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Improving Your Hiring Hit Rate

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Inventories held by wholesalers rose for a fifth consecutive month in May but sales fell for the first time in more than a year, sending a cautionary signal about the strength of the recovery. Wholesale inventories increased 0.5 percent while sales dropped 0.3 percent, the Commerce Department said Friday. It was the first decline for sales since March of 2009. The May sales decline is the latest sign that the economic recovery could be losing momentum in the second half of the year. Weakness in sales could discourage businesses from boosting their orders. That would translate into a slowdown in factory ...
leaderships. The campaign's tactic was that councils whose budgets were restricted would refuse to set any budget at all for the financial year 1985-86, requiring the Government to intervene directly in providing local services, or to concede. However, all 15 councils which initially refused to set a rate eventually did so, and the campaign failed to change Government policy. Powers to restrict council budgets have remained in place ever since. Rising local government spending had long been a concern of central government, but direct powers to limit individual council budgets were controversial and some Conservative Party ...
Are We Heading Toward A Double Dip? | zero hedge
While the data will reflect a normal uneven trend in the coming months, there is a clear indication that the economy is slowing. The reasons are cyclical as much as a result of a winding down of various government efforts at fiscal stimulation. Manufacturing gains have been a result of some stimulus, but much of it is cyclical, coming from the initial inventory reduction by retailers and wholesalers after the crash as consumer spending tanked, followed by a modest restocking effort driven by normal demand from the 80% of us who are employed. Some it was from stimulus programs such as Cash for Clunkers and the home ... market research, surveys and trends
remote assistance: Hiring Virtual Assistant Services: Making ...
remote access, remote connection, remote desktop windows, remote assistance, assistance remote, remote assistance softwares, remote assistance programs Large corporations, as early as late 80s, had started setting up offices or partnered up with local back office service providers in South and Far East Asia to take advantage of cheaper talent pool. These companies had the financial muscle to open offices, train employees, and adapt management techniques to fit the local environment. This option was not viable for Small-to-Mid size Enterprises (SMEs) for financial and economy of scale reasons. All this has changed with evolution ... market research, surveys and trends


Private employers stall hiring in May - Business - Stocks ...
WASHINGTON — Job creation by private companies grew at the slowest pace of the year in May, even while the hiring of temporary census workers drove overall payrolls up 431,000. The unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent as many people gave up searching for work. The Labor Department's new employment snapshot released Friday suggested that outside of the burst of hiring of temporary census workers by the federal government many private employers are wary of bulking up their work forces. That indicates the economic recovery may not bring relief fast enough for millions of Americans who are unemployed. Virtually all the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
An Inc. 500 Hiring Survey
unemployment rate hovering around 10 percent, it's clear that many businesses don't feel confident enough about the economy to begin hiring again. Fortunately, there are exceptions. In a recent poll of Inc. 500 CEOs, the vast majority of respondents said they have been hiring and will continue to do so throughout 2010. Inc. 500 companies, of course, are the best possible places to look for optimism, because by definition they are growing quickly. Still, the trend is clear. More than 93 percent of the 90 companies that responded to the survey expect to hire in the next six months. Three companies with 70 or fewer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Full Text, Obama On Exports: 'Export Growth Leads To Job Growth'
THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  (Applause.)    Everybody, please be seated.  Well, good morning.  Thank you, Jim McNerney, for being here.  And thank you to members of my Cabinet and my administration for coming.  Thank you, Gary Locke, for that introduction and the outstanding work that you’ve been doing at Commerce to move America’s economy forward. Now, that work has been my driving focus since we walked through these doors a year and a half ago.  And at that time, our economy was shrinking at an alarming rate.  Nearly 3 million jobs were lost in the last half of 2008.  In January 2009 alone, more than 750,000 jobs had ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Luck of the Irish vs. economic policy of the Irish
this morning assessing how well -- or, to be more accurate, how poorly -- austerity economics worked for Ireland. As she reports, when the collapse hit, the small, heavily indebted country hiked taxes and raised spending. And in some tellings of the crisis, that should've worked. The European Central Bank is saying that "the idea that austerity measures could trigger stagnation is incorrect,” because "confidence-inspiring policies will foster and not hamper economic recovery." Ireland, however, stagnated. As Paul Krugman points out , their theory was exactly what the ECB advised: “When our public finance ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Situational Interviewing: Boost Your Hiring Odds 10-Fold
improve your hiring hit rate. Situational Interviewing: Boost Your Hiring Odds 10-Fold .... improving the flexibility and versatility of your employees. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Governor Highlights Proposal to Provide Training, Hiring ...
Thank you all for being here. I'm Adam Hill, Third District supervisor and it's my pleasure to welcome our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Applause) It's always good to have the Governor here in our community but this is especially fortuitous for us because in our county we have recently embarked on an economic development strategy that we hope will lead to a more business-friendly climate, a greater exchange of ideas between and among employers and government and ultimately the creation of new head-of-household jobs that will keep our community vibrant, diverse and secure. Governor, I have admired your ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
University Freezes Hiring | BU Today
Boston University President Robert A. Brown has imposed a freeze on hiring new employees and on new construction projects. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky In response to uncertainty about the health of the U.S. economy, Boston University President Robert A. Brown has imposed a freeze on the hiring of new employees and on commitments to capital projects for which construction contracts are not already in place. In a letter sent yesterday to faculty and staff, Brown said he was acting preemptively to manage the potential short- and longer-term risks created by the current economic uncertainty. “The collapse of several long-standing ...
How effective is mobile sms Advertising for marketing/promoting ...
Now a days, I hear lot of buzz about marketing your product/service thru text messaging. Website companies offer packages starting from minimum-offering of distributing 1 lac sms to the desired target audience. You can choose, as per age, income, industry, geography etc and many other factors. I wanted to check: 1. How many of you tried bulk sms marketing? 2. How effective is the media turned out to be? 3. What are the factors that make sms campaign successful? 4. (Obviously depending upon product/service), what is the expected percentage of final conversion? for eg, let's say 1 lacs sms are sent, how many may call back ...
Small Business Management and Training Help from Business Know-How
Close your eyes for a moment and imagine if every time your customers dealt with your company they felt valued, appreciated and treated as if they were your company�s only customer. That's the kind of experience they can have when your employees have an attitude of ownership. How the Mobile Revolution is Changing Business While some businesses have fully embraced mobile technology, others have barely given it a thought. In the next few years, mobility will become increasingly important to those wishing to stay in the game. Read more >> 12 Tips for Doing Business in the Middle East Global economic uncertainty is ...