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Sale-Leaseback Solutions

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Craig Henig’s real estate career is a storied tale that started taking shape when he was growing up in Fort Lee, New Jersey... Tom Weinhold NAI Horizon   Projections are rosy for health care. The Bureau of Labor Statistics are fans, saying nearly four million new jobs will be added between 2008 and 2018 in the medical field.  Tom Weinhold’s been focusing on the health care sector of the commercial real estate market for nearly 25 years. Let’s Talk Money: Commercial Banks and Lenders Speak out We got Arizona’s finest commercial finance group together to discuss the money matters of commercial real estate.  
where one sells an asset and leases it back for a long-term: thus one continues to be able to use the asset, but no longer owns it. This is generally done for fixed assets, notably real estate and planes, and the purposes are varied, but include financing, accounting, and tax reasons.
Equipment Finance – Sale and Leaseback Solutions Canada
Thanks for dropping in for some hopefully great business info and on occasion some hopefully not too sarcastic comments ! Equipment Finance is one of the most popular and widely used financing strategies used by Canadian business owners and financial managers. It is a unique financing opportunity because it is kind of the opposite of a normal lease financing strategy. Why is that? Normally your firm has the need for equipment, and has cash flow and working capital to make the payment. In a sale and leaseback financing the opposite is true. You have equipment, it’s paid for, and the capital is of course tied up in the ... market research, surveys and trends
Sale Leasebacks May Be Returning | Insurance Lead Generation and ...
In a sale-leaseback, a business can sell real estate they own and then rent the property back from the investor/buyer under a long-term net lease, which term usually runs for 15 or 20 years plus extensions and options. Sale-leasebacks can be as short as a 5 year term, as well. Real estate can make up a large portion of a company’s asset base, which is particularly true in small businesses. The economic climate right now is such that traditional sources of capital have become more difficult and expensive to obtain now. Many private and public companies are focusing on their asset base and cost of capital trying to figure ... market research, surveys and trends


IAMC Notes - April 3, 2007
in 2007 as defined by Mercer Human Resources Consulting should look north – as in Canada.  All five are Canadian cities:  Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary.  Here's another interesting outcome:  the top five quality-of-living cities in Asia are in Australia and New Zealand:  Auckland, Sydney, Wellington, Melbourne and Perth.  See the report for the top 50 quality-of-living and top 50 cities for health and sanitation. Manufacturers to Hire More in 2007 "Recruiting difficulty is down in manufacturing," according to the Leading Indicator of National Employment (LINE) April ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
2007 Finance Directory
$6 billion of net lease transactions. The Cypress Group. Phone: 303-680-4141 ..... flexible delivery of its sale leaseback solutions. The combined experience and expertise of ... capital to small firms, supplying more than 80 percent of ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Life could be better in reverse
Have your super contributions been a massive letdown? Are you going backwards? It might be time to consider executing plan B, writes David Potts. There goes the super again. The sharemarket has been dropping for months and even if you can put more into super you're constrained by the lower caps on salary sacrificing. Mind you, anything you've put in this year has shrunk, having already lost 15 per cent in tax on the first day. Pension plan...Bill Clark took out a reverse mortgage for retirement cash. Photo: Simon Alekna Fortunately there's been one breakthrough of sorts under the new management in Canberra. The ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Real Estate Short Sale Ethics
is an industry where a large amount of money flows through the hands of different companies. It is very easy to become entangled in an ethical dilemma that could have you helping yourself but not the individual who needs the help. This is why it is important to have real estate ethics in short sale transactions.  But often when there is a lot of money to be made, ethics are thrown out the window in order to make the most amount of profit. Just last week the California Attorney General issues in consumer alert warning the public about short sale fraud .  The facts are that fraud is running rampant across the nation.  Scammers ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Leveraging Corporate Real Estate To Access Untapped Capital
Most sale leaseback solutions factor the value of the land into the rent. The rent is fully deductible, effectively enabling you to depreciate the cost of ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Apr 27, 2009 ... After executing the sale-leaseback transaction with Property Solutions, Defendants. Vega and Edward Toledo repeatedly represented that they ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
FranklinCovey Company Retain Ownership versus Sale/Leaseback ...
ownership versus sale leaseback decision. Aside from this focus, .... Today, FranklinCovey is an international learning and performance solutions company ...
HOW SERIOUS are legal risks involved in renting back a residence ...
After listing my house for sale, I was surprised (particularly given the economy) to receive a full-price offer straight off. The would-be buyers own a nearby property they have lived in long-term and do not have plans to move in straightaway. We are all mature, forty-or-fifty-somethings. In "countering" the offer, I asked for six weeks' rentback, to allow me time to locate another property for purchase and move in without having to "double move." I was shocked at the pushback from not only my own realtor, but, ultimately, the would-be purchasers at this request, which they refused, due to liability issues. How "real" of an ...
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