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Special Report on

CUNA Operations, Sales and Service

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Paul Lensmeyer has been President & CEO of Ascentra Credit Union since April 1993. The Wisconsin native has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry. Before assuming his current position he served as president of Foundry & Municipal Employees Credit Union in East Moline, IL for nine years and in the Lending department for IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union, Rock Island, IL for eight years. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Paul is involved in a variety of community activities; among them is serving as a Board Member of the Iowa Corporate Central ...
cash advances, and check their account balances as well as purchase prepaid cellphone credit. If the currency being withdrawn from the ATM is different from that which the bank account is denominated in (e.g.: Withdrawing Japanese Yen from a bank account containing US Dollars), the money will be converted at a wholesale exchange rate . Thus, ATMs often provide the best possible exchange rate for foreign travelers and are heavily used for this purpose as well. ATMs are known by various other names including Automated Transaction Machine , automated banking machine , cashpoint (in Britain), money machine , bank machine , cash machine
New Investors Plan To Enhance Electronic Patient Health Record
Ask familys is a global Christian ministry that helps build thriving marriages that reflect God�s design, and equips parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles. A local Angel healthcare investment group, Angel Health Strategies LLC of Providence, has joined with the founders of the ER Card, an electronic personnel health record (PHR) business, to help further develop its base operations in Rhode Island. A consulting firm dedicated to innovative advancement in life sciences and healthcare services, Angel Health Strategies, LLC (, provides both ... market research, surveys and trends
CU*SOUTH Appoints New Sales Manager |
CU*SOUTH, a CUSO that provides data processing services, announced the addition of Mark Bohdaynk to its management and sales team.  Mr. Bohdanyk will be responsible for sales and marketing, staff management, and strategic planning. “We are very pleased to have Mr. Bohdanyk join our team,” said Leo Vaulin, CEO of CU*SOUTH. “Mark brings a vast amount of experience and expertise, enabling us both to grow more credit unions and better support our existing client-owners.  Mark will apply his marketing talents for the benefit of the entire credit union movement.” With his addition, Mr. Bohdanyk will shape and ... market research, surveys and trends


Paul Soglin: Waxing America: Does CUNA Mutual Group Still Call ...
CUNA Mutual Group, a long established and important Madison-based company has moved its legal corporate offices from WIsconsin to Iowa. Now it is about to enter negotiations with the union that represents many of its workers, Office & Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 39.  It appears that CUNA Mutual has hired hundreds of employees in Wavery, Iowa and Fort Worth, Texas while laying off hundreds of employees in Madison. Now  CUNA Mutual is using people at its Madison offices who are contracted employees to other companies and workers with H1B visas. Stay posted. Disclosure: I am under contract to ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
CUNA Mutual Improves Sales with Voice Signature Technology by ...
As announcements regarding carrier-vendor contracts for e-signature technology continue to flood the wire, there can be no denying that insurance companies have recognized the power in closing business at the point of sale. But while e-signature technology can help insurers close sales online and even in person, it is a far less effective tool when conducting business over the phone. In response, some insurers have implemented voice signature technology, and they are seeing impressive results. "It's underutilized compared to what it could be," says Kevin Miller, VP of IT customer operations and sales and marketing ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Using BI, BPM Data to Change Business Processes Fast
When business intelligence is used to inform business process changes, companies find new ways to save money and connect more closely with customers. Actions reveal more than words, we know, and companies are watching carefully, using business intelligence and analytics tools to figure out what's happening in their markets. But it isn't just what makes a consumer buy a product or respond to an e-mail promotion that companies want to understand. They're also putting business operations-where efficiency can make the difference between profit and loss-under the microscope. By using insights from analytics to improve ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Disturbing Obama's Universe: From Afghanistan to Detroit
With the arrest of a soldier and the US hunt for the Wikileaks founder, a new reality surfaced in the United States: Obama's new problem is honesty in the US military. For all of us, the new problem is the crackdown on US whistleblowers. After Wikileaks exposed the US military's murder of Iraqi civilians and journalists, more recently, the top commander in Afghanistan embarrassed Obama with his honesty. So this is the challenge. Rather than US soldiers committing suicide, let's embrace a new era of truth telling. Rather than ignoring the US military's recruitment of people of color, to water the economy and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Auto Exam Automobile Services, a Nationwide Credit Union Business ...
We look forward to another year at the CUNA Operations, Sales and Service Council! Financial Management Solutions, Inc. Meredith J. Deen, Executive Vice ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How to Start a Washington State-Chartered Credit Union
May 24, 2005 ... services, operational, and accounting expertise ..... To order forms necessary for the credit union's operation, contact the CUNA Service ..... are specifically exempt from state sales tax under the Federal Credit Union ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Career Fair Vendors Thursday, February 4, 2010 UW-Whitewater UC ...
Feb 4, 2010 ... Retail Sales, Audit, Teller, Personal Banker. Blain's Farm & Fleet. Retail. All Majors ... Language Pathology. CUNA Mutual Group. Financial Services ... Occupational Safety, Production Operations ...
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What are the trends Credit Unions will experience in 2010 ...
Accounting (6), Economics (5), Financial Regulation (3), Mergers and Acquisitions (3), Auditing (2), Budgeting (1), Venture Capital and Private Equity (1), Corporate Taxes (1), Risk Management (1), Finance and Securities Law (1), Planning (1), Equity Markets (1), Professional Networking (1), E-Commerce (1) IIdi, 1. A spike in credit union mergers is expected in 2009 and 2010: The potential for more credit union mergers, both voluntary and supervisory, particularly in the four sand states is due for a big spike through 2010. When you consider the economic downturn, the challenging real estate market, the corporate losses and ...
I am seeking recommendations for a vendor ERP Financials Package ...
The ERP Financials Package would contain the typical functionality (i.e. AP, PO, GL, FA etc. It would be feature rich but cost effective for a banking organization less than 500 employees. Any suggestions or access to research white papers on top vendors in this space would be welcome. Note, not interested in SAP or Oracle ERP Suite posted 4 months ago in Enterprise Software | Closed Share This ICT Manager at Bott Limited see all my answers Best Answers in: Enterprise Software (7), Computers and Software (5), Using LinkedIn (5), Government Policy (3), Computer Networking (3), Business Dining and Entertainment (2), ...