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Special Report on

Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Sales

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This Health Industry Insights report details IT spending expectations for 2009-2010 within the life science sales and marketing industry segment. Sales and marketing IT spend in the life sciences is expected to accelerate to a 7.9% growth rate during 2009. Eric Newmark, research manager at Health Industry Insights, commented, "Securing face-to-face time with physicians, which was already challenging, has now become significantly more difficult for pharmaceutical sales. Regulations placing tight restrictions on promotional spend directed toward physicians are popping up in many states across the country at a very quick pace. ...
which is a matter of system compliance, accountability and culture (Grace & Cohen, 2005). The ethics formed is based on the legal requirement required by law and regulatory boards, the law however should be seen as a minimum standard and a higher ethical standard should be demanded; from pharmaceutical companies have seen these demands by both agency and public demand across the world. Organizational ethics are used when developing the marketing and sales strategy to both the public and the healthcare profession of the strategy. Ethics within pharmaceutical sales has become a matter of public interest over the recent years and ...
Pharma Sales - Breaking into the Industry
Pharmaceuticals are always a hot consumer sector, and with the aging baby boomers coming online, it’s a sector sure to grow in the coming years. But gaining employment into the industry isn’t easy. Competition is fierce and companies can choose from the cream of the crop. So, how do you become part of that creamy crop? College Graduates Wanted There was a time when pharma reps completed their degrees in chemistry or biology and landed a well-paying job before the ink was dry on their diplomas. Not so, any more. Larger drug makers rarely, if ever, hire individuals who only have two-year degrees. Why? Because there are so many ... market research, surveys and trends
Pharma Reform » Healthcare Market considerations for Eliminating ...
There has been considerable debate about the role of pharmaceutical sales representatives in the evolving new healthcare market.  Do they have any role, what is it, and are they worth keeping around at all? It is clear that the market has had enough of the sample dropping reps specializing in the social, relationship building, access gaining tactics like “lunch and learns” and “dine and dashes” that contribute little to physician education.  I believe that despite some of these questionable tactics of the past, pharmaceutical sales representatives have played a far bigger role in physician education about drug treatment options ... market research, surveys and trends


A slightly healthier forecast for global pharmaceutical sales in ...
previous IMS estimates by one percentage point. Through 2013, the researcher predicts worldwide pharmaceutical sales will grow at a 4 percent to 7 percent compound annual growth rate and reach a market value of more than $975 billion in that year. Is this prediction too optimistic? After all, industry observers are buzzing about the "patent cliff" in 2012-2013, when so many blockbuster drugs are due to lose patent protection and face increased competition from generic drugs. Worse, Big Pharma's new-drug pipeline has been less than stellar, with very few promising blockbuster drugs on the way to replace the lost ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ZS Associates: Careers: The Doctor Won't See You (Mr. Pharma Rep), Now
– Number of ‘rep-accessible’ docs falls another 20 percent; ‘rep-inaccessible’ docs increase 50 percent – – Pharmacos respond with more precise sales force deployment strategies – Contacts: Greg Austin ZS Associates Anahita Wadia / Mack Reynolds The Reynolds Communications Group  / EVANSTON, IL — May 6, 2010 — Obtaining access to busy physicians grew still more difficult for pharmaceutical representatives in 2009, as the number of physicians willing to see most reps fell nearly 20 percent, the number of prescribers refusing to see most reps increased by half and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Research Says Companies Still Loosey Goosey With Meetings and Events
Companies� spending on meetings and events can be hard to track and varies by industry, says a new study from travel-management giant Carlson Wagonlit Travel. But before you stop reading thinking you�ve heard it all before, the study also finds that certain best practices can save companies up to 25 percent on that spending over three years. It comes down to smart sourcing, centralized policies and processes, and senior management support. And if that sounds daunting, the report�s 131 pages also include detailed steps to help companies implement those best practices. �Meetings and Events: Where Savings Meet Success� is the fifth ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Hi-Tech Pharmacal Temporarily and Voluntarily Suspends Sales of Certain Products
announced today it received a warning letter from the FDA. The warning letter primarily dealt with the marketing of several products that FDA states require FDA approval and manufacturing practices related to those products. The Company will respond to the warning letter and intends to meet with FDA to determine how best to resolve these issues. Hi-Tech is suspending sales of these products until the issue is resolved. Sales of these products totaled approximately $5 million in fiscal year 2010. Other than the suspended products, Hi-Tech does not anticipate any ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Oracle's Siebel Pharma Dynamic Sales enables pharmaceutical sales forces ... advantage by achieving best practices in their sales and marketing models, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Roche Best Practices
Roche Group, one of the world's top 10 pharmaceutical companies, ... mechanisms for sharing best practices among sites, including annual “energy summit” ... Sales personnel have been encouraged to use hybrid vehicles or the most fuel- ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
National Pharmaceutical Rep- Gatlin Online: George Mason ...
This course was designed for individuals who want to gain entry into the pharmaceutical industry but who lack the required pharmacology and medical education. The CNPR examination is dedicated to increasing the professional level of NAPSR members and to developing meaningful and ethical standards fully accepted by its members and members of the pharmaceutical community. The goal of the training program is to develop knowledge in clinical pharmacology, physiology and medical terminology. This knowledge will greatly enhance an individuals understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its selling ...
If I major in Healthcare Management can I still get a job as a ...
I would just like to know some of the jobs I can have other than working in an office. I mean would love to get in a car and drive around to different hospitals or different practices of physicians. I don't want to get into this profession because of money and the luxury items like a company car, and different trips. I'm looking to break into this company to make a difference for the people, and to help the people get the meds that they need. I'm just looking towards the future, just need some guidance from some of the older, seasoned vets of these professions. Thank you for any info you may send me. 2 ...
Best practices needed for segregation of waste ! | LinkedIn ...
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