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Cold canvass Definition

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The activity of soliciting votes and locating supporters. Traditionally done by tramping the streets from house to house, culminating in what (in British English only) is known as ‘knocking up’ (viz. persuading those who have previously promised to support one's party to come out and vote for it). Now largely done by telephone. "Canvass" redirects here. For other uses, see Canvass (disambiguation) . "Canvasser" redirects here. For the sales occupation, see Peddler . For the Wikipedia guideline on canvassing, see Wikipedia:Canvassing Canvassing is the systematic initiation of direct contact with a target ...
Boxing Day: Definition from
The first weekday after Christmas, celebrated as a holiday in parts of the British Commonwealth, when Christmas gifts are traditionally given to service workers. December 26 The term "Boxing Day" comes from the little earthenware boxes that servants, tradespeople, and others who rendered services to the public used to carry around on the day after Christmas to collect tips and year-end bonuses. Although the custom of distributing gifts (usually money) to public servants and employees has continued, it often takes place before Christmas rather than after, and boxes have nothing to do with it. But the name has remained, ... market research, surveys and trends
white canvass
The full historic significance of Obama's candidacy hit me on Halloween night when a young (12?) black male came trick-or-treating dressed as the presidential hopeful. When everyone at the door came out to 'shake the hand of the next president of the United States', the kid's face lit up with such delight and confidence, my heart overflowed with joy. Regardless of Tuesday's outcome, the fact that this young man had someone to look up to who is respected and well-known not just in the black community, and not just in the American community, but now across the world - AND LOOKS LIKE HIM moved me beyond words. market research, surveys and trends


political science: Definition from
The study of the state, government, and politics. The idea that the study of politics should be ‘scientific’ has excited controversy for centuries. What is at stake is the nature of our political knowledge, but the content of the argument has varied enormously. For example, 1741 when Hume published his essay, ‘That Politics May Be Reduced to a Science’, his concerns were very different from those of people who have sought to reduce politics to a science in the twentieth century. Although concerned to some degree to imitate the paradigm of Newtonian physics, Hume's main objective was to show that some constitutions ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Safe Spaces: California Children Enter A Policy Debate - Research ...
THE ISSUE OF SAFETY IS OFTEN CAST SOLELY AS A PROBLEM OF VIOLENCE AND CRIME. The focus of campaigns is riveted on urban violence, and youth violence in particular. Yet nationally only five percent of all juveniles were arrested in 1992, and of those five percent approximately nine percent were arrested for a violent crime. Despite the fears, fewer than one percent of juveniles are arrested for violent crimes (Shorter, Schaffner, and Schick, 1996). Though juvenile offenders currently account for a smaller percentage of violent offenders than their numbers in the U.S. population would predict (Lubow, 1995), the dramatic increase ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Movie review: Winter's Bone
has a dyed-in-the-wool authentic feel: From start to finish, it seems that we've left our comfortable urbanity far behind and suddenly been transported to the hinterlands of the Missouri Ozarks. Where it's cold and dangerous. (REALLY dangerous.) Here we take up virtual residence with the desperately destitute Dolly family, who at first acquaintance appear to be the very definition of PWT . There's a trampoline in the side yard; they're in trouble with the law; they supplement their meager food supply with fresh squirrel harvested from the surrounding woods with a .22 rifle. Holding the family together by ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Furs in Venus
Without a nickel in his pocket, John Brannon influenced a whole generation of punk and rock 'n' roll � and nearly died in the process 'Definitely the devil!' (6/2/2010) Frank Woodman looked no further than the fruit of his loins to form a band One unfortunate hangover from the 1980s, that decade of overproduced bands, Reagan, MTV gloat, silly trousers and Haircut 100, was how the Psychedelic Furs got lumped into that ghastly pop nostalgia train of �80s packages, flanking, say, the Bangles, or worse, Missing Persons in (pre-) boomer consciousness. Think about that: Here was a London band vaguely defining the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The Constitution: Coming in from the Cold
has led some to canvass the idea of a voluntary coalition, closer to ..... tive effect, and applying a narrow definition of the public authorities ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chaos under canvas: a Salmonella enteritidis PT 6B outbreak
be at greater risk than others and should consider the use of cold boxes for ... following case definition was used: diarrhoea (3 or more loose or watery ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Dick Higgins and Hannah Higgins - Intermedia - Leonardo 34:1
Much of the best work being produced today seems to fall between media. This is no accident. The concept of the separation between media arose in the Renaissance. The idea that a painting is made of paint on canvas or that a sculpture should not be painted seems characteristic of the kind of social thought--categorizing and dividing society into nobility with its various subdivisions, untitled gentry, artisans, serfs and landless workers--which we call the feudal conception of the Great Chain of Being. This essentially mechanistic approach continued to be relevant throughout the first two industrial revolutions, just concluded, ...
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First time canvassing -- what do I need to know? | Ask MetaFilter
I'm a fairly extroverted person, so I don't really have any objections to knocking on strangers' doors, but I'd appreciate any stories or advice (from whichever party or country you may happen to work for/reside in), just so I can get a better idea of what to expect. I've never done anything quite like this before. My mother did this for Obama a twice in the past couple of weeks. She said that people were mostly polite and listened to what she had to say and, with the exception of a few people, planned to vote for the candidate for whom she was canvassing. This makes sense though, as the list was culled ...
Legalized Marijuana - is it still as scary now as it was 30 years ...
Will the price come down so dramatically with legalization it'll cause more problems with the side-effects (equated to alcoholism) that it'll burden the country more than it will benefit. Just as a FYI: I am TOTALLY against any legalization. I know peers my age who used to smoke 'dope' with no problems thirty years ago, who 'tried it for old times sake' recently and were sick for hours with just a few hits. I honestly believe the THC in currently grown crops has exponentially increased to the point where I wouldn't want to encounter someone who's been smoking it and under the influence. ...