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Special Report on

Data Quality issues root causes

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(AAIB) and the approaches taken to investigating an accident, it made me think about whether similar approaches may work for data. This did not immediately become a blog post, but having read Jim Harris’s blog post on the “ The Poor Data Quality Jar ” and the subsequent discussion of this post, I resurrected this idea. Do you think there is a place for the Data Accident Investigation Board? The process for the investigation of air accidents is specified in Annex 13 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The objective of this process is stated as: The sole objective of the investigation of an ...
is the condition human societies experience when, in pursuing progress through human ingenuity, they inadvertently introduce problems they do not have the resources or political will to solve, for fear of short-term losses in status, stability or quality of life. This prevents further progress and sometimes leads to collapse. The term was coined and gained attention following the historian and novelist Ronald Wright 's 2004 non-fiction book and Massey Lecture series A Short History of Progress , in which he sketches world history so far as a succession of progress traps. Daniel B. O'Leary 's book Escaping the ...
Root Cause for Data Quality Issues | Beyond Data
Data is impacted by numerous processes that bring data into your data environment, most of which affect its quality to some extent. Some processes bring data into your environment, referred as the inflow, and some process operate on the data causing data issues. The fishbone below highlight the different causes for data to decay (in no set order). It is difficult to prioritize this list, although philosophically I can say that lack of governance will most definitely lead to bad data. At the same time, the list is not finite or complete. Organizational events like mergers & consolidations can also lead to bad data quality. The ... market research, surveys and trends
Measuring What Matters
is that, out of all the data you manage in your Enterprise Information Management ecosystem, how do you find those data which are actually being used? This is similar to questions I've raised in the past when writing on next generation Data Warehouse architecture (see Eliminating Data Warehouse Pressures with Master Data Services and SOA in last summer’s TDWI Business Intelligence Journal ). In this article, one of the questions I raised was about how many of the hundreds (or thousands) of data elements you bring over into your DW are actually used. The premise is that our DW ecosystems are pushing around significant ... market research, surveys and trends


DOD Guidelines on Data Quality Management (Summary)
Focused on achieving this environment, data quality issues often ..... problems, identify root causes for data quality problems, and improve the quality ..... 75 percent of effort is research, 25 percent data entry; .... $1.1 Million. Given these cost factors, net savings were projected at $3.71 Million at WR-AFB. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Data quality in practice: experience from the frontline
30 percent." Restating from the data quality perspective, poor data quality could be responsible ... prominent quality issues have surfaced and impacted their business, .... understanding of the nature of problems and likely root causes. ... knowledge of data quality causes, effects, and relative importance. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Five tips for improving Linux security
What’s that you say? You don’t need to do anything about security on your Linux box because it’s Linux? Think again. Linux is an operating system that begs to be online, so it wants to be secure. Sure it’s fairly secure out of the box, but NO operating system is 100% secure if it’s, well, turned on. Here are five crucial Linux security tips. To many, this is an annoyance. You log in to your machine, your machine requests a connection to a network (or LDAP server, etc.), and you have to enter your keyring password. The temptation is to disable this feature by giving it an empty password and dismissing the warning that you’ll be ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
WHITE: Adds Pursuit Channel Sponsor
SS Green Light Racing is pleased to announce that the popular cable network Pursuit Channel has partnered with and the No. 23 team of Jason White for several upcoming races in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. The Pursuit Channel will share associate sponsorship on the No. 23 truck with at the NCWTS races at Pocono on July 31st and Martinsville on October 23rd. White currently sits seventh in the NCWTS point standings. This partnership will assist the two companies in growing already established bases within the outdoor community, �I�m excited because it�s a real opportunity for,� ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


DQM Business Description
DATA QUALITY ISSUES (ROOT CAUSES). The true causes of poor data quality varied, but un-controlled processes, poor IT systems, and limited domain knowledge ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Data Quality - Policy Information - FHWA
This white paper describes some fatal misconceptions about information quality that can cause information quality initiatives to failor to appear to succeed but fail to achieve positive business results. If an organization misunderstands the fundamentals of information quality improvement, it will fall into the same trap of every other "methodology" silver bullet. There are seven potentially fatal misconceptions about information quality that can hamper an information quality initiative. Worse yet, if these misconceptions are strongly held, they will hamper business effectiveness (best case) or result in business failure. The ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Data Quality Aspects of Revenue Assurance
focus on the data quality aspect of revenue assurance and introduce a method to detect revenue-related data quality problems and their root causes. ...
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As a general manager, your job is to devise a strategy for performance improvement. Insight into your customers� preferences and behaviors, and into how those preferences and behaviors might change over time, is essential. It can help you take full advantage of your competitive position. It may even give you the ability to counteract the advantages of leaders who are farther down the experience curve and thus move up (or over) the ROA/RMS band. There are a number of valuable analytical tools that will help you turn up data and insights about all the sources of profit-pool shifts. What to Do About Changes in ...
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The pain of transition can become an insurmountable hurdle; anything we can do to reduce the pain, makes it more likely we'll stay the course. Create a support structure. Have a plan of action to reduce the chaos. Celebrate every little success. Reward effort, even when the results weren't perfect. ---------------------------------- Example of a Planned, Systemic Change Process -- Action Research A typical planned, systemic (and systematic) organizational development process often follows an overall action research approach (as described below). There are many variations of the action research approach, including by ...