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Special Report on

Store Brands and Category Management

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“How Category Characteristics Affect the Number of Store Brands Offered by the Retailer: A Model and Empirical Analysis,” Journal of Retailing , 80 (4), 279-287. Jagmohan S. Raju, Serdar Sayman, (2004), "Investigating the Cross-Category Effects of Store Brands," Review of Industrial Organization, 24 (2), 129-141. Stephen J. Hoch, Jagmohan S. Raju, Serdar Seyman (2002), "Positioning of Store Brands," Marketing Science , 21 (4), 278-397. Stephen J. Hoch, Leonard M. Lodish (1998), "Store Brands and Category Management" , working paper #98–012, Wharton School Marketing Department, University ...
is broken down into discrete groups of similar or related products; these groups are known as product categories (examples of grocery categories might be: tinned fish, washing detergent, toothpastes). Each category is run as a "mini business" (Business Unit) in its own right, with its own set of turnover and/or profitability targets and strategies . Introduction of Category Management in a business tends to alter the relationship between retailer and supplier : instead of the traditional adversarial relationship, the relationship moves to one of collaboration , exchange of information and data and joint business building.
Future Innovations In Food And Drinks To 2015: Npd, Trend ...
Finally, the effect of the economic downturn on product innovation is discussed as well as the most important drivers influencing consumer demand and what this means for future product launches. Finally, the thorny issue of regulation and repositioning products on a healthy basis is analysed followed by a look at the problems surrounding global food supply. Key features of this report •Analysis of how the product lifecycle model is changing •The report looks at the three major trends impacting on new product development in the global food and drinks sector – health, indulgence and convenience • The analyzes the ... market research, surveys and trends
Gillette Toiletries – Case Study | Getting Signed To A Label ...
Gillette has been the leading brand in men’s grooming industry across the globe. With its wide range of products caters to the premium segment of the men’s grooming market. It faces intense competition in the toiletries market whereas the competition in the razor market is not that intense.   This case study aims at identifying the problems faced by Gillette in the toiletries market. We have suggested a plan for Gillette toiletries along with other suggestions for Gillette to face the competition in the near future and the long run.   2.0 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS   Of Gillette’s recent moves, by far the riskiest is ... market research, surveys and trends


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Percent of volume sold with any newspaper or store flyer advertising ...... Stephen J. and Leonard M. Lodish (1998), "Store Brands and Category Management,” ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
PII: S0022-4359(01)00045-8
million. These retail chains account for 60% of total supermarket sales in the ... The extent of retailer initiated sales promotion is described by two variables: the percent- ..... “Store brands and category management,” working paper ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
NeuroFocus Reveals Groundbreaking Role That 'Little Moments of Luxury' Play in ...
/PRNewswire/ -- As the economy sputters, the brain seeks relief in what the world's leading neuromarketing company has identified as "little moments of luxury." This finding lies at the core of the new Luxury Perceptual Framework that NeuroFocus has developed. In an interview aired on "ABC World News With Diane Sawyer", NeuroFocus founder and Chief Executive Officer Dr. A. K. Pradeep described these 'little moments' as meaningful markers within the subconscious mind. The company created the Luxury Perceptual Framework (LPF) from research studies that have detected this phenomenon in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Coveted retail space at McCarran set aside for locals
When the Clark County Board of Commissioners debated the updated retail plan for McCarran International Airport in early June, insurance executive Aubrey Branch took the lectern to support allocating spots to local businesses. He had no interest in opening an office of Branch-Hernandez & Associates to sell commercial liability policies, but wanted to give a boost for the retailing ambitions of his son Quincy. "People always say the three most important things are location, location, location, and the airport is the perfect location," Branch said. "You've got access to clientele just about 24/7. If you get in, you're in." market trends, news research and surveys resources


Store Brands and Category Management
Store Brands and Category Management. Stephen J. Hoch and Leonard M. Lodish. Wharton School. University of Pennsylvania. March 1998 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
ERS/USDA Briefing Room - Global Food Markets: Glossary
(AD) are duties levied by an importing country on imports when imports are determined to be priced at less than their fair or " normal value " and these imports have caused, or threaten to cause, injury to domestic industry in the importing country. Category Management is a distributor/supplier process of managing food and beverage categories as strategic business units, producing enhanced business results by ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Play to Win at Category Management - Knowledge@Emory
Ever go breakfast cereal shopping? The choices are dizzying, and the selection of brand names is overwhelming. The next time you gaze upon that checkerboard of crunches, pops and flakes, keep in mind that each box is laid out according to a grand scheme and very careful thought process-- strategic planning that begins long before the stock boy organizes the store shelves. In the world of retail, the core of this planning process is known as category management, designed to help retailers provide the right mix of products, at the right price, with the right promotions, at the right time, and at the right place. It is a strategy ...
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With the economic crisis the consumer has revealed tendencies towards retail brands some in order to present the same buying power. This tendency revealed the consumer started trusting more in brands he wouldn't trust in the past. With the crisis ending, is it possible the consumer to return to his usual habits or will this become a new positioning "category"? posted 7 months ago in Positioning | Closed Share This Consultant at Tangerine CVC see all my answers Best Answers in: Personnel Policies (1), Advertising (1), Guerrilla Marketing (1), Business Development (1), Business Analytics (1), Positioning (1), Professional ...
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Everyone knows that salary and pay rates has to do with the compensation one receives for the work they perform. Determining what careers and what locations provide the best salaries and pay rates helps job hunters line up expectations and provides assistance in making decisions. Ask questions about compensation here. Total questions 150300 What is a resume objective statement? A resume objective statement is optional. When used, it goes directly below your contact information and concisely describes what... How do you list salary history on a resume? Including salary history with resumes: The easiest way to create a salary ...