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Special Report on

The Customer-Driven Sales Process

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Organizations in today's competitive marketplace are increasingly recognizing the need to innovate in partnership with their customers. They are changing their innovation strategies from "innovating for customers" to "innovating with customers" and involving those customers in a process of "knowledge co-creation" (1,2). As these customers become increasingly connected with a firm and with other customers, they are becoming partners in product/service innovation. Consider the following examples. Smart organizations have begun to consciously tap into their "lead users," who possess ...
is the imitation of some real thing, state of affairs, or process. The act of simulating something generally entails representing certain key characteristics or behaviours of a selected physical or abstract system. Simulation is used in many contexts, including the modeling of natural systems or human systems in order to gain insight into their functioning. 1 Other contexts include simulation of technology for performance optimization, safety engineering , testing , training and education . Simulation can be used to show the eventual real effects of alternative conditions and courses of action. Key issues in simulation include ...
When Being Customer Driven is Dangerous | Test Driven Marketing
Being customer driven is great. Tap into the voice of the customer, and channel his wants and needs into compelling products and messages for rapid business growth, high profits, and stellar performance. How can that be dangerous? Simple- the wrong customer. You don’t tap into the voice of your TARGET customer in your TARGET market. And the ideal customer for you is often hidden in the silent majority- people who aren’t talking to you now because you aren’t talking about their needs, busy as you are talking to existing, different, customers. This is often seen where companies struggle to grow by focusing on departmental ... market research, surveys and trends
The Customer Is King: Applying The Golden Rule In Sales On Your E ... offer valuable information about finances, personal finance, Business, advertising, internet, marketing, health and web hosting    You are here: Home / Internet Business / Ecommerce / The Customer Is King: Applying The Golden Rule In Sales On Your E-Commerce Website July 10, 2010 by Ping Tyler   Filed under Ecommerce Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the conduct of business by using the internet as a tool. E-commerce sites are created day in and day out as more businesses make their way into the tough competition for conversion or for buying consumers. As a business, you are left to ... market research, surveys and trends


The Top Eight Customer Management Trends For 2010 | CustomerThink
As 2009 draws to a close, what are the key trends that customer management professionals need to pay attention to as they finalize their plans for next year? Trend 1: Companies Return To Investing In Their Most Important Asset—Customers Even in a recession, the fundamental business needs that drive the need for effective and efficient customer-facing business processes have not changed. Beginning in mid-2009, I have seen a strong up-tick in investment dollars being released by organizations intent on improving their customer management capabilities to capitalize on the economic up-turn. What are their key priorities? My ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
A Robust VOC Process to Drive Better Six Sigma Results
The lack of a robust voice of the customer (VOC) process, no proper training in applying VOC in project selction and evaluation, and VOC systems that focus on voice of the business issues keep many Six Sigma companies from being truly customer-driven. By John Goodman and Bruce Hayes Many Six Sigma efforts are not really customer-driven. Too many companies pay only lip service to the needs and perspectives of stakeholders and customers when selecting and deploying Six Sigma projects. There are three main reasons for this: First, Six Sigma-trained personnel, and many times even Black Belts, are not properly or ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How To Become More Customer-driven
Companies cannot afford to ignore the changing nature of business in the information age. More than any other commodity, information and its dissemination have changed in inalterable ways in the past decade. Where in the past information required diligent research to uncover, now there's virtually unlimited amounts of information are available at the push of a button on a mobile phone. Or, as Michael Betzer of Oracle Corp. puts it in his article Surviving and Thriving in the Customer-Driven Age : In the customer-driven age there are no secrets. Compared with just 10 years ago, information is plentiful and easily accessible ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
CDC Software Revises Estimate for, and Expects a 66 Percent Increase in ...
a global provider of hybrid enterprise software applications and services, today announced that, based on preliminary financial projections and estimates, the company expects application sales during the second quarter of 2010 to increase about 66 percent over the second quarter of 2009 compared to its previously announced estimated increase of 33 to 42 percent. CDC Software posted application sales of $7.8 million in the second quarter of 2009. CDC Software has revised its estimates for second quarter application sales upward primarily due to continued increases in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Customer-Driven Sales Proposals Can Give You the Winning Edge
Writing a Customer-driven Proposal Facilitates the Sales Process. A customer- driven proposal gives the sales professional an opportunity to help the buyer ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
MidwayUSA - Award Recipient
Financial performance results for gross sales, net income as a percentage of net sales, earnings distribution, and ... The MidwayUSA strategic planning process is a systematic, ... to Customer-driven excellence is by operating a highly ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Customer-Driven IT: How Users Are Shaping Technology Industry ...
Still waiting for the IT industry slump to end? Look to your customers. It's up to technology users to come up with the next great IT innovation, says David Moschella in his new book, Customer-Driven IT . by Wendy Guild, HBS Working Knowledge Guild: It comes as welcome news that you say that the technology industry will recover. How will customer demand revive the suffering industry? And when do you think it will stabilize? Moschella: The information technology industry has always grown in cycles. Over the last twenty or so years, there have been two major periods of growth and two of stagnation. The last downturn in the ...
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Merged Firms Need Unified Salesforce
In this time of record-breaking mergers and mega-mergers, creating a unified sales force with a common language and single message becomes imperative if your newly-created firm is to achieve its goals. When you bring together different sales cultures and levels of sophistication within a newly-merged organization the result is often reduced sales, erosion of trust with customers and ineffective coaching of the sales process. Your sales force is your frontline of contact with your customer. They carry your corporate message, your philosophy, and deliver the value you offer. They are the implementers of your marketing strategy. It ...
What are the key challenges facing representatives when changing ...
The Key Account approach means a strategic, consultative approach, where the sales function has to create value during the sales process. The traditional sales exec's career has so far been about communicating value - being a "talking brochure". How you sell becomes more important than what you sell. Some individuals find this harder to make this transition than others. And even if you have the individuals who are capable of making this transition, you need to have the management skills and objectives in place to make this happen. For example, a Key Account Manager who's measured and paid according to how well ...