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Special Report on

Cross-Selling Success

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An informed and candid assessment of the challenges and opportunities inherent in cross-selling as a driver of revenue growth Get the answers to these key questions: - What are the cross-sell strategies that currently work best? - Which critical success factors are at the core of ‘best-in-class’ cross-sell strategies? - How do you avoid, or minimise ‘channel conflict’? - What’s the best approach to motivating and rewarding sales staff? - What lessons can usefully be learned from other banks’ recent experiences? - Why are some commercial banks so much better at cross-selling than others? Who ...
This article details the history of Norwest up to the point of the purchase of Wells Fargo & Co. For the current company, see Wells Fargo . Norwest Corporation was a banking and financial services company based in Minneapolis , Minnesota , United States . In 1998, it purchased Wells Fargo & Co. and since that time has traded under the Wells Fargo name. 1 Cite error: There are tags on this page, but the references will not show without a {{Reflist}} template or a tag; see the .
How to Achieve Cross-Selling Success | John Boe | Sales Gravy ...
Rather than describing yourself in terms of a generic label, you can instead refer to the ultimate benefit that you deliver.  If you sell liability insurance for example, you could describe your service in terms of reducing risk for business owners.  Keep in mind, there are two ways to describe benefits.  One is the pleasure gained and another is the pain avoided. Read More >> Cross-selling begins with uncovering your customer�s needs and laying the groundwork for other specialists to assist you in the selling process. The best place to introduce your customer to the concept of cross-selling is during ... market research, surveys and trends
Cross-Selling Takes Teamwork
Progressive companies understand the power of cross-selling and recognize it as a critical component for promoting both customer retention and revenue growth. What is cross-selling? Cross-selling is nothing more than team-selling with other specialists within your company, all working in partnership on behalf of the customer’s best interest. It is a proactive, ongoing sales process designed to provide your existing customers with a full range of your company’s products and services. The good news is, cross-selling is one of the most profitable and least risky endeavors a company can undertake. The bad news is, ... market research, surveys and trends


Hard sell cross-sell? Wells Fargo Insurance Services Inc. is one ...
The recently combined Wells Fargo and Wachovia insurance operations rank among the top five brokers in the country and continue the tradition of looking to their banking cousins' customer base as a source of organic growth. Dave Zuercher, chairman and chief executive officer of Wells Fargo Insurance Services Inc. estimates that about 10 percent of the $800 million in revenue from the pre-Wachovia Wells Fargo Insurance Services operation came from bank customers. That figure is limited to the core commercial property/casualty and benefits business, while the overall figure including personal lines would rise to about 25 percent. industry trends, business articles and survey research
that the best predictor of cross-selling success is current product ownership. .... percent for those in the $101-200 million range, and 45.5 percent for ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Wells Fargo Pushes Cross-Sales to Replace Lost Growth
June 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo are pushing their customers to buy more brokerage, savings and banking services from them as the weak economy and new regulations make it harder to earn money from loans and investment banking. Known as cross-selling, the concept has been fruitlessly pursued for decades by bankers eager to expand their business without having to find new customers. Now, banks are counting on cross-selling to replace some profit lost after the financial crisis, according to Accenture Plc, which estimates returns on equity have dropped 21 percentage points from pre-crisis levels to 5 ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
How Apple Dominates (In Slides)
The 48-slide presentation, titles “Apple: 8 Easy Steps To Beat Microsoft (And Google),” boils Apple’s strategy down to eight steps including “the arrogance of simplicity ” (Step 1) to customer lock-in (Step 3), selling at a premium (Step 4), cross-selling products (Step 5), and, of course, think different (Step 7). Much of this is not new information, but seeing it all in a detailed slide presentation helps put Apple’s various moves in context. Apple starts by stripping away complexity from computing products, paring down features in favor of making their products more effortless to master. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Cross-selling Strategies
So, one key to cross-selling success is to under- stand the situation from the client's perspective. Cross-selling should not be approached as a way to ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Public Testimony re S7-13-00 (Coffee)
As a non-accountant, I will humbly attempt to stay within my own turf and focus on the concept of auditor independence from a securities law perspective. Although I am supportive of the Commission's proposals, as articulated in Securities Act Release No. 7870 (June 30, 2000), I think that the concept can be more clearly defined and that the inevitable line drawing problems that the Commission faces should be more closely related to the fundamental concept that the Commission is seeking to articulate. Early in Release 7870, the Commission notes that "the federal securities laws ... make independent auditors ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Cross Selling or Cross Purposes?
of three books, including Cross-Selling Success (Adams Media, 2002). "Well, think about it," Peter said with a scowl. "The current compensation ...
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Google Answers: Statistics on ECommerce Cross Selling Effectiveness
Many major e-commerce websites have instituted some version of cross selling. Product description pages and checkout pages typical have sections titled "Customers who have bought X have also purchased Y" or "May we suggest Product Z". Can anyone present any before and after statistics that attest to the effectiveness of these types of cross-selling activities? I am looking to find the average order size percentage (or dollar) increase and/or the average increase in multi-line (more than one product) orders. Ideally the information would also present which of the various e-commerce cross selling activities are the most ...
What are the essential KPI's for a company with significant "sales ...
Organizational Development (4), Sales Techniques (2), Change Management (2), Air Travel (1), Mentoring (1), Mergers and Acquisitions (1), Personnel Policies (1), Staffing and Recruiting (1), Business Development (1), Customer Relationship Management (1), Project Management (1), Personal Investing (1) This was selected as Best Answer The company needs to manage (measure and influence) its pipe line, incoming revenue and margins. Depending on the service you need to manage also: - Response time (slow response is frustrating for customers and indicates lack of interest or disorganised) - Time to resolution (acceptable or outstanding?)