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Sale-leaseback service

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HP today introduced the new HP ProLiant G6 server line, which delivers triple the performance of previous generations at a similar price, enabling customers to get more value out of every IT dollar. “The new HP ProLiant G6 servers provide up to 3 times performance improvement for the most demanding HPC applications in science, engineering and data analysis, while dramatically improving power and cooling efficiency,” said Ed Turkel, manager of product and technology marketing, Scalable Computing & Infrastructure organization, HP. “These high performance systems are available in our Cluster Platform configurations, including ...
HP: nowe standardy w technologii serwerów wraz z wprowadzeniem ...
HP wprowadza na rynek now� lini� serwer�w - HP ProLiant G6. Wydajno�� nowych urz�dze� dwukrotnie przewy�sza parametry serwer�w poprzednich generacji, zapewniaj�c klientom wi�ksze korzy�ci z ka�dego dolara zainwestowanego w infrastruktur� informatyczn�. Serwery z serii HP ProLiant G6 s� bardziej energooszcz�dne i oferuj� wi�ksze mo�liwo�ci w zakresie wirtualizacji� oraz automatyzacji, dzi�ki czemu stanowi� doskona�e rozwi�zanie dla wszystkich klient�w. Nowej ofercie towarzysz� ponadto kompleksowe programy finansowania i pakiety us�ug, w tym adresowane do SMB programy leasingu z oprocentowaniem 0%, kt�re ca�kowicie zmieniaj� ... market research, surveys and trends
neue hp-server-generation: doppelte rechenleistung, halbierter ...
HP stellt mit der HP ProLiant G6-Baureihe eine neue Server-Generation vor. Im Vergleich zu den Vorgaengermodellen verfuegen die neuen Systeme ueber die doppelte Rechenleistung, verbrauchen aber nur halb so viel Energie. Damit holen Unternehmen aus ihren IT-Ausgaben deutlich mehr heraus. Die neuen Server vereinen Energieeffizienz, Virtualisierung und Automatisierung. In Kombination mit umfassenden Finanzierungs- und Service-Angeboten, darunter ein Null-Prozent-Leasing fuer kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, setzen die Server neue Massstaebe bei der Wirtschaftlichkeit von Server-Infrastrukturen. Zudem profitieren Kunden von einer ... market research, surveys and trends


Feature - Network Pro News - HP ProCurve Networking
In today’s difficult economic times, many organizations are facing budget cuts and project freezes that could impact business for years to come. However, just reducing expenses will not necessarily give you a competitive advantage. HP ProCurve’s networking product and services portfolio can help you drive down costs, save money and invest wisely for the future. Here are 10 ways HP ProCurve helps lower the costs of networking – while allowing you to emerge stronger, leaner and more competitive when the economy rebounds: 1. Proactively secure your network Some targeted investments can gain broad savings for your business. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
State gets $735 million in sale-leaseback deal
The sale of state buildings to investors was so successful that Arizona lawmakers say they hope to do another round to raise up to an additional $300 million. The two-day sale that ended Wednesday drew $735.4 million from investors. "We'll have the money in state coffers by Jan. 26," said Alan Ecker, a spokesman for the state Department of Administration. The state went to the public bond market to sell certificates of participation in a variety of state buildings, including the recently completed Archives Building, the tower that houses the Governor's Office, and six prison buildings in Florence. The ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Falling Interest Rates Buoy Outlook for the World Aircraft Leasing Market ...
/PRNewswire/ -- The lack of available capital for the procurement of new aircraft and falling interest rates are the two major factors triggering growth in the world aircraft leasing market. During 2008 and 2009, the aircraft leasing industry had been reeling under the impact of the frozen credit markets and the slump in air traffic. Due to the financial crisis, there were difficulties in arranging funds. This led to an increase in the number of parked aircraft and a decrease in the market value/lease rentals of aircraft. (Logo: ) (Logo:   ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Thinking Right's weekend free-for-all
● Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and a dozen members of City Council deserve the highest praise for promptly confronting a malady that could bankrupt the city. They made a change in the city’s pensions affecting new hires that seems insignificant, but could be the difference between solvency and bankruptcy. It lowered a key multiplier in a formula based on pay and service. The change will save big bucks long-term. The real worry-point for Atlanta taxpayers, though, comes 10-15 years down the road when the new hires gain critical mass and start demanding “fairness” and “equality” in their pension plan. That’s when weak and ignorant ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Evaluating the Sale-Leaseback Proposal: Should the State Sell Its ...
Apr 27, 2010 ... associated with the 11 office properties proposed for the sale-leaseback. These costs include debt service, utilities, building management, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Federal Tax Implications of Sale-Leaseback Transactions - Online ...
The purpose of this research guide is to enable the user to identify the comprehensive outlay of legal sources devoted to the federal tax treatment of sale-leaseback and lease-in/lease-out (LILO) transactions. Sale-leaseback transactions are still widely used today and can present beneficial tax implications if planned wisely; effective planning cannot be had without knowledge of the array of legal sources that deal with the proper structuring of sale-leasebacks. Moreover, an extensive area of the law deals precisely with the sort of maneuvering in sale-leaseback or LILO arrangements that will be deemed �shams' for federal ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
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How to account for sale-leaseback in accounting ? - Yahoo! Answers
In a sale-leaseback event, isn't if the lease meets one of the four criteria for classifying a lease as a capital lease, the seller-lessee should account for the lease as a capital lease? and if none of the four criteria are met, the lease is an operating lease? Question.2 I heard my professor said, there is an exception to classify the sale-leaseback to capital leases and operating leases. May I know what is the exception? Member since: July 03, 2007 Total points: 100704 (Level 7) Badge Image: I have always amortized the payoff or the lease as the value of the equipment for depreciation and expense purposes, and this ...
WikiAnswers - How important are specialized asset leasing ...
The sale-and-leaseback lease is a form of asset financing, which allows a business to sell an asset they already own to a leasing company and then lease the asset back. A specialized asset leasing business is purchasing the asset at the lesser price of the fair market value, or the current book value. This form of lease allows for an immediate increase in the selling companies cash flow and working capital while providing immediate access to the asset. By agreeing to purchase the asset back, through regular lease payments, the company maintains their credit options and maximizes financial leverage. Additionally, they are not ...