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Agile Project Planning Tips

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Agile Software Development is the hottest topic in the software development community. It is a new way of developing software that is producing higher quality software in record time. In this article I’ll provide a brief overview of Agile Software Development, explain why developers who embrace Agile practices are naturally pre-disposed to the benefits of qualitative research, and offer some tips on how you can better sell qualitative market research services to Agile software teams. Agile Software Development refers to software that is developed under any number of methods that strive to honor the principles and practices of ...
writers and consultants about what constitutes responsible software testing. Members of the "context-driven" school of testing believe that there are no "best practices" of testing, but rather that testing is a set of skills that allow the tester to select or invent testing practices to suit each unique situation. In addition, prominent members of the community consider much of the writing about software testing to be doctrine, mythology, and folklore. Some contend that this belief directly contradicts standards such as the IEEE 829 test documentation standard, and organizations such as the Food and Drug ...
FW: Dr. Dobb's Agile Newsletter September 2006
I get this newsletter on Agile… This edition was pretty interesting… thought of sharing it with all the intelligent people I know… ok not all the intelligent people I know... but all the intelligent people I can share it with...   It also has a little section on funding... which is always a big question with agile processes... check it out... Consultant - Microsoft Technology Practice _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kanbay Software (I) Ltd.. , Cell Phone: +91-98600-59190 From: market research, surveys and trends
Agile Project Management for Lawyers — Lawyerist
Agile project management has a lot to offer legal case management. Imagine you could continually wring out the inefficiencies in your law practice. Picture having the luxury to step back from the trees and see the forest. It may sound crazy, and, in the case of removing every single efficiency, perhaps pie in the sky. But you can get close, and it takes a lot less effort and time than you think if you embrace something we software folks call a “Sprint.” A Sprint is an iterative unit of time, typically a one, two, or four week period. The term and concept comes from project management techniques in the software industry. As is ... market research, surveys and trends


Agile Software Development - Topic Research, Trends and Surveys
Targeting what it calls "smarter" product design and development, IBM has announced a new product and enhancements to its application lifecycle management (ALM) portfolio that target integrated systems and delivery, as well as some tighter integrations with the acquired Telelogic ALM products and continued evolution Read more Latest Trending Story: Horne International Partners with North Main Consulting to Provide Lean and Agile Software Development Solutions to Federal Enterprise Customers FAIRFAX, Va. - (Business Wire) Horne International, Inc. (OTCBB:HNIN) today announced that it has entered into a partnership with ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The roots of agile project management | IT Leadership ...
Here’s a brief history of agile project management. By brushing up on these fundamental concepts, you’ll gain insight into the challenges and problems that agile techniques are designed to resolve. —————————————————————————————-  My recent agile project management columns focus on practical elements, such as project sizing , planning , and estimating . Now I’ll take a step back and look at some of the theory behind the agile project ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Agile reporting methods for project managers
Before we explore specific agile reporting methods, it’s important to return to fundamental principles and refresh our motivations for project status reporting. No project manager (PM), agile or traditional, denies that stakeholders deserve visibility into the project for which they are paying, and on which they are relying for added business value. Any disagreement is one of degree and focus. In traditional project management, we often spend a significant amount of our development time either trying to predict our development path or trying to track our path against these predictions. We frequently find ourselves pitted ... market trends, news research and surveys resources : The Next Geo-Targeting Solution
This was particularly important as the industry entered a period when PPC revenues were on the decline and we saw many domainers turning to mini sites and other alternatives to replace or augment their domain parking income. Comwired Inc. acquired the domain in 2010. We have offered a commercial DNS service since the beginning, but in the last two years we have fine-tuned our management software and global infrastructure substantially. With upgrades to security, a modern control panel interface, and a custom anycast DNS network, we were confident enough in the service that we launched it as a true enterprise solution ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Waltzing with Changes
[7] Ambler, Scott, “Agile Project Planning Tips,” 2005. essays/ ml. Proceedings of the Agile Development ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cancer Adverse Events Reporting System (caAERS) - CTMS - caAERS ...
The Cancer Adverse Event Reporting System (caAERS) is an open source, standards-based, web application for documenting, managing, reporting, and analyzing adverse events (AEs). The system operates as both a repository for capturing and tracking routine and serious AEs and as a tool for preparing and submitting expedited AE reports to regulatory agencies. Currently, caAERS works with cancer prevention and therapeutic trials and can accommodate a range of intervention types, including investigational and commercial agents, radiation, surgery, and medical devices. Adverse events can be coded in caAERS using either CTCAE or MedDRA. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SANS Technology Institute: Project Management for Security ...
I like to think of a project plan as something similar to a recipe in a cookbook: it gives me the ingredients I need, and often includes a picture of what the finished product will look like. It gives me the steps in the sequence that I need to follow in order to create the final deliverable. Many times there are intermediate steps along the way, such as creating a sauce to be used later. You can think of these as milestones. Good cooks are always aware of "the long pole in the tent"; the task or dependency that controls when they will be able to produce the final product. As a manager, when someone asks you ...
Tips, tricks, traps of providing a fixed bid on IT work. (Or, how ...
-Client Personnel - If your project involves commitments from the client's personnel, state that in percentages. For example, "Client will provide AIX System Admin resources for 5% of the total estimated project timeline. -Assumptions: For example, client's data should be 95% clean. Deliverables Any expectations regarding: - Change Managment - Risk Management -Testing and User Acceptance -On-going maintenance and support -Knowledge Transfer In short, I attempt to anticipate anything that can happen on the client-side that could extend project timelines. I make it clear that in a near perfect environment, the ...
Human Resources: Career Planning/Pathing, hospitality industries ...
The company that I've recently began working for does not practice traditional career pathing. They do not believe that individuals should be held to a career path that would lead an employee to a particular pre-identified postion. Instead, they believe that employees should learn about different areas of the business, have the ability to move around and promote to different departments, and not be held to go down a career path that may lead to a particular job that may not be open or availble to them in the future. I've been charged with communicating this "Career Strategy" to the organization. Have you ever ...