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Using Twitter Hashtags For Marketing

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If you’re using twitter you won’t get very far without seeing someone put a ‘#’ in front of a word or phrase.  So what is this all about?  Hashtags were created to be able to monitor trends and create a simple way to search for a specific event, area, service etc.  Creating a hashtag is simple, but getting people to continue to use it is the tricky part.  With the use of hashtags comes the ability to monitor that tag with ease.  You can monitor hashtags in several ways using a program like Tweetdeck or by using Twitter’s powerful search engine .  A useful way to monitor what’s going in town is ...
social media: TweetDeck For Twitter - Some Strategies For This ...
When I first started out on Twitter I was overwhelmed by the quantity of apps available, and while I still feel this way sometimes, it gave me far less headaches when I realised that the majority of all Twitter activity can be handled with two clients. One to handle auto-tweets, auto-DMs, all the automatic operations to grow an account quickly, for this I use Tweet Adder (reviewed on my blog). The other main Twitter client is used to handle the personal interactions with the community, the replies, the retweets, the non-automated DMs. If you're not using the free software Tweet Deck for this, you're missing out on an ... market research, surveys and trends
The Importance of Using Social Networking for Business; Part II ...
I discussed the Social Networking site Facebook.  Although it is considered a ‘Play” site, most notable for games such as Farmville (which is my favorite) and Mafia Wars, it is also one that can be utilized by your business to reach out to new potential customers.  There are some however that do not wish to forego their personal Facebook pages for business so they look must seek out other alternatives for social networking.  One alternative that has taken America by storm and is widely used by politicians, most media outlets, authors and musicians alike is Twitter.  And Twitter is not just for fun, but it is an ... market research, surveys and trends


Digital Tip » Social media marketing strategy, digital advertising:
Social Media Club Sydney’s sponsored event Social Personas: How different is the social media you from the real you? probably achieved the aims that the research set out to do, which was to cause people to question the “acceptable” behaviours related to authenticity versus superficiality in social media in Generation Y. The other speakers, demographer and historian Bernard Salt, and  researcher Dr Rebecca Huntley focused on Facebook and the reported, self described superficiality in Generation Y behaviour in that network. My presentation was intended as a bit of a tongue in cheek thought starter, rather than ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Short and Illustrious History of Twitter #Hashtags
With Twitter having made its way to the mainstream, one early tweeting convention has brought a nerdy flavor along for the ride. It can be a bit jarring to come across Heidi Montag tweeting about her “#superficial_album,” using the pound sign to make her tweets more likely to appear in searches and become trending topics. Though we might forget where that # originated, the record shows where credit is due — and it’s to an individual Twitter user. On August 23, 2007, the Twitter hashtag was born. Invented by Chris Messina (then with the consulting firm Citizen Agency, now an open web advocate for Google), the industry trends, business articles and survey research
5 Secrets of Highly Effective Twitter Users
Should you follow everyone who follows you? Which hashtags should you use for your business? And is it a bad idea to start a reply with the @ symbol? Twitter is a killer marketing tool, if you know how to use it. You know Twitter can be a game-changer. You've read about companies achieving amazing results with tweeting campaigns. And you wonder if you could you make the same magic work for your product or company. There's no way to guarantee success with a Twitter campaign, but you can stack the odds in your favor by following some simple tips to vastly increase your effectiveness. Here's how to get the most bang ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Social Media Marketing Strategies
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Mixx and the list goes on. There are dizzying amounts of social networks on the web, so which do you choose? Is YouTube most in-line with your brand or should you allocate a social media advertising budget to Facebook? To provide direction for your efforts, our team created a step-by-step list for developing effective social media strategies: Quick jump: 1. Targeted brand message / 2. Identify social networks / 3. Strategically position brand / 4. Grow initial fan-base / 5. Incentivize social media user / 6. Participate social community discussion / 7. Collect & analyze data / 8. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Using Twitter for Business
do with it using twitter that matters. (More on hashtags if you want to techie .... an existing coach looking for a marketing related program, brand and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Twitter Guidance - HHS Center for New Media
(messages) to connect with other users – known as followers who subscribe to them. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, text messaging, or other online external applications. By its nature, Twitter is a viral mechanism in that it leverages the concept of word-of-mouth-marketing by enabling an immediate reach to followers, who then can reach their followers. Benefits of Twitter include: Speed – information can be disseminated very quickly Broad reach potential – a network of networks can be quite vast Targeted reach potential – there is a growing number of niche interest groups ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Using Twitter Effectively | Indiana University: IT Training Tips Blog
This article is intended to give people new to Twitter or people who don’t have a good understanding of the application’s capabilities a brief overview of why Twitter is powerful and how they might start using it themselves. It’s focused on companies/departments/groups for an Indiana University audience, but the information is applicable for everyone. This might seem like a simple question to answer, but in reality, if you look at each of the following definitions, you will see that they’re all different. Twitter’s Definition: “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co-workers to ...
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Do you use Twitter hashtags for conferences, conventions and ...
There's 1000's of conferences and workshops taking place everyday. Every one of these is being tweeted about. With many people writing blogs on learning and insights gained from attendance. Wouldn't it be great if we could all participate in the odd one we'd be interested in? I attended #psa09 in person this weekend and observed #cipd09 via twitter. I also caught the end of #entprom09 on twitter. What about you? How do we find out about conferences and workshops to attend or observe the insights remotely. If all conference, convention and workshop organisers add the hashtag #conferencehashtag plus country or ...
If you use Twitter, do you use hashtags? If so, why or why not ...
Hashtags are amazing in terms of events. I'm an editor for a website that hosts publishing events on a regular basis. During a conference when there were 3 different panels going on at the same time I was able to follow along with the conversations I wasn't around for. I don't usually use hashtags in every day tweets, but I find them invaluable when following along during events and connecting with other people there. posted 4 months ago I'm a little disappointed to see that folks responding to this question don't use hashtags. I think using Twitter without tagging your tweets is a limited approach to ...