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Special Report on

Water Quality Experts

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May 3, 2010 -- For several years, the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) has focused on a group of research challenges designed to tackle some of today's most pressing water quality issues. Each represents a significant commitment of funds and considerable effort from many WERF subscriber volunteers and researchers working to address specific needs under these areas: biosolids, climate change, nutrients, operations optimization, stormwater, strategic asset management, trace organics, and pathogens and human health. As the existing challenges wind down, room is created within WERF to address emerging challenges. ...
Upgrade rules to clean bay, report says | Richmond Times-Dispatch
This blue crab was found in underwater grasses in a James River canal near 12th Street in August. Experts say blue crabs often show up in the James in Richmond during dry spells when the river gets low. READ MORE Chesapeake Bay Foundation report By Tyler Whitley Published: December 30, 2008 Pollution and overfishing have devastated the Chesapeake Bay's blue crab harvest, a new report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation has concluded. Since 1990, the bay's blue crab population plunged by two-thirds -- from 791 million to 260 million in 2007, the report by the Annapolis-based organization said. The report, titled ... market research, surveys and trends
Water works meets state, federal standards | Greater Cincinnati ...
At the Greater Cincinnati Water Works, our mission is to provide a plentiful supply of the highest quality drinking water and outstanding services to our customers. Our employees work each and every day to provide you with dependable, high quality water each and every time you need it. We are proud to report that our water met or exceeded all state and federal health standards in 2009, as it always has. To ensure we deliver the highest quality water possible, our water quality experts, engineers and water distribution specialists stay abreast of the latest water industry research and technology and continually look for ways to ... market research, surveys and trends


Clearing sanitation backlog requires 400 million Rand in Capricorn ...
(CDM) based in Polokwane (Pietersburg) in Limpopo Province the backlog of people not served with basic sanitation is 52 percent. CDM needs around 400 million Rand to clear the backlog to provide decent sanitation to communities in its five local municipalities: Polokwane, Aganang, Blouberg, Molemole and Lepelle-Nkumpi. That means 60 percent of CDM’s total 2008/2009 budget of 661 million Rand. At the end of March the CDM council upped the 2008-2009 budget by R 40 million to address the current service delivery backlog in water (15 per cent), sanitation (52 per cent) and electricity (22 percent). It brought the total expenditures ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Liquid Asset: Great Lakes Water Quality and Industry Needs
Liquid Asset is a product of the Great Lakes Commission's Transportation and Economic Development Program and was prepared at the request of its eight member states. Acknowledgment is in order for Steve Thorp, Program Manager and principal author of this report, as well as Rita Straith for production support and Karen Cogsdill for cover design. Kathleen Burke, a research associate supported by an Ameritech Foundation grant, contributed to the report. The Great Lakes Commission also appreciates the cooperation of the individual companies profiled in the document and the contribution of the report's Advisory ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Scientists Help Protect Guatemala's Lake Atitlan
A team of scientists from the University of Nevada, Reno, DRI, Arizona State University and University of California, Davis has returned from a two-week expedition to Guatemala's tropical high-mountain Lake Atitlan, where they are working to find solutions to the algae blooms that have assailed the ecosystem and the drinking water source for local residents. The lake's water is contaminated with watershed runoff and waste water, which contributes to increased algae growth and suitable conditions for bacteria and pathogens such as, Escherichia coli and Giardia that can proliferate and enter untreated drinking water. In ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Oil spill clean up intensifies; criminal investigation launched
SALT LAKE CITY -- Chevron has accepted full responsibility for a broken pipeline that sent 500 barrels of crude oil gushing down Red Butte Creek to Liberty Park. Even so, a criminal investigation has been launched into the spill. Chevron flew in crews from around the world Sunday to help with the cleanup effort. Informational meeting 7 p.m. Monday Clayton Middle School 1470 S. 1900 East Hosted by mayor's office Chevron reps and other city officials will answer questions Workers spent the day trying to clean up close to 21,000 gallons of crude oil from Salt Lake waterways. Crews have blanketed Liberty Park and are using ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


An Approach to a Coastal Water Quality Index for Taiwan - OCEANS ...
Six coastal water quality experts in Taiwan were surveyed ... coastal water quality experts, are more strict in the second round. Because of higher standard ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Recreational | Water Quality Criteria | US EPA
Designed to protect swimmers from illnesses due to exposure to pathogens in recreational waters, the existing criteria are more than 20 years old. Since then, scientists have learned much about molecular biology, virology, and analytical chemistry. This new information will help us build a stronger scientific foundation for up-to-date recreational water quality criteria. EPA's March 2007 Experts Scientific Workshop was a forum for discussion of critical research and science needs for developing new or revised recreational ambient water quality criteria in the near-term. The Report of the Experts Scientific Workshop (EPA ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ARROYO: Microbes Increasingly Viewed as Water Quality Threat
any U.S. citizens believe that thanks to our advanced technology and enlightened public policy we can consume without risk the food and water that are readily available to most of us, as citizens of a rich and privileged country. Some of those who subscribe to this buoyant and comforting attitude, however, may have lately experienced second thoughts. Because of various recent and widely reported incidents, many people are feeling concern about the quality and safety of our food and water. This is not surprising; some of these incidents have resulted in ...
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Water Quality: pH correction with caustic soda, sodium hydroxide ...
My field of expertise is in domestic water treatment. I am retired and have 28 years of experience in the water treatment field. I have earned the designation of Water Specialist, level five, from the Water Quality Association.I can offer help in the solution for private wells` problems as to `point of entry` and `point of use` treatments. these would include,disinfection,conditioning,and purification for drinking including reverse osmosis technology. Problems concerning well pumps,or plumbing or well drilling are out of my field,as well as commericial,industrial or municipal water treatment. I prefer to limit questions to the ...
Google Answers: "Water testing"
Why does the water at my house turn blue when it reacts w/ soap/shampoo, resulting in blue stains in the shower stall, and leaving a greenish tint in my blonde hair? WHAT in the water would cause this type of reation and what can I do to fix the problem/what company water filtration system is most suited for solving the problem? Clarification of Question by f16chevy-ga on 29 Jan 2005 18:41 PST pafalafa-ga, Thanks for your help. This is going to be a long answer to a short question: I am located in Valdosta, GA. Just so you know, we do have well water. In December, a rep from Water Resources Int'l. (United ...