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The Sullivan Nod

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a sales technique most frequently used by bartenders and waiters in order to get the customer to pick a specific item on the menu. To perform this technique, they nod their head slightly ( around 10-15 degrees ) when they mention the specific item. This subtle gesture subconsciously reinforces their recommendation to the customer. Although I can’t find any statistical study to backup this assumption, customers are said to be 60-70% more likely to choose a specific item when the Sullivan Nod is used. However, what I’m really interested in is how these individuals use a subtle form of communication to provoke a ...
A sale is completed by the seller or the provider of the goods or services to an acquisition or appropriation or request followed by the passing of title (property or ownership) in the item and the application and due settlement of a price, the obligation for which arises due to the seller's requirement to pass ownership, being a price he is happy to part with ownership of or any claim upon the item. The purchaser, though a party to the sale, does not execute the sale, only the seller does that. To be precise the sale completes prior to the payment and gives rise to the obligation of payment. If the seller completes the ...
Healthy Influence Blog » Blog Archive » Persuasion Myth Busters ...
Stop the sticks, there’s a new persuasion tactic that’s guarenteed to work 60% of the time on your unsuspecting customers, marks, and yokels. Named after its creator, Mr. Sullivan, the “Sullivan Nod” goes like this. You offer a customer a list of options and provide a subtle smile and head nod with one of those options. This “Sullivan Nod” will increase the likelihood that the customer will select the option covered with this nonverbal gesture. Here’s how Mr. Sullivan himself puts it : This great piece of body language can increase incremental sales as much as 60%. Salespeople should ... market research, surveys and trends
What is a Sullivan Nod?
The Sullivan Nod is a sales technique which is designed to encourage people to purchase a particular item with the power of subconscious suggestion. It is most commonly used in the food industry, although it pops up in other industries as well, ranging from boutiques to car lots. When well-executed, a Sullivan Nod is so subtle that the consumer doesn't even notice it, making it a challenging thing to watch out for. This technique was developed by Tom Sullivan, a consultant who works in the restaurant businesses. Sullivan designed the technique as a way to increase sales of appetizers , drinks, and other items which can ... market research, surveys and trends


May 2006 - (parenthetical remarks) - blogging between the lines
in Afghanistan. To many, it looks like our one "success" story is going to hell in a handbasket just as our confirmed disaster in Iraq gets even worse with news of the Haditha massacre. Andrew Sullivan had a pessimistic post of this flavor yesterday. Unfortunately, this impression is too kind by half. There has undeniably been more violence in Afghanistan, but the recent Kabul riots made headlines precisely because they happened in Kabul , where the television cameras and reporters are. One of the downsides of the highly centralized federal government we have helped set up in Kabul is that it has an extremely limited ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Caucus night: Seifert wins GOP poll, DFLers vote Rybak ...
Republicans delivered the most definitive message, giving state Rep. Marty Seifert a clear victory in the non-binding straw poll held during the caucuses held in more than 4,000 precincts. Placing second was state Rep. Tom Emmer. On the DFL side, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak had a slight edge over House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, with the party's nine other candidates languishing in the single digits of support from caucusgoers. Underscoring the volatility of the race: "Uncommitted" ranked third in the voting. Seifert, the former House Minority Leader from Marshall, had his victory certified early Wednesday by GOP ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Turnover forces fast fixes for schools
The Wisconsin Rapids School Board chose Colleen Dickmann, a social studies teacher at East Junior High School, to replace retiring Bob Crist. Dickmann, who officially starts her contract Aug. 1, was a past human resources director and principal in the district. Dickmann will lead a district that has faced $2 million shortfalls each of the past two years, but Wausau's new school superintendent faces another set of challenges. Superintendent Steve Murley announced plans to leave the Wausau district less than five months after teachers called for his dismissal in December. The School Board is in the middle of its search for a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Sullivan: Golf's tell-all author Christina Kim seeks answers to her slump
PITTSFORD — Christina Kim is rarely lacking for attention, but she admits she hasn't been deluged with inquiries about her golf game the last few months. "Honestly, I get more questions about my book," Kim said after shooting 2-under par 70 in the third round of the LPGA Championship on Saturday. "The only thing people ask about my game is what's wrong with it." Oh yes, the book. In April, Kim released "Swinging from My Heels: Confessions of an LPGA Star." Co-written with Alan Shipnuck, the book provides a behind-the-scenes account of the 2009 tour. Kim wrote about the real ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


22 Ways To Build Same Store Sales
Use the Sullivan Nod: Smile and nod your head slowly up and down as you make a suggestion. Example: if a guest says “I'll have a Heineken draft,” the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sullivan Ridge Planning (FINAL)
Track Trail in the Sullivan Ridge area to the National Forest Trail .... ITEM 1 - Has a CEQA Notice of Determination (NOD) been filed for the Project? ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Belle Hélène, as is the case in all Sullivan operettas, requires the use of two .... Be ready for a moderate tempo, or simply a nod from the ...
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