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Sales Jargon De-mystified

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There’s a good reason for this: panic increases paranoia, which increases the desire for information, which increases their advertising revenues. Thus, the press has an incentive to exaggerate the importance of the events they report. As such, we shouldn’t be surprised to find the press amping up fears about the next threat to the “real economy.” When written about in the popular press, terms such as “derivative” and “mortgage backed security” are almost always preceded by adjectives such as “arcane” and “complex.” They’re neither arcane nor complex. ...
was a restricted group of international revolutionaries founded in 1957, and which had its peak in its influence on the unprecedented general wildcat strikes of May 1968 in France . With their ideas rooted in Marxism and the 20th century European artistic avant-gardes , they advocated experiences of life being alternative to those admitted by the capitalist order , for the fulfillment of human primitive desires and the pursuing of a superior passional quality. For this purpose they suggested and experimented with the construction of situations , namely the setting up of environments favorable for the fulfillment of such desires. ...
Converging Crises
The question in the title of this essay, so currently (end 2008) appropriate in the global financial meltdown, was famously asked by German playwright Bertold Brecht. But then again he was a Marxist, wasn’t he, and Marxists would, wouldn’t they? Problem is, we are all Marxists now. As the global financial system punctually melts on the 160 th anniversary of the Communist Manifesto, the Archbishop of Canterbury finds Marx’ theory (of ‘commodity fetishism’) convincing, i.e. that capitalism ascribes human agency to lifeless economic entities; the German Finance Minister Steinbrück is quoted as saying: ‘In general one would have to ... market research, surveys and trends
black earth
" which notes that a "toxic cloud of progress can be seen from space". I guess plenty of that cloud started off in a coal mine a few hours drive north of me. A GREAT coal rush is under way across China on a scale not seen anywhere since the 19th century. Its consequences have been detected half a world away in toxic clouds so big that they can seen from space, drifting across the Pacific to California laden with microscopic particles of chemicals that cause cancer and diseases of the heart and lung. Nonetheless, the Chinese plan to build no fewer than 500 new coal-fired power stations, adding to some 2,000, most ... market research, surveys and trends


Safety Last: The Politics of E Coli and - Untitled
And, technical jargon aside, if it sounds like Sinclair and the FSIS offi- .... agriculture committees, or 35 percent of the $9.7 million it gave from .... swelling, and their kidneys were failing.1 One doctor was so mystified that he ..... cultural sales of antibiotics amount to $500 million a year and, in volume , ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
November 2009 - Canadian Magazines Blog
of the long-term confidence of U.S.-based advertisers and ad agency buying executives says they have returned to a pre-recession level of optimism. All media have seen improvements. The study[by Advertiser Perceptions Inc., a media research firm], which is based on an index of executives who plan to boost their ad spending over the next 12-months vs. those who plan to decrease it, currently stands at a positive difference of four percentage points, the highest level since the fall of 2007, when the index stood at positive eight percentage points. There has been improvement for every medium tracked, although views of traditional ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Reflections: Disseminating research to popular audiences: The book ...
initial shock of seeing my work described in journalistic jargon, I was thankful that the book was not being ... media attention, and the media attention fueled sales. Sample questions .... ration, the media had been de-mystified. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
PDF - ProMedia/Serbia
business reporters and to de-mystify business reporting and expand its definition. ... mistakes and how to avoid them and international loan jargon like .... IREX Sales and Marketing Advisor, Goran Cetinic, consulted with Sremska TV. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Interactivity Demystified: A Structural Definition for Distance ...
Interactivity Demystified page 1. Interactivity Demystified: A Structural ..... In the jargon of data communication, the actual text message that is passed ..... In John V. Dempsey and Gregory C. Sales (Eds) Interactive Instruction ...
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In the art forms you are experienced or well versed in, what kinds of stuff is notorious for being only liked by the experts, and what kinds of stuff is notorious for only being liked by less experienced or educated casual consumers? For example I compose experimental music, and in music the weird atonal / noisy / structurally complex stuff is notoriously only liked by other composers (though not by every composer of course), and disliked by most folks who are not composers (there are exceptions to this, but that is the general tendency and the cliché). On the other hand most composers are not all that fond of techno or new age ...
What is the most common reason small businesses are not online ...
I think, that one of the reasons why small businesses aren't online is that business owners don't really know how to start, and they are affraid that it might cost them a lot of money and time as well. They don't know where to look for "know how" about online business strategies. posted 5 months ago I agree onthe cost implications and everyone is a so called "expert" from your mother in law to your best friends daughter on what to put up on the world wide web. However, with so many "Experts" out there how on earth are business owners meant to make a decision. The simple answer to all of these questions is: Tell ...