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Special Report on

Creative Selling Techniques

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Jeff’s parents have a house for sale in another town and they received this letter from a local real estate investor. Jeff would like my opinion on the letter, which reads: Hi, Today’s facts in the real estate market: FSBO homeowners will spend, on average, $3500 in the first 90 days of trying to sell their homes. If they later sign with a realtor, they will spend an additional $8500 by the time their home sells, if it does. On top of this, they will have about a 50% chance of selling, probably at around 90% of asking price, if they’re lucky, after their home has been on the market for at least 175 days.These ...
The best and worst things you can do!
During difficult economic times many organization’s primary focus is on “cutting costs or employees to stay the course”. Unfortunately this approach will NEVER ensure a healthy and prosperous organization for the long term. There are only two primary ways to guarantee stable, consistent and profitable growth – effective expense management and profitably increasing sales revenue. When you focus only on the expense side of the business, this will not help you successfully emerge from challenging times if your sales revenues remain constant or lacking. The ONLY way to remain healthy as an organization for the ... market research, surveys and trends
what are some creative selling techniques that have been used in ...
With lean times come creative minds...and obviously, real estate sales are no different.  As a real estate virtual assistant my antenna is always in the 'up' position to be alerted to creative selling.  I've collected a few tidbits I'd like to share with our readers. As you know, in a soft market residents must try that much harder to sell their properties if they want to relocate. I saw a news program recently about the increase in home swapping.   One family listed their home on Craigslist in the 'home swap' category.  I checked it out and it was true!  One such ad market research, surveys and trends


The Power of Creative Selling
"This book is for every person who has chosen salesmanship as career and livelihood. It teaches basically everything you need to become a successful salesman and how to make it a fulfilling craft" Book Excerpts: Every idea advanced in this book has one objective in view: your interest. Will it stimulate you? Will it instruct you? Will it inspire you? Will it increase your understanding? Will it contribute to your growth? Will it help you to be a bigger man and a better salesman? Creative selling is both a science and an art. The science teaches you what to do, and the art teaches you how to do it. Creative selling is ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Lee Smith's Indianapolis Real Estate News and Views
I know, I know…wholesaling, retailing, buying and selling creatively-they all hold the promise of quick cash. That’s why sales of courses and bootcamps on these topics will continue to outstrip those of courses on long-term buy-and-hold strategies by a margin of 100 to 1. But let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to do the wheeling and dealing that these strategies require. Each and every one of them requires the investor to sift through dozens of potential leads to find the one deal where the seller is desperate enough to take 70 cents on the dollar for a quick sale, or is open to creative finance deals that ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Your Opportunities
— Entry deadline is Oct. 15 for the 2010 Celebrate Arts! juried show, running Nov. 5-13 at the Florence Events Center, 715 Quince St., Florence. Applications are available to artists preseenting in categories of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and photography, as well as two “Young Artist” categories. Forms are available at the Events Center, and the prospectus can be downloaded from the FEC website at . Information: 541-997-1994. “Chalk It Up” during Albany’s Crazy Daze — The Albany Arts Commission invites artists of all ages and skill levels to participate in “Chalk It Up,” a street-chalk art event, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Will For-Profit Colleges Make Us Forget Subprime Mortgages?
"Until recently, I thought that there would never again be an opportunity to be involved with an industry as socially destructive and morally bankrupt as the subprime mortgage industry. I was wrong. The for-profit education industry has proven equal to the task.” Thus speaks Steve Eisman, the hedge fund manager who foresaw the subprime mortgage crash and made a bundle betting on it. Eisman was one of the handful of analysts lauded in Michael Lewis’s best seller The Big Short, which exposes the roots of the recent financial collapse. One for-profit college that seems to rankle Eisman intensely is Ashford University, the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


CREATIVE SELLING TECHNIQUES. ➢ POWERFUL TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES ... Creative Selling Techniques. How to tap your creative powers to make more and better ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Creative Selling The Competitive Edge
creative selling efforts of their salespeople. Of course, one of the .... and sees that the store did have another one, this closing technique may have made ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chapter 20 Personal Selling and Sales Management, Class Notes
Seek repeat sales, make certain that customers have sufficient product quantities where and when they need it. Do not require extensive sales effort. Arrange displays, restocks them, answer phone calls. Low compensation, little training required. High turnover of personnel. 2 types: Inside Order Takers receive orders by mail/phone, sales person in a retail store. Field Order Takers travel to customers. Use laptop computers to improve tracking of inventory and orders etc. Sell to new customers and increase sales to present customers, sometimes called creative selling. Generate customer leads, provide information, ...
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Buying or Selling a Home: selling my house, balloon payment ...
I don't know what you mean by saying "...can ask for 3-5% down & the balance paid to you by buyer for 8-9% with a balloon payment after 2 yrs or so." What does "for 8-9%" mean, and if the buyer can't get a conventional mortgage, how will be able to get the financing in 2 years to pay off the balloon payment? ------------------------- Followup To Question - I would like your suggestions on how I can sell my house myself in 3 weeks using creative selling techniques and how to arrive at a "good" selling price; homes in my immediate area are selling from $169/square foot to $227/square foot ...
What kind of Negotiation Techniques people generally use while ...
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