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WOW Factor Marketing Group

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“Attracting is the new selling. It is the least-visible, and least-examined principle behind most companies today that are growing quickly through word of mouth.” â—Š Jonathan Fields, Awake at the Wheel – “Decide whether you want to feed your ego or your family. Sexy, expensive image-building campaigns might win your ad-firm a Clio, but, with rare exceptions they don’t put money in your bank or food on your table … at least at the level small businesses can afford. So, drive your branding efforts with free PR in the early days and spend your money on measurable direct-response marketing that ...
Just another global giant? China's Lenovo may have the ...
With a slowdown in the global PC industry in 2009 a number of the leading multinational corporations (MNCs) have chosen to focus their efforts on cost-cutting measures.  Although this can enhance short-term profit margins, it also reflects a level of corporate complacency to develop long-term sustainable strategies.  Quick fix solutions can plague the “global giant,” who are often too big to move, too heavy to adapt, and to slow to innovate.  While the notion of global giant is often type casted on to American and European MNCs, a closer look at Lenovo –  the Chinese PC leader (and #4 global PC manufacturer) – shows that they ... market research, surveys and trends
Welfare working group tries to create a crisis « The Standard
has been critique-free: who are the members of this group? What are their interests? And do their findings actually stack up? r0b, NRT, Gordon Campbell, and others have done some good analysis, to which I’ll add my two cents. The Welfare Working Group was handpicked by Paula Bennett and is stuffed with rightwing ideologies – most importantly Chair Paula Rebstock and fromer ACT President Catherine Isaac. They were always going to present a paper that attempts to create an air of crisis around welfare and undermines its legitimacy by claiming that beneficiaries are all bludgers (the same approach National is using on ... market research, surveys and trends


Travel Facts and Statistics | U.S. Travel Association
an information-rich online hub containing economic travel data and information on travel's significant impact on the U.S. workforce and economy. Activities with the greatest level of interest among U.S. adults are, in order, visiting friends and relatives, sightseeing, beaches/waterfronts, visiting zoos/aquariums/science museums, national parks, visiting a state park, going on a cruise, theme parks, visiting a city and visiting a mountain area.  Interest in the engaging in the activities varies by generation, household income, gender and most other demographic characteristics of leisure travelers.  (Source: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Bimbo Bakeries USA taps Vision Marketing Group to revitalize ...
Ever catch a glimpse of a larger-than-life image of a sandwich, muffin or cake pasted on the side of a truck while driving on the highway and suddenly have the urge to indulge yourself? If so, the company's "moving billboard" has done its job, twice to be exact -- delivering products to a destination and carrying brand recognition all along the way. Taking advantage of this mobile marketing strategy, one of the nation's largest bakers has tapped a Westport-based promotion agency to create a captivating new graphic for its fleet of 14,000 trucks. Bimbo Bakeries USA, the company behind household names like ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Seeking tourists, states try to recast their image
PORT HURON, Mich. — This state's tourism ads make people feel good enough to cry. They give hope to the jobless and goose bumps to the jaded. Daily they win new fans on Facebook, new followers on Twitter. When they come on the radio, they inspire listeners to turn up the volume. They even get people to visit Michigan . The ads are the stuff of "Pure Michigan," a campaign to replace images of gutted cities and shuttered factories with visions of vineyards, lighthouses, waterfalls, sand dunes and the nation's longest fresh water coastline. Designed to boost out-of-state tourism, Pure Michigan has boosted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Does the Blackberry Torch shine a light on potential N8 coverage?
I hope the industry are paying attention to yesterday’s launch of the Blackberry 9800 Torch. This was the new Blackberry, the next step up in the portfolio and even at a mid-range price, is being perceived as the flagship device. With a new version of the operating system paired with solid, but not stunning, hardware choices in the processor, screen and memory department, the reaction has been similar to that of Nokia’s N8. Some thoughts from me below. Research in Motion have been publicly developing this phone for 18 months, and have billed it as “one of the most important phone launches since ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Learning from the ‘wow’ factor — how to ...
Learning from the 'wow' factor — how to engage customers through the design of effective affective customer ... a differentiator and this is reflected in marketing and ..... 18 Hewson Group: 'CRM Market Size and Trends Q4', (2003). ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
What's Best for Your Organization, a Facebook Group or Fan Page ...
Within Indiana’s Tourism Industry, I’ve noticed that most organizations have created Fan Pages, while a handful have decided to instead create Groups or even a Personal Profile for their organization. Hopefully this post will clear the air about the differences between the ways you can reach out to potential and current customers on Facebook. Whether you decide to use a Fan Page or a Group for your organization depends on your goals for Facebook. One thing you should not do, however, is create a personal profile for your organization. Beyond being against Facebook’s Terms of Service , your organizational goals ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Entrepreneurial Best Practices Series - Lester Center for ...
The Entrepreneurial Best Practices Series brings to UC Berkeley and the Haas School the best practitioners from the Berkeley and Silicon Valley community to speak about the practical aspects of entrepreneurial activity. The series is timed to match the academic year and also the business plan competition season, particularly the UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition and the Global Social Venture Competition . Entrepreneurs from the Berkeley campus and the community in general are encouraged to come to each of the sessions. There is no registration for this event. The program starts with food and networking at 6:30. The ...
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What was the biggest "wow" factor you ever had in an Online ...
Whether it was a training you delivered, or one you took - what were the elements that stood out for you? What made you sit back and think, "Now, this is cool!" Was the interactivity in the training session (and how it was dealt with by the trainer)? Was it content you hadn't seen before? Was it demonstrations, or real-life examples that applied perfectly to you? posted February 25, 2009 in Occupational Training , Internet Marketing | Closed Share This Web Designer + Internet Marketing consultant see all my answers This was selected as Best Answer When I attend a training session, first and foremost, I'd like the ...
Google Answers: Business Plan for Toy Company
I am looking for detailed business plan examples for a start-up Toy Company. I am a serial technology entrepreneur (currently involved in 4th tech venture) and I have developed what I believe to be an innovative and exciting "Toy". Being a techie ... this toy obviously leverages what I consider to be some interesting technology. One of the major decisions that I am currently faced with is whether to pursue a licensing model (sell rights to the intellectual property to existing toy manufacturers) or a self-production model (build and distribute the toy under the brand of the new company). I believe that there is a viable ...