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Smarter Home Sales

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For millions of Americans approaching retirement, a big part of their fortune is tied up in something they might never want to sell: their homes. Even with the recent drop in home prices, the real value of a single-family house in the U.S. has more than doubled in 10 years, according to the Standard & Poor's Case-Shiller index, and home values in some markets have tripled. Many who bought midpriced houses in the mid-1990s now find themselves living in homes worth a small fortune. They could retire comfortably if they could somehow tap into that. But it's easier said than done. Unlike stocks and bonds, a home can't ...
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Discover The Little Known Secret To Sell House Fast!
In today’s property market there are many ways of selling your house.  Two of the most popular including selling via an Estate Agent, Selling and Selling via a Property Buying company.  The first is the most traditional but also take the longest amount of time and also requires the most amount of effort, however, if you need to sell house fast then selling via a Property Buying Company is the fastest and most reliable option.   Below we take a look at each option and look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.   Selling Your House via an Estate Agent   Selling via an Estate Agent is the most traditional method that ... market research, surveys and trends
Used Car Prices Rising Above New. | Home Video Marketing
Driving down IH-35 yesterday an amazing revelation hit me. As I drove past the local Chevrolet dealership, I saw a vehicle with a sticker on its windsheild that said “$7,800 off”. Amazingly, it was just one of the many discount stickers covering the windshields of new Chevrolet models dotting the highway. Vehicle after vehicle, car dealer after car dealer, I saw the prices falling. Thinking used? It may be better to think new. The rollercoaster economy combined with the desperate need for auto makers to boost sales has created a unique opportunity for many car buyers. According to a study by, you may be ... market research, surveys and trends


May 20, 2010 ... percent off the value of a similar home that was not in foreclosure. .... comprehensive real estate site focused on empowering you with smarter tools to ... than 1.5 million default, auction and bank-owned listings from over 2200 U.S. counties, along with detailed property, loan and home sales data. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economy Watch - Coverage of the financial crisis from The ...
The four-week moving average of new unemployment claims, which smooths out week-to-week volatility, dropped by 1,250 to 466,000. Note, however, that this is just a first pass at these data. We'll take a closer look at the context later today to try to figure out whether the raw numbers are as encouraging as they look or whether there are reasons for the drop in new claims that may speak to larger economic problems. UPDATE: One of the reasons that fewer people applied for unemployment last week was U.S. automakers. The Big Three are not shutting down production as much as they typically do in July. So those workers are still ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How small Southern California fashion companies are staying afloat
A recession can curb the urge to shop among even the most fanatical fashion devotees. Add unemployment (or underemployment) to the mix and, suddenly, high fashion nose-dives to the bottom of any priority list — hovering in importance near that $1,000 Italian espresso maker. Which is why the fashion industry has suffered so much since the onset of the recession. The total U.S. apparel market posted a 5.1% decline for 2009, compared with 2008, according to market research company NPD Group. And while most big fashion brands boast the reserves to weather an economy that could only be described as shopper-unfriendly, small ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Are you smarter than your smartphone?
Maysville hasn't been left behind in the smartphone craze sweeping the globe, with smartphones being sold at the AT&T store, the Verizon store, Walmart and Radio Shack. AT&T is now extending 3G service to Maysville this year, making Internet on these phones faster than ever. Verizon District Manager Ginger Simpson said that last year, smartphones made up 9 percent of sales, this year it has jumped to 25 percent in the Maysville area, where Verizon offers 3G coverage. In places like Frankfort and Danville, with a large market of college students, professors and government officials, smartphones make up 40 percent of sales. ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


The IBM vision of a smarter home enabled by cloud technology
White Paper. IBM Sales & Distribution. Global Electronics Industry. The IBM vision of a smarter home enabled by cloud technology ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
How to Buy an Energy-Efficient Home Appliance
You go shopping for a new refrigerator, and you're on a budget. The best buy is the 'fridge with the lowest sales price, right? Not necessarily. If you buy the lowest-priced refrigerator, you may end up spending more than if you buy a more expensive one. The reason? The cost of owning a home appliance has three components: the initial purchase price, the cost of repairs and maintenance, and the cost to operate it. To figure out how much you'll spend over the lifetime of the appliance, you have to look at all these costs. The appliance with the lowest initial purchase price, or even the one with the best repair ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
1 Smart Home Concepts: Current Trends Alladi Venkatesh Ph.D. CRITO ...
home-based network into the smart home, the discussion of the smart home should be ..... The home networking industry is hoping to jump -start sales, ...
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Starting a business was not something Anita Crook set out to do at nearly 60 years of age. But when her pocketbook organizer idea took off, this South Carolina grandmother found herself running a multimillion-dollar business. Damage Control for Social Media The Internet brings numerous marketing opportunities but also poses threats to small business sales. Sometimes, a corporate blog or a comment in a social Web site is followed by derogatory remarks or belittling statements. Here's advice on when and how you should respond to negative comments. 12 Point Checklist for Successful Negotiations Do sales negotiations ...
As a sales professional, what "frustrations" do you have ...
Short sided decision influencer's; whos inability to recognize greatness when I call, get in the way (or ruins) my opportunities with that particular company. Cassidy posted 1 month ago Anytime the prospect research I received was out-of-date. posted 1 month ago Recruiter/Consultant, Marketing and Sales see all my answers Best Answers in: Supply Chain Management (1), Blogging (1), Using LinkedIn (1) SALES IS A GREAT CAREER I read many questions about business and there is little positive said about sales reps, though these same critics think of themselves as professionals. I have read comments about ...