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Special Report on

Uplift Modelling for Cross-Selling

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The purpose of this article is to try to reduce the pain that interactive voice response (IVR) systems inflict upon the humans. IVR systems, or Customer Alienation Systems, as Herb Edelstein, of Two Crows Consulting calls them, are those automated telephone answering systems beloved of banks, utilities, and other companies, that lead us through a tree of menus "in order to help [them] to assist [us] more quickly". There are many stated justifications for using IVR systems, the bulk of which focus on the (legitimate) desire for businesses to reduce costs, and the more tendentious of which sometimes go as far as to claim ...
whose act generally revolves around singing and dancing to upbeat melodies. Sometimes referred to as , they are the lead group of Hello! Project , which is masterminded by Naoki Yamazaki and managed by producer Tsunku , who composes nearly all the lyrics and melodies of their songs. Currently, they hold the record of having the highest overall single sales (of a female group) on the Oricon charts . 1 , in this context, means girl. The group is known for ever fluctuating line-up, with " graduations " and auditions held nearly every year. 2008 was the only year so far when no changes in the line-up occurred. Over the ...
RIP last click wins? | Econsultancy
Is it time to say farewell to the old model of assigning all the value to the last click? Many marketers want the ability to measure customers' paths to purchase and understand the influences of each channel on a sale. It would be a dream to accurately measure the impact of your TV ad on generating uplift in an outdoor campaign, driving interest in your press ad, which subsequently delivers a sale. But can this now be achieved online? I promised in my previous article, It's not all about the last click in search marketing , that I would share some insight into how I integrated my paid search, display, affiliate and ... market research, surveys and trends
"One of the principal issues of designing in the tropics is the discovery of a design language of line, edge, mesh and shade rather than an architecture of plane, volume, solid and void. An unlearning process is involved, given the dominance of European architecture which forms the substance of the training of architects over the past 200 years" - Tay Kheng Soon Tay Kheng Soon Tay Kheng Soon was born in 1940, a year before the Japanese armies swept down the Malaysian peninsula and captured, in surprisingly quick time, the supposedly impregnable island of Singapore. The relationship of the colonised people of Southeast ... market research, surveys and trends


THE DISTILLERY: China's heavy landing | David Llewellyn-Smith ...
offers an interesting canvass of prominent pundits. He lines up on one side of the room “... the sceptics and short sellers who are predicting a dramatic crash caused by the bursting the of country’s property bubble. The sceptics ... include US hedge fund manager Jim Chanos, Gloom Boom and Doom report author Marc Faber, Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff and eccentric UK hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry. On the other side of the room are an eclectic mix of believers in the China growth story including Reserve Bank of Australia governor Glenn Stevens, former Prime Minister Paul Keating, global fund manager Hamish Douglass ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Modelling the impacts of macro-economic variables on the South ...
Although the potential profit of selling soybean and sunflower oil in the human .... renewable energy will uplift emerging and small-scale farmers, if managed ..... percent respectively in the long run and the area under maize production is ... With approximately 1 million tons of maize required for the production ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


Optimal Targeting through Uplift Modeling: Generating higher ...
Optimal Targeting through Uplift Modelling .... 2 While cross-selling tries to sell new products to customers, and up-selling aims to drive customers to upgrade, ..... targeting for uplift. However, these approaches rarely match the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
an overview of modelling
movement of the faults that cross the country and from movement in the ...... in a variety of ways, including subsistence farming, trading and selling ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Nordic electricity congestion's arrangement as a model for ...
help introducing competition in generating and selling of electricity, these reforms have to ...... National Grid Company has an energy uplift's target and is ... Nordic market-based cross border congestion management appears as a model ...
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I'm curious to know about the people out there with fun, interesting, unusual, or quirky jobs. All lines of work considered, as long as it's fun/something you feel excited about doing most days and/or something my high school guidance counselor wouldn't have known about. For example, there's some guys I know who drive around the country, buy up old antique radio and broadcasting gear, and resell overseas. They broker other equipment as well, and they are always on the chase. They're like treasure hunters. It's an unusual job, and it's stressful, but pretty fun at times, and probably something ...