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Special Report on

Value-added Pharma Selling

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US demand for pharmaceutical packaging will grow 5.5 percent annually through 2012. Strong growth is forecast for value-added types, especially parenteral vials and flip-top closures, plastic dispensing bottles and closures, prefillable inhalers and syringes, parenteral stoppers, track and trace and authentication labels, and unit dose pouches. This study analyzes the $12.2 billion US drug packaging industry. It presents historical demand for the years 1997, 2002 and 2007, and forecasts for 2012 and 2017 by raw and semi-finished material (e.g., plastic, aluminum foil, paper and paperboard, glass); product (e.g., bottles, blister ...
covering synthetic chemicals and drugs, prepared Chinese medicines, medical devices, apparatus and instruments, hygiene materials, packing materials, and pharmaceutical machinery . The profile of the pharmaceutical industry in China remains very low. China accounts for 20% of the world’s population but only 1.5% of the global drug market. China's changing health-care environment is designed to extend basic health insurance to a larger portion of the population and give individuals greater access to products and services. Following this period of change, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to continue its expansion. The ...
Jobs in Colorado Springs, CO (06/05/10)
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Area Sales Manager Jobs Pharma: Upgrading of sanitary science and ...
The continuous development of science and technology, electric lift cabinets, bull Article Variety storage space for housewives in the kitchen a better time, while additional features and accessories also makes cabinets added value of products increased substantially. Cross-border integration of popular elements At present, the "mix and match style" is the industry's designers copied lot of heated discussions, between the popular elements of the industry to absorb and learn nothing new. Clothing, cars, luxury ... ... thought the collision of different industries, product diversification becoming increasingly ... market research, surveys and trends


A pioneering approach to personalised cancer care where therapy is genetically tailored to individuals’ tumours is to be offered to NHS patients for the first time. Up to 6,000 cancer patients a year will have their tumours analysed for a wide range of genetic defects that can help doctors to choose the most effective therapy in an initiative that promises to transform the way the disease is treated, The Times has learnt. The pilot scheme, to be launched in the autumn by Cancer Research UK, will examine how powerful genetic diagnostic techniques can best be rolled out across the NHS so that every cancer ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DTC Marketing for U.S. Prescription Drugs Moves Online - Pharma ...
And now, the climate report--the conditions for direct-to-consumer advertising, that is. Conditions should be mildly favorable in the coming year, with a lot of focus on electronic communication and patient education. Government regulation will continue to present the industry's cloudiest weather. The predictions come courtesy of last week's Annual DTC Industry Check Up, a survey conducted each year since 2002 by Dendrite International. The survey included 134 respondents, from manufacturers, consultants, agencies, and other vendors. DTC's outlook for the coming year, according to respondents: # The big challenge ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How Hyperinflation Will Happen
Right now, we are in the middle of deflation. The Global Depression we are experiencing has squeezed both aggregate demand levels and aggregate asset prices as never before. Since the credit crunch of September 2008, the U.S. and world economies have been slowly circling the deflationary drain. To counter this, the U.S. government has been running massive deficits, as it seeks to prop up aggregate demand levels by way of fiscal “stimulus” spending—the classic Keynesian move, the same old prescription since donkey’s ears. But the stimulus, apart from being slow and inefficient, has simply not been enough ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Bidding on BPO with Abid, Part I
We've seen a significant shift in in the competitive landscape for BPO providers in the last two years - some of the leading Indian service providers have taken advantage of the Recession to steal a march on several of their incumbent competitors, pushing their own tenacious brand of offshore service delivery.  The change has been dramatic, with some of the traditional providers of recent years being knocked off their perch.  When HfS produces its new competitive landscape later this year, this market shift away from some of the "traditional" BPO engagements and momentum towards new approaches for pricing, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Behavior Change Said to Build Pharma & Device Compliance, Improve ...
care if the consumer was a Celebrex user or not. The goals was to build a value- added program for pain sufferers," Dacko explained. PHARMA MARKET RESEARCH ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
manufacturing and outsourcing, value added foreign acquisitions and .... for Indian pharmaceutical companies and stipulated that Indian companies selling .... across the pharmaceutical value chain, offering a range of unbranded and ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Marketing Specialty Forest Products
The answer to this age-old adage often depends on the context of the question. With specialty forest products or "SFPs" (medicinals and botanicals, forest-based food products, or handcrafts and florals), the question becomes: which came first, production or marketing? Do you produce the product so you have something to market, or do you market the product so you have something to produce?' To make money with specialty forest products, the answer is clear--marketing comes before production. This may seem backward, but focusing on marketing before and during production will help determine what and how much to ...
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Why antibiotics are not a top priority in start-up or pharma ...
there is no hard & fast rule it depends o n geography & attractiveness in that specific region as you see in Pakistan the market volume 29 billions anti infective, while 25 billions is only antibacterial & approximately with a significant growth rate that is 19% while the entire pharma market in Pakistan is about 119 billion with 16 % growth rate so look at the attractiveness of the market in Pakistan, That why there is no hard & fast rule to start up , priority changed from region to region posted 2 months ago Coverting effort into finacial gains is easy and swift response by the market to antibiotics plays a vital role i.e ...
Geico Takes Aim at Google for selling ads linked to trademarks
Does this mean I can stop people using my trademarked company name as a "key word" in their adwords placing them above my natural listing? i hate to say it but it kind of makes sense. geico doesn't want ads for other insurance companies, insurance products, and insurance sites to pop up when a user types in "ge#co" on a search engine. Yet it's somewhat petty. perhaps google's and yahoo's response should simply be to delete ge*co from their databases. It could also ultimately threaten their livelihood: Google and Overture make money by selling ads linked to keyword-triggered search results, and many ...