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Conditional Sale agreements

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The trustee in bankruptcy of Marvin K. Dunagan, one-time farm implement dealer at Willcox, Arizona, appeals from the District Court's judgment denying the trustee's claim to certain equipment and parts, or the value thereof, which were repossessed from the bankrupt by appellee Massey-Ferguson under certain conditional sales contracts within the four-month period next preceding the filing of Dunagan's voluntary petition in bankruptcy. 5 The material facts, as found by the District Court, are not in dispute, and may be summarized as follows: The bankrupt came into possession of the equipment and parts in question ...
that provided implied terms in contracts for the supply of goods and for hire-purchase agreements, also limiting the use of exclusion clauses. The result of a joint report by the England and Wales Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission , First Report on Exemption Clauses , the Act was granted the Royal Assent on 18 April 1973 and came into force a month later. It met with a mixed reaction from academics, who praised the additional protection it offered while at the same time questioning whether it was enough; several pieces of draftsmanship and implementation were also called into question. Much of the Act was repealed ...
How to Deal with Hire Purchase Debt
Although people often talk about “buying on HP”, Hire Purchase Agreements are quite unusual these days. Cars are the most usual goods sold under Hire Purchase or Conditional Sale Agreements. With Hire Purchase and Conditional Sale Agreements, you do not own the goods until you have paid the credit agreement off. This means they are not the same as ordinary credit agreements. This means you cannot sell the goods yourself without the creditor’s written permission. If you sell the goods without permission, it can be a criminal offense. On ordinary credit agreements, the goods you buy belong to you from the time ... market research, surveys and trends
Audi is “less than perfect”: Vehicle Finance – Cardiff Legal
an example of vehicle fin­ance gone wrong. A self-employed busi­ness­man agreed to a Con­di­tional Sale con­tract with a well known fin­ance com­pany to acquire a second hand Audi A4 , worth over £24,000 for both busi­ness and per­sonal use. The car had done rel­at­ively little mileage but the busi­ness­man exper­i­enced prob­lems soon after tak­ing possession. The vehicle was repaired under war­ranty but, after more than ten repairs in a year, the busi­ness­man tried to reject it and ter­min­ate the agree­ment. How­ever, the sup­plier refused to take the vehicle back and the fin­ance com­pany rejec­ted his request on the basis ... market research, surveys and trends


Aug 31, 2007 ... 29.7 percent, primarily generated by revenue growth in the offshore division and ... Earnings came in at 8.7 billion kroner (US$1.6 billion; ... separate conditional sale agreements with an unspecified third party, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
IVA Forum | | Debt matters
PROPOSED NAME CHANGE TO LOANMAKERS GROUP PLC TO REFLECT NEW FOCUS. * All monies raised from the disposals will be used to significantly reduce the Company's borrowings. Ges Ratcliffe, Debtmatters CEO commented: "It was becoming increasingly difficult to operate a successful direct marketing IVA business with acceptable profit margins in the face of increasing costs of case acquisition and reduced fee levels in tandem with ongoing sector uncertainty. As a result of a detailed review, the Board has concluded that the best long term strategy would be to exit the IVA sector completely and focus on Loanmakers, the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Cockatoo Coal in trading halt pending acquisition announcement
Instead of getting better, the data from China and the US is deteriorating while cuts are the order of the day in the UK and EZ. FULL ARTICLE ► Tesla benefited from a massive amount of press coverage for the IPO, and in many ways, has been treated more like a technology story rather than a car manufacturer FULL ARTICLE ► Dynasty Metals Australia has received a letter of offer from the Chinese steel producer Hebei XingHua Iron and Steel, a subsidiary of XingHua Industrial Company, comprising a placement to [...] FULL ARTICLE ► Cockatoo Coal (ASX:COK) is the most recent entrant into the ranks of Australia’s coal ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Recent judicial and administrative developments presented at the meeting of ...
The Department contended that no refund of foreign corporation franchise tax was due based on the "reliance-hardship" defense, i.e., that the state relied on now-overturned precedent and that a refund would create a hardship on the state. Please log in below to access the full article. If you are not an existing Lexology subscriber, please register for the free daily legal newsfeed service here . On Friday, June 25, 2010, the Internal Revenue Service released guidance (in a question-and-answer format) to individuals and businesses affected by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and announced that a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Hire Purchase & Conditional Sale Agreements
Hire purchase and conditional sale agreements (e.g. Lease financing) are not prescriptive. These are arrangements made between the buyer and seller, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Certificate of Repossession Security Interest Side A (REG 119 ...
to all persons liable under the security agreement as required by ... described vehicle or vessel, and that as allowed under conditional sale contract dated ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SAIC Laptop Program - Conditional Sale Agreement
Equipment Fee: __________ due on or before ________ or ________ installment payments of _______ due _____________ ("Initial Equipment Payment(s)") and a final payment of $10.00 as defined below in section 2b ("Final Equipment Payment"). Please read the following pages carefully before signing this document. This is a legally binding contract and must be signed before the Laptop Computer is delivered to you. This SAIC Laptop Program Conditional Sale Agreement is entered into on the Effective Date between the Student and the Art Institute of Chicago d/b/a the School of the Art Institute of Chicago ("SAIC"). The primary purpose of ...
Canadian Real Estate: Conditional purchase agreements, conditional ...
My question is in regards to real estate. I submitted an offer to purchase with conditions which was accepted. The home already had a conditional offer accepted. My question is can the home owner extend the conditional offer in first position even though there is a second accepted offer on the home or would the second offer take over as of the expiry date of the first offer? Thanks for your help. Answer Greetings Jay Thanks for your question. It seems to me that the home owner has sold his house to two parties.They should not have  accepted another offer if the house has already conditional offer accepted. Also they cannot ...
What are the different taxes in the philippines? - Yahoo! Answers
Capital Gains Tax - is a tax imposed on the gains presumed to have been realized by the seller from the sale, exchange, or other disposition of capital assets located in the Philippines, including pacto de retro sales and other forms of conditional sale. Documentary Stamp Tax - is a tax on documents, instruments, loan agreements and papers evidencing the acceptance, assignment, sale or transfer of an obligation, rights, or property incident thereto. Donor's Tax - is a tax on a donation or gift, and is imposed on the gratuitous transfer of property between two or more persons who are living at the time of the transfer. ...