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Admit it. One of the unique pleasures enjoyed by you, the seasoned marketing professional, is taking the insights gained during a small scale campaign and rolling them out en masse. You run a promotion, learn something really insightful about your target consumer, and then finally get budget approval. You’ve got your suitcase packed with nothing but jams shorts and suntan lotion — because once you let that campaign rip, you’re all going to be millionaires! Jams shorts: don’t leave Kellogg without them. Don’t let go of that. It’s an acquired taste which you might never relinquish. But do ...
it resists compression. Unlike a gas, a liquid does not disperse to fill every space of a container, and maintains a fairly constant density. A distinctive property of the liquid state is surface tension , leading to wetting phenomena. The density of a liquid is usually close to that of a solid, and much higher than in a gas. Therefore, liquid and solid are both termed condensed matter . On the other hand, as liquids and gases share the ability to flow, they are both called fluids .
Experience: Optus delivered, are you?
I’ve been looking at different service providers  to set up super-fast internet and a mobile phone now that I’m in Syd-a-ney. During my time investigating different deals from organisations including TPG, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus, I hadn’t been ‘sold’ by anyone. Until Friday. In what was probably my tenth visit to Optus’ website over the last couple of days, I was looking at the iPhone plans and wanted to see if they had any information on the next model (you know, the sexy little 4G in white which is supposed to be magical?). After just a few minutes of browsing, a little chat icon popped up and invited me to talk to a real ... market research, surveys and trends
Interesting Reading #529 – Liquid body armor, BP's Doomsday ...
– “Liquid armor has been shown to stop bullets more effectively than plain Kevlar, according to British firm BAE Systems. The material could be used to make thinner, lighter armor for military personnel and police officers, the BBC reports…” Kind of terrifying if you are into worst case scenarios: The BP Doomsday Scenario – “In addition, 15 BILLION barrels of oil would be released in one instant, along with all that methane. It is not even conceivable in the mind what that would do to the planet….” Oil unleashed temporarily in attempt to contain it – “Robotic submarines ... market research, surveys and trends


Comparison Shopping and the Pursuit of Trust - Search Engine Watch ...
No one study can sum up the complexity of consumer behavior in the digital space. But a bird's eye view of various studies can reveal a pattern that says a lot about the roles of both consumers and marketers. Let's start with a few truths. Virtually every consumer is a comparison shopper. No one doubts that comparison shopping sites are highly visible online; NexTag alone pulls in almost 230 million unique visitors a year, and if you add up the combined traffic of top 10 comparison shopping sites, the sum is over a billion, according to Earlier this year, Alterian conducted a study of online purchase ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Google's Latest Move Toward Social Shopping - Search Engine Watch ...
to its growing lot of ad extensions last month. In addition to titles, prices, and thumbnail images, a searcher now gets treated to a 1 to 5 scale indicating past customers' satisfaction with a particular merchant. Here's how it looks: Ad extensions incentivize advertisers to educate themselves and adhere to Google's best practices in order to reap strong ROI , which ensures a smooth user experience in the process. They also allow Google's engineers to better understand search behavior and adapt the search algorithm accordingly. The difference between these seller ratings and the other recent innovations to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Will Tablets Close the Book on e-Readers?
The price war is on in the e-reader market as Barnes & Noble and duel to increase market share for their nook and Kindle devices, respectively. However, the larger question for these companies is whether there's a future for e-readers -- which are designed mostly for reading books, newspapers and magazines -- in a consumer world that is becoming more and more enamored of tablets that can do it all, say experts at Wharton. "The stand-alone e-reader may replace my books, but it's likely to face tough competition from an iPad," notes Eric Clemons , an operations and information management professor at ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
"Drawing the Map of Life": How DNA will change our future
an international research project involving hundreds of scientists and numerous laboratories around the world, announced that it had finished a draft of the human genome, comprising approximately 3 billion base pairs (complementary molecules that make up DNA). These DNA-sequence maps — the culmination of more than a decade of work and an investment of billions of dollars — held the promise of becoming an immeasurably valuable tool for researchers looking to fight everything from cancer to AIDS. As James Watson, the co-discoverer of DNA, touted: "This may be the most important step we've taken in science. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Liquids and Complex Fluids Group Institute of Physics Newsletter ...
and liquid crystals. The group also has strong interests in synthetic .... Application forms can be found on the group web-site and should be completed and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Buying Allowances | Allowance Trading | Clean Air Markets | Air ...
anyone can purchase allowances, including both regulated companies and members of the general public. Some individuals and groups purchase allowances as an environmental statement, because withholding allowances from the market prevents those allowances from being used by regulated sources to cover emissions. EPA itself does not sell allowances; our job is to track allowance holdings and record transactions. The specific procedures for each program are explained below: In addition to buying allowances directly from a company or individual who holds them, you can buy allowances in three ways: Keeping an allowance off the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Collar Group: WIMP Detectors
Superheated Liquids present a number of extraordinary advantages as detectors for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs are arguably the best particle candidates for the cold dark matter in galaxies like our own). First and foremost, the degree of superheat can be tuned so as to have complete insensitivity to the minimum-ionizing backgrounds that plague these searches, while still being responsive to low-energy nuclear recoils like those expected from WIMPs ( Figure 1 ). Left: Bubble chamber compression/decompression cycle in P,T parameter space. The energy deposition from a particle interaction, if local enough ( BC 2, 2005
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I attended one of their seminars in Chicago in 2006. The did a good job of giving a broad overview for those of us that were newbies and needed a base of knowledge to build on. However, we actually learned more and got more for our money from Michelle Garcia in Austin whom we hired to come to the agency for more specific training. posted 1 month ago Experienced Media Professional see all my answers Best Answers in: Using LinkedIn (4), Green Products (2), Mentoring (1), Treaties, Agreements and Organizations (1), Public Relations (1), Search Marketing (1), Organizational Development (1), Ethics (1) They know their stuff and ...
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Using LinkedIn (33), Web Development (14), Business Development (11), Internet Marketing (9), Computers and Software (9), Software Development (9), Wireless (8), Graphic Design (7), Small Business (7), Government Policy (6), Staffing and Recruiting (6), Branding (6), Job Search (5), Work-life Balance (5), Advertising (5), Education and Schools (4), Event Marketing and Promotions (4), Internationalization and Localization (4), Events Marketing (4), Mobile Marketing (4), Public Relations (4), Search Marketing (4), Organizational Development (4), Career Management (4), Freelancing and Contracting (3), Mentoring (3), Occupational ...