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UW Center for Commercialization

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after almost six years to become head of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), based in Indiana, effective November 1. The move surprised many in the academic and business communities. Emmert, 57, has a reputation as a charismatic leader who has been successful at fundraising and recruiting top faculty. He is also a sports enthusiast, and has put major resources into improving the UW football program, among other things. One of his main responsibilities at the NCAA will be meeting with university presidents on athletic policies. But what about his impact on the Seattle business community? As the news starts to ...
Washington. Founded in 1912, UW Educational Outreach, was the branch of the university offering correspondence courses, and has since grown to present a wide variety of educational opportunities and online learning for a diverse group of students. 1 . UW Educational Outreach has become a gateway to the community, granting alternate points of access to the UW for nontraditional students, most of them working adults. The University of Washington Educational Outreach (UWEO) is located in the popular University District of Seattle, Washington, and is housed primarily in the UW Tower , a skyscraper that is 325 feet in length. ...
No Time for the Academic Entrepreneur | Xconomy
The recurring question I hear from so many people in business is: “Why aren’t more startups generated by the university system?” It’s not an easy question, certainly not one to be solved in a single blog post. As I considered the many facets of academia that influence the actions of its researchers such as government policies, university culture, funding agency metrics and so forth, I realized that the obstacles and challenges faced by professors are similar to those of most any startup. Academic scientists must in fact be entrepreneurial minded in order to maintain the funding they need to not only ... market research, surveys and trends
Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won't Be Enough To Stop The ...
In a speech at the American University last Thursday, President Obama highlighted the incredible economic rewards that America has gained from its immigrants. He spoke of new waves of immigrants—from places like Ireland, Italy, Poland, and China—challenging the generations before them, and consequently being subjected to “rank discrimination and ugly stereotypes”.  Yet the immigrants kept coming to America. That’s because it was the only land of opportunity. The President wants lawmakers to fix the immigration system so that America can remain globally competitive. But I don’t think it’s that simple. America is no longer the ... market research, surveys and trends


Local News | UW: Hard course ahead for funding | Seattle Times ...
There's a joke going around the University of Washington campus: Once, the UW was a state university. Then it became a state-supported university. Now it's just a university in a state. With President Mark Emmert announcing last Tuesday he's leaving to take the top job at the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the UW's next president will step onto a campus that has seen its state funding slashed by one-third in the past 15 months. For the first time, students are paying for a greater share of their education than taxpayers. With more cuts likely, UW's next president will lead an institution that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
SSTI Weekly Digest for the week of January 27, 2009
The third installment of SSTI’s Tech Talkin’ Govs’ series includes excerpts from speeches delivered in Delaware, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin. The first and second installments are available in the Jan 13 Digest and Jan. 20 Digest , respectively. Delaware Gov. Jack Markell, State of the State Address , Jan. 21, 2010 “We have a proud legacy of technology innovation that we will build on. Together, we will create a Delaware where entrepreneurs and inventors imagine the new products and services that make life better, more productive and more ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Laptop City Hall: Risky business -- Bio-ag incubator proposal prompts debate ...
A rendering of the proposed Midwest BioLink Commercialization and Business Center, a bio-agriculture business incubator to be located on the city's southeast side. Strang, Inc. via city of Madison Kristin Czubkowski has been the Capital Times' city government reporter since June 2008. Her blog, Laptop City Hall , focuses on providing additional online information, from breaking news to behind-the-scenes coverage to in-depth analysis, about the city of Madison. You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here . From watching the discussion of the proposed BioLink business incubator at Monday's Board of Estimates meeting market trends, news research and surveys resources
Despite Pledge to Curtail Corporate Earmarks, Politicians Pursue Them
This March, House Appropriations Committee chairman David Obey pledged to stop colleagues from steering millions of dollars in no-bid contracts to businesses, a controversial practice used by politicians to please constituents and boost pet projects, and which sometimes benefits campaign donors. Restricting so-called corporate earmarks, declared House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , would help end the “culture of corruption” in Washington by limiting the influence of lobbyists while ensuring that companies “no longer reap the rewards” from special favors. In a joint statement that grabbed headlines – even though it applied only to ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


UW Tech Transfer Becomes UW Center for Commercialization
UW Center for Commercialization conveys a proactive, full-service group of commercialization experts committed to long-term relationships with UW ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
The Innovation Way
UW Center for Commercialization, the university unit that facilitates the commercialization of UW research, recently started two new programs: an ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Slashdot | What's the Coolest Thing You've Ever Built?
Your self are living in one of my own collection of home built reality simulators. I'll give you credit for being the only one of my simulated worlds to develop a reality simulator inside your simulation. Greetings, Your Lord and Creator. P.S. If you think that's strange you should see the 4D Holo-presentation I got the other day attatched to a subspace mail message. It's from a giant lizard like creature who claims that I am living on a planet in a miniature universe he carries in a little marble on his keychain.... When I was in high school, I built some parts for the temperature regulation system of the AMSAT ...
Question: Glycerine usage in chemical production - for Bobbie
Looking for glycerine usage in chemical production. Some chemical producers have change processes to use glycerine as a route. This takes advantage of the cheap glyceirne on the market. I am looking for actual production of chemicals using glycerine and any planned conversions to this route. I have found that propylene glycol also called 1,2 propanediol (Degussa) and epichlorohydrin (Solvay) are two examples of companies that have actually converted and commercially produce using glyerine as a feedstock. Can you identify any others? I think 1,3 propanediol is a possibility as is ethanol though I haven't looked too ...