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Special Report on

The Practicality of Pessimism

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From Denmark to India, from college students to retirees, from yoga instructors to engineers, the stories poured in. Narrowing them down to finalists, even with several people, was excruciating, but below you will find 15 of our favorites. Many more are worth watching (I watched them all) and can be found here , or by searching “4hww success” on YouTube . There are also 150 comments on the last post full of practical how-to implementations. The below videos represent a real-life crash course in the many paths and practicalities of lifestyle design. I hope you love watching them as much as I did… Read More ...
's fifth full length album. It was recorded after the band returned from their 1993 U.S. tour, which would ultimately be their last. The liner notes of the album read "Hey! You've heard them, now go SEE them!" The title is taken from the song "Second Floor East" from their previous album, Wiggle . Mass Giorgini recorded the album at his Sonic Iguana studio. All songs on the album are taken from this session except "Every Night" and "Totally", which the band felt were better represented by demo recordings they'd done months earlier at Flat Iron Studios with Andy Ernst. After ...
O'Reilly Media Announces the First Global Ignite Week(O'Reilly ...
a "worldwide distributed conference" of community-fueled Ignite events in more than 40 cities, from March 1-4, 2010. Upwards of 10,000 entrepreneurs, technologists, DIYers, local heroes, and creative professionals are expected to participate in cities including Seattle, Boston, New York, Nashville, Brussels, Paris, Sydney, and Bangalore. Igniters will gather in pubs, theaters, and other convivial venues for an evening that is a unique blend of networking, information, and fun, encapsulated in the Ignite motto: "Enlighten us, but make it quick." In talks that are exactly five minutes long, Ignite presenters ... market research, surveys and trends
The Practicality of Pessimism (Remarkable)
It’s easier to perform an amazing, in-the-zone, four-hour block of work on a Friday night if I’m leaving town the next day and I know that it’s is the only chance I’ll get all week to work on Instapaper. A bit of a fanboy post, but who's not guilty of lauding their heros on their blog every once in a while? I sure am. Best tidbits: (1) Envision your audience as a single, ideal person. (2) Be choosy about what you spend your time on. (3) Imagining Merlin Mann on your shoulder [perhaps in the form of a little angel/devil] will make your more productive/creative. June 11, ... market research, surveys and trends


7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat
two of my favorite bariatric (obesity treatment) doctors in the US and the first to introduce insulin resistance to the mainstream, to explain the facts and benefits of increased saturated fat intake… The sub-headings are mine, and a few edits have been made for space and context. Please see Dr. Michael Eades’ references and responses to questions in the comments. A couple of generations ago two physicians—one on the East Coast, one on the West—while working long hours with many patients, serendipitously stumbled onto a method to rapidly decrease fat around the mid-section. We’re sure that other doctors figured out ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Help Beyond Aid | The American Prospect
The last several years have witnessed the sudden growth of a nonfiction genre: the big development book. Each entry typically starts with a discussion of just how poor much of the world is, and then goes on to explain why and what is to be done. Joe Stiglitz, Jagdish Bhagwati, and many other leading economists have contributed, in one way or another, to the massive popular literature on development. Indeed, I can think of no other academic field where top researchers write so many books aimed at the general public. Most notably, Jeff Sachs argued for vastly expanded aid in The End of Poverty, while William Easterly mocked this ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
President Hockfield's charge to the graduates
Today’s graduates of MIT: This day is, truly, for you. Here, in the stately embrace of Killian Court, we gather to celebrate your success. You have distinguished yourselves in courses of study that stand among the most demanding in the world. For all that you have accomplished, we congratulate you. In the midst of celebrating your achievements, our joy would be incomplete if we did not recognize two groups of people who helped bring you to this moment: First, your families and friends, many of whom join us today, with justifiable pride and with joy. We welcome them, knowing full well that none of you would be here, clothed in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Experience with the development of hard real-time embedded Ada ...
In order to assess the practicality of the results from ..... s € " ~ source of pessimism was in that the analysis did not ac- count for the effects of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Archives of Rudolph W. Giuliani - Conference on the New Immigrants
Thank You, President Hasselmo, Minister Pagrotsky, Members of the faculty, Members and Friends of The Humphrey Institute... I'm pleased to be with you this morning to talk about New Americans and New Immigrants. This is a good time and place to discuss these vital issues. "The North Star State" is now celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Swedish immigration to Minnesota. Unless, of course, "The Kensington Stone" is right... in which case this would be the 634th anniversary of Swedish immigration of Minnesota. Today, Minnesota is once again feeling the effects of immigration, this time from Southeast ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Political Propaganda (1934)
This article is taken from the Nazi monthly for propagandists. It is an unusually complicated explication of Nazi propaganda. The author, born in 1902, was an early Nazi. In 1934, he was the head of the district propaganda office of the Propaganda Ministry Berlin-Brandenburg-Kurmark, and a Reichsredner. The source: "Politische Propaganda," Unser Wille und Weg, 4(1934), pp. 323-332. No one today will doubt that political propaganda has been of major significance in the past decades. Waves of propaganda hit Germany, leaving a world in confusion. We had nothing similar ...
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Is pessimisn the downfall of modern society? - Yahoo! Answers
I'm truly beginning to believe that the reason society struggles and has difficulties today is due to a widespread pessimism that I see constantly, particularly in the UK, where I'm from. In the UK, we have a pretty easy life. We have a good government, some of the best healthcare and education in the world, and despite the current recession (which is TEMPORARY, people!) we enjoy one of the strongest and largest economies in the world. As recently as the '60s and '70s, communities looked out for each other and everyone believed that they could pitch in and help each other. Now, all everyone ...
How am I being deprived being brought up by parents who were ...
What complications, drawbacks and/or deprivations could I expect being brought up and living with parents who were raised in a communist regime? My parents and I were raised in the Czech Republic and we came to Australia in 91 when I was 7. Czech Republic became a democracy in 93. I would say they are hard leftists and they don't really support the idea of capitalism... maybe jealousy or too much of a change or whatever. But I can't help but feel a little deprived, I'm sure you understand. Please write whatever is on your mind. It takes a lot to offend me. Appreciate all feedback. You have lived through this ...