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Special Report on

Sales Tax Exemption

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OKLAHOMA CITY — A proposal to repeal the sales tax on groceries would devastate Oklahoma communities who rely on the revenue to pay for public safety, sanitation and other local services, municipal officials said Monday. Dozens of mayors and other city and town officials converged on the state Capitol to urge lawmakers to defeat a measure that would eliminate the sales tax on groceries when the economy improves and state revenue grows. The bill has passed the Senate and is pending in a House appropriations subcommittee. Carolyn Stager, executive director of the Oklahoma Municipal League, said sales taxes account for between 30 ...
The Bellingham Herald / Breaking News Newsletter / Ruling ...
Ruling discourages retailers from giving B.C. shoppers tax exemption in Whatcom County, state - Breaking News Newsletter - A Skagit County Superior Court Judge has issued an order that will likely discourage retailers from giving a Washington sales tax exemption for British Columbia residents that had been scheduled to take effect Thursday, July 1. After hearing arguments from attorneys representing the city of Bellingham and Whatcom County, Judge Susan Cook ordered the Washington Department of Revenue to notify retailers that the tax exemption is being challenged in court. If city and county legal arguments ... market research, surveys and trends
Oklahoma Raises the Stakes For Sales Tax Exemption Certificate ...
The Sooner State legislature has just incentivized Oklahoma vendors to pay a little more attention to management of their customer’s sales tax exemption certificates.   From a political angle, this issue bubbled up in the context of veterans groups and the sales tax exemptions they typically are in possession of.  But the expanse of the final legislation (signed into law 6-7-10) provides penalties for non-compliant transactions with any holder of a sales tax exemption certificate. The message from Oklahoma City is delivered via this piece of legislation   (search for Bill SB1321).   Look closely though, the law has a twist ... market research, surveys and trends


Tax Measures Help Balance State Budgets — Center on Budget and ...
In response to the current recession, 30 states this year have enacted tax increases. Another seven states are considering similar measures. This response is consistent with past practices. States often reduce taxes during economic expansions and increase them during downturns. In the recession of the early 1990s, some 44 states raised taxes; in the early 2000s, some 30 states did so. Raising taxes can reflect sound policy judgment. Tax increases can be less harmful to families and less damaging to state economies than the likely alternative: ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Mass. Senate approves sales-tax increase - Local News Updates ...
The state Senate last night voted to hike the sales tax and to lift the state sales tax exemption on alcohol, brushing aside criticism that higher taxes would hurt Massachusetts businesses by driving consumers over the border, particularly to tax-free New Hampshire. The measures, which were passed by the House in April, would push the sales tax from 5 percent to 6.25 percent and generate $633 million, according to the Senate. Lifting the sales tax exemption on alcohol sold at package stores would raise $80 million, senators said. They said the money would be used to help offset deep cuts in services for the poor elderly and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Guest columnist Washington state should remedy sales-tax drain from exempt ...
A Washington state legal interpretation will let British Columbia shoppers off the hook for paying sales tax because of a new B.C. law that goes into effect July 1. Guest columnists Steven Globerman and Phil Thompson urge the Legislature to enact a remedy to avoid hurting government revenues. By Steven Globerman and Phil Thompson Special to The Times WHATCOM County officials plan to challenge state government officials' interpretation of existing state law that qualifies British Columbia residents for an exemption from Washington state's sales tax. At least $3 million and perhaps as much as $5 million in county and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
BC First Nations meet with Hansen on HST
B.C. native leaders seeking a harmonized sales tax exemption for the province's First Nations say they were encouraged by a meeting with the B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen. The incoming harmonized sales tax presents a "historic opportunity" for the B.C. government to address hardships faced by aboriginal peoples, said B.C. Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, who hopes to win an exemption similar to the one granted to First Nations in Ontario. The session with Hansen on Thursday was "very intense" and committee members indicated to Hansen they won't let the issue rest, Phillip said Friday. "We view ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Exemption Certificates Pub. KS-1520 (Rev. 11-09)
that have not been granted a specific sales tax exemption must pay tax on their purchases. ..... ST-28B, Statement for Sales Tax Exemption on Electricity, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Frequently Asked Questions - Sales Tax Taxability and Exemptions
The lessor has the option of either paying the tax up front on the item to be leased or charging the tax on the lease receipts. Only one of these options may be chosen. If the lessor chooses to charge the tax on the lease receipts on items other than motor vehicles, the tax due is based on the place of business of the lessor. If the lessor has more than one place of business, the taxable sale is based on the location where the initial order is taken. Any motor vehicle, which is leased or rented, as the result of a contract, shall be taxable at the lessee's location at the time the lease is executed. back to top Domestic use ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
01-339 Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification
Sales and Use Tax "Exemption Numbers" or "Tax Exempt" Numbers do not exist. This certificate should be furnished to the supplier. Do not send the completed ...
  1. profile image irs_attorney Contrary to What Is Being Said, There Is No Part 135 Sales Tax Exemption for Aircraft
  2. profile image rinkalarpit Bonanza, Oregon : Sales-tax exemption for Canadians put on hold - Crosscut (blog)
  3. profile image noumansquare The process of getting a Sales Tax ID is called obtaining a sales tax exemption certificate
WikiAnswers - How do you get tax exemption for a sole ...
Lawyers, accountants, business consultants, etc., etc., are NOT tax exempt. (Either sales tax or income). Business generally (except for Charities and some special instances) are more responsible for tax than individuals. The sales tax is paid under the use tax in the State it is delivered to, or if for export and not touched in the State of purchase, the standard S&U procedures hold and you can claim a credit for the tax paid on your return in the receiving State. A sole proprietorship is a person using a business name. In itself, it doesn't change the taxability of anything. The answer above is absolutely correct based on ...
Ohio sales tax exemption for a business? - Yahoo! Answers
I have inadvertantly started a management consulting firm in Ohio. I need to buy a printer and other office type stuff for this new concern. Can I use an Ohio sales tax exmption when I buy stuff for a consulting firm or is that only for manufacturing, and farming? If I can't use an exemption can I at least write the state sales taxes off on my federal income tax return? 2 years ago Member since: November 24, 2007 Total points: 4174 (Level 4) no. you have to pay tax. 2 years ago There are currently no comments for this question. * You must be logged into Answers to add comments. Sign in or Register . Member since: ...