 2009 followed by two months of double-digit declines, U.S. retail sales of video game software, hardware and accessories finally saw an uptick in March. Market researcher NPD Group said Thursday total video game sales climbed 6 percent from the same month a year earlier, to $1.52 billion. Strong sales of Nintendo’s gaming systems, new “Pokemon” games and Sony Corp.’s “God of War III” helped boost results. Software sales jumped ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Food Banks feel coastal crisis effect
ALBANY, GA (WALB) –The economic hit from the oil disaster on the Gulf coast is starting to trickle down to food banks across the country. Food Banks in Louisiana have seen a 25 percent increase in new people seeking assistance since May.  Food Banks in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida say they are seeing one thousand new families a week. South Georgia food banks say the growing need in the Gulf Region for food and assistance will be felt all across the country, as the Feeding America Food Banks network will have to work together in what they call a long term disaster, with no end in sight. The Second Harvest of South ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Resolution rejects drilling moratorium
Amid concerns about the trickle-down effect on the local economy, the City-Parish Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night opposing a six-month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. If the moratorium remains in effect for any significant length of time, it could be the biggest hit to Lafayette's economy since the 1980s, said Gregg Gothreaux, president of the Lafayette Economic Development Authority. Under a worst-case scenario, the local unemployment rate could reach the national average of about 10 percent, Gothreaux said. The Lafayette unemployment rate now stands at about 4.8 percent, and Gothreaux ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Measuring the trickle-down effect: a case study on Singapore
Measuring the trickle-down e ect: a case study on Singapore. DAVID T. OWYONG. Department of Economics, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Einstein Never Used Flashcards: How Our Children Really Learn
This causes a trickle down effect to EC teachers and their want to help our children succeed in kindergarten. (For example: children ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The importance of the "trickle-down" effect of economic growth is ...
statistically significant trickle-down effect in the post 1963 period for ..... trickle-down effect on absolute poverty was significant during this period ...
  1. profile image KENJN10 the liberals left are fuching themselves by voting for a fool ? the trickle down effect ? that's GREAT ? too bad it's piss trickleing down!!
  2. profile image BON_EDUCATION Teachers in Ras al Khaimah are taking ICT lessons in the hope that it will have a trickle-down effect on pupils
  3. profile image CanineCreek The trickle-down effect of the oil spill... families giving up their pets. How you can help:
What is the trickle down effect? - Yahoo! Answers
that if you cut the taxes of the ultra-rich, they will spend the extra money in such a way that it will trickle down to the lower classes which might be true if we had a large manufacturing base in the USA, but we do not so the ultra-rich buy things that were not made in the USA, and no one benefits-except the socialist communist Europeans who make the goods that the ultra-rich want to buy It is just a wealthy (largely conservative) persons rationalisation for greed and low / no taxation..and by people who like to pretend that money trickles down from the wealthy to the poor naturally somehow..when in actual fact it trickles and ...
WikiAnswers - What is the Trickle-down effect in economics
less wealthy areas. Thus, increased economic activity at the core may stimulate a demand for more raw materials from the periphery, and technological advance in the core region may be applied to other regions. A belief in the spread effect lies behind the planning of ; in a sense, the spread effect is the spatial equivalent of trickle-down economics. First answer by ID1506580804 . Last edit by ID1506580804 . Question popularity : 1 [ recommend question ]. Can you answer these economic theory questions? Related answers: What is trickle down economics ? "Trickle-down ...