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Flexible Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Jobs

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calls to physicians, pharmacies, wholesales and any medical professional (or organization), which may influence FPI promoted product sales . Candidates should possess 1-2 years medical and/or sales experience with proven track record. College degree is required. Candidates must be willing to relocate in order to live in their respective territories. Some overnight travel may be required. Our sales representatives are provided a company car, solid monthly salary, 401K, group insurance, expense account, incentive trips, and comprehensive training. Additionally,... Related job offers Neurosciences Medical Consultant - Detroit ...
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Advantages can come in many forms. Looking at careers in pharmaceutical sales and careers in medicine, the thing I see personally that put them under the same umbrella is healthcare. Both careers affect healthcare, directly or indirectly. But the things that put them at different end of the line can be summed up in this sentence - demand and supply. Let's take a look at both careers, in term of advantages, from that point of view. Pharmaceutical Sales Are Profit Driven It is not a mystery when a new pharmaceutical sales rep for a multinational company (MNC) got paid higher in basic salary and overall package than a new ... market research, surveys and trends
Jobs in Portland, OR (06/20/10)
s of this class */ .wpld_page{ /* background: #FDEEF4; border: 1px dashed #505050; font: 12px arial; */ } /* The links including link title, description and pagerank icon */ .wpld_links{ } .wpld_premium_links{ border: 1px dashed #000; background-color:#FFFF99; font: 14px arial; } /* The navbar which shows these links: Home | Add URL | Link To Us | Search */ .wpld_navbar { } Sept. Nextt Page  Macy s Clackamas Town Center, Portland, OR: Administrative Support Team Associate – Part Time at Macy s (Portland, OR) As an Administrative Support Team Associate, you will be part of a team that ... market research, surveys and trends


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Does a job with a good salary, a company car, a flexible schedule, generous bonuses and no boss breathing down your neck sound like a dream come true? It's a reality for pharmaceutical company representatives. But the work isn't pure glamour. It's also intense, highly competitive and sometimes frustrating. Insiders say it's difficult to get your foot in the door with ... h4. Day To Day Many products and services, especially those purchased by large companies and institutions, are highly complex. Sales engineers—who also may be called manufacturers’ agents, sales representatives, or technical sales support ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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Under the general direction of the Technical Manager, the Chemist is responsible for designing, planning and progressing technical projects as well as providing technical support to customers and sales force.This position is responsible for the regional development of formulations and chemistries suitable for applications related to personal care.  This position involves leading laboratory project... Legal and Compliance Officer - PharmaceuticalAtlanta, Georgia - Comprehensive Relocation ProvidedWe are an established publicly traded international biopharmaceutical company. We have an immediate need to hire a full time Legal ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


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Most jobs in this industry are temporary jobs that typically require only graduation from high school; some permanent jobs may require a bachelor's or higher degree. Temporary jobs provide an entry into the workforce, supplemental income, and a bridge to full-time employment for many workers. Job opportunities should be plentiful because of significant turnover in this industry. Goods and services. The employment services industry provides a variety of human resources services to businesses. These services include providing temporary workers to other businesses, helping employers locate suitable employees, and providing ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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Amy is currently a Clinical Trials Manager at Synthes (USA).  Right out of college, Amy took a bench job doing blood clot imaging at a lab that was developing a product ready to go into human clinical trials.  In this position she did clinical research for evaluating the safety and effectiveness of products before releasing them to the market.  She then joined CR Associates at an entry level.  This position involved a great deal of travel.  She was involved in all aspects of carrying out the trial including promotion, management, and writing clinical reports for the FDA.  She was also involved in ...
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Sadly this was answered in an essay on back in 2005 ("A Recipe for Newspaper Survival in the Internet Age") and not a lot of people listened. The first step would have been to build communities on your sites, allow voting on stories and comments, get discussions going to the point of actually reporting news and insights - and most papers have only done half of this. You can comment on stories, but besides the other readers no one pays attention. There is no moderation by the users, the papers are doing the censoring of comments. Basically, all you can do is comment or create a side blog not many people will ever see ...
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My 25 year old son was just admitted to pharmacy school. He is ambivalent about accepting. He has worked as a pharmacy tech and says he doesn't feel passionate about counting pills for the rest of his life and has concerns about the drug companies pushing medications on people who may not need them. Some of the pharmacists tell him the job is boring. He does not feel "passionate" about another career path and does not know what else he could pursue. (He was in medical school for one year and decided it wasn't for him.) What careers are open to pharmacists besides retail? What are the benefits to becoming a ...