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Over new online sales tax

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Dow Jones Reprints: This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. To order presentation-ready copies for distribution to your colleagues, clients or customers, use the Order Reprints tool at the bottom of any article or visit See Corrections & Amplifications item below If you regularly sell items on online auction sites, you may find yourself on the Internal Revenue Service's radar. Recent legislation aims to help the IRS collect more taxes from online enterprises, many of which either don't know about their tax obligations or are ignoring them, according to the agency. The provision, part ...
or as its labour equivalent (often but not always unpaid labour). A tax may be defined as a "pecuniary burden laid upon individuals or property owners to support the government […] a payment exacted by legislative authority." 1 A tax "is not a voluntary payment or donation, but an enforced contribution, exacted pursuant to legislative authority" and is "any contribution imposed by government […] whether under the name of toll, tribute, tallage, gabel, impost, duty, custom, excise, subsidy, aid, supply, or other name." 1 The legal definition and the economic definition of taxes differ in that ...
Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes « U.S. Constitutional ...
The halcyon days of tax-free Internet shopping will, if Rep. Bill Delahunt gets his way, soon be coming to an abrupt end. Delahunt, a Massachusetts Democrat, introduced a bill on Thursday that would rewrite the ground rules for Internet and mail order sales by eliminating the option for many Americans to shop over the Internet without paying state sales taxes. At the moment, Americans who shop over the Internet from out-of-state vendors usually aren’t required to pay sales taxes. Californians buying books from or cameras from Manhattan’s B&H Photo, for example, won’t be required to cough up the sales ... market research, surveys and trends
How to Organize Your New Business: the Nuts and Bolts | Easy ...
Soon you will find yourself deeply involved in reaching your marketplace, analyzing customer needs and imagining attention-getting promotional ideas. But first there are a number of basic organizational steps you should complete.  There are just enough stories in newspapers and magazines about successful new business that were started on a “shoestring” to make you believe you do it also. In fact, several monthly magazines are devoted to presenting low-cost home business ideas that are “guaranteed winners”.  In our experience, very few viable new businesses ran be started with less than $1000.00. A recent ... market research, surveys and trends


sales posts - News Blog - CNET News
Dell shares rose as high as 4.5 percent Wednesday, following reports that founder Michael Dell acquired nearly $100 million in shares in the computer maker. Dell climbed as high as $23.18 a share in intraday trading, before closing out the session at $22.70 a share, up 2.34 percent. Dell's founder, according to a report in MarketWatch , purchased 4.5 million shares between June 27 and July 1 at an average price of $22.14 a share. Dell's buying spree comes after the company reported respectable first-quarter results , which came off a challenging 2007 when it was feeling the effects of missing out on some big industry ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
taxes posts - News Blog - CNET News has filed a lawsuit challenging a New York law that expands the state's requirements for online retailers to collect sales taxes. The Utah-based company announced Friday that it is asking the court to issue an injunction and declare the law unconstitutional. In April, Gov. David Paterson signed a new law requiring companies that pay New York-based entities for "directly or indirectly referring customers" to their retail business to collect sales taxes from New York-based customers. The new law goes into effect Sunday. It's an attempt to get around a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision in the Quill ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Why it's time to tax Internet sales
Buying an $800 couch or television via the tax-free Internet can be nearly $80 cheaper than a purchase made in a high-sales-tax city like San Francisco -- such a deal. But the free ride is costing states and cities billions of dollars a year, and it damages local businesses that find it hard to compete. The Main Street Fairness Act, introduced this month by Rep. Bill Delahunt (D-Mass.), would end the exemption for big Web retailers like and eBay that fear the change would be a body blow to their business. The Web sales tax issue has been debated and litigated for years, and it is hardly a popular cause, but with state ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Rep. Bill Delahunt & Taxing Online Purchases: No Way
Buying things online is one of the great joys of having the Internet; you can literally think up whatever random item you're not sure even exists anymore, drag through a little bit of search engine noise, and find that  exact thing you're looking for. Sometimes it's something easy to locate that you're just too lazy to go out to the store and get yourself, bulk toilet paper, inexpensive 5-piece deck-dining-set, Starbucks coffee cups. Sometimes though you will be poring over items for many days, weeks, or months to no avail; part of the fun is in the search. So, of course, the government wants to tax that. market trends, news research and surveys resources


Showdown Coming In Court Over Sales Tax For Online ...
Showdown Coming In Court Over Sales Tax For Online Purchases ... compelled to pay New York sales tax. In January 2009, a trial court found in ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Business Start-Up Frequently Asked Questions » Commerce » Oklahoma ...
Inform yourself!  Read and take advantage of all the additional resources available to you on this site and others for how to successfully start and run a business.  Start with the additional FAQs below. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact the Commerce 2nd Century Entrepreneurship Center at 800-879-6552 or email us at . Licensing and Registration Business Financing Business Certification Business Resources   Q: Is a small business required to have a license (occupational) to sell products or services solely over the Internet? FAQ Top A:Currently, no state license is required ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Articles by Hal R. Varian
The recent gyrations in oil prices offer a textbook illustration of how financial markets and commodity markets interact. The Global Interest Rate Dance, With Bernanke Leading , July 27, 2006 The most exciting global spectator sport now is watching Ben S. Bernanke: Will he raise interest rates in August or not? Looking for the Incentives That Will Prompt Americans to Save More , June 29, 2006 Offering to match contributions to an IRA shows promise. Advertising Commodities Can Be Tricky, but It Does Pay Off , June 1, 2006 Dancing raisins sell, but it's hard to keep the growers in line. Red States, Blue States: New Labels for ...
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Google Answers: Sales Tax for Internet Orders
I have a Delware Corporation, and my office is in New Jersey. I am selling items over the internet which will be shipped from New Jersey throughout the US. Who do I have to charge sales tax to? Residents of New Jersey and/or Delaware? Hi kabirahuja, Yes, you need to collect sales tax on all sales to New Jersey and Delaware customers. The fact that your business is incorporated in Delaware gives you nexus there and it would be considered the home state, and New Jersey would be considered a satellite office. Currently there's a federal ban on any "internet tax" and forced collection of another state's sales ...
WikiAnswers - Do you have to pay taxes on internet purchases
The below is simply wrong. It is absolutely entirely well defined. mailorder, phone order, internet, cross border, etc all of these have been around a long time. If the seller in the State your buying from does not have enough "nexus" to be or is not willingly lisc. in the State they are selling into they CANNOT collect sales tax for that State, (that is handling a trust fund unlicensed - not allowed). However, the sale is taxable - under the corresponding USE Tax laws each state has. The seller is obligated to pay the use tax. (There are issues like delivery and when title changes hands, etc., but the fact is - it is ...