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Entrepreneurs for Sustainability

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The entrepreneurs of Cleveland are hoping that next time you think of their city, you'll think "green" (rather than thinking of, say, the Cuyahoga River on fire). At the forefront of Cleveland's green thinking is a nonprofit called Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (E4S), which educates and trains business owners on practices that will help them make their companies more sustainable. The group was founded in 2000 by Holly Harlan, a former industrial engineer for John Deere, and three entrepreneurs: Pete Acorti, Brian Schneiderman, and Grant Marquit. Harlan, now the president of E4S, got the idea for the group after a ...
refers to a similar but substantially larger area as described below. This article covers the area generally considered to be Greater Cleveland, but includes information on the entire region of Northeast Ohio which includes the cities of Cleveland , Akron , Canton , Elyria , Lorain , Warren , and Youngstown . According to the 2000 Census , the five-county Cleveland - Elyria - Mentor Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) consists of Cuyahoga County , Geauga County , Lake County , Lorain County , and Medina County , and has a population of 2,250,871. Greater Cleveland is the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. The larger Cleveland- Akron
Network Weaving: Cleveland Entrepreneurs & Their Colleagues
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Beachwood Chamber Networking Lunch Set « onPAR Writing
Last week as I made my way through LinkedIn Questions, I came across one about opening hyperlinks in the same window or a new window. Until then, I was unaware of debate about this. I thought I was making it easier for visitors by having supplied links open in a new window. Again, the responses were mixed: let the visitor decide, provide the window and not provide the window. What do you, the readers, want for this list? Industry Events 03/04 Society For Professional Journalists (SPJ) NE Ohio Chapter: How To Be An Oscar-Winning Film Critic, 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m., Cuyahoga County Public Library, Independence, $5, ... market research, surveys and trends


The changing face of business - With the new economy comes a new ...
There was a time not so long ago when it was impossible to open the pages of a newspaper or business magazine without seeing a story about some young, hip entrepreneur who founded a business no one really understood and spent money that, it turned out, no one was really accountable for. Today, however, those entrepreneurs, the so-called whiz kids, are at best more annoying than fascinating to anyone who has actually started and ran a real business. Worse, for everyone who's watched their 401(k) money disappear and their mutual funds shrink, those unrestrained entrepreneurs of the new economy were, at times, dangerous. Chalk ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Local food cluster in Northeast Ohio | GreenCityBlueLake
“Cleveland takes second place with 12 farmers' markets and 225 community gardens reported, serving truckloads of fresh food to its population of over 450,000. A nearly 600 percent increase in total number of farmers' markets and a sizable increase in community gardens since 2006 explain Cleveland's ascent in this rankings category.” In 2004, food and agriculture comprised 3 percent ($7.7 billion) of Northeast Ohio Gross Regional Product of $231.2 billion. This cluster can be broken down into five components: farm inputs; machinery and professional services; production, processing, wholesaling and retailing; and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Business Accelerator Network kicks off business plan competition with $500000 ...
A business plan competition with $1 million-plus in prize money kicks off today and is aimed at growing Michigan business and putting the state, especially Southeast Michigan, on the map for venture capitalists and other investors. The Business Accelerator Network plans to unveil today the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, which it's calling the world's largest business plan competition for early- and second-stage companies. The foundation-funded New Economy Initiative has made a $750,000 grant to Ann Arbor Spark as fiduciary for the network, which also counts Detroit-based TechTown , Automation Alley in ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Christopher S. "Kit" Bond, US Senator for Missouri Receives Missouri Botanical ...
St. Louis, MO - Christopher S. ‘Kit’ Bond, U.S. Senator for Missouri has received the Henry Shaw Medal from the Missouri Botanical Garden. The award was presented by Dr. Peter H. Raven, president of the Missouri Botanical Garden, and by Arnold Donald, chair of the Garden’s Board of Trustees during the annual Henry Shaw dinner on Aug. 20. Awarded since 1893, and named for the Garden’s founder, the medal honors those who have made a significant contribution to the objectives of the Missouri Botanical Garden, including sustainability, botanical research, horticulture, or education. Bond is recognized as a national leader in the ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Innovation Program Curriculum The Entrepreneurs EDGE
Holly Harlan, President and Founder, Entrepreneurs for Sustainability ... the non-profit Entrepreneurs for Sustainability and continues to serve on the ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Egyptian Social Entrepreneur Puts People, Environment First
Washington — Sekem Holding’s managing director, Helmy Abouleish, does more than run a business. He brings vital environmental and social change to the lives of Egyptians. Sekem, named for the hieroglyph that means “vitality of the sun,” embodies its name. Founded more than three decades ago, Sekem continues to flourish in its mission to promote sustainable development through organic agriculture. An internationally recognized social entrepreneur, Abouleish oversees eight companies under the Sekem umbrella. These enterprises — Sekem for Land Reclamation, Atos, Isis, Libra, Conytex-Naturetex, Lotus, Hator, and Mizan — contribute ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Calls for Papers - TIBR Special Issues
This special issue will include studies dealing with the current economic crisis and the lessons that it can teach about the international environment and management of international businesses. The perspective on the development of the global economic crisis is still short-term and provides a look straight from the eye of the storm. Understanding the sources of the crisis and its impact can teach us much about how to manage, what to do and not to do and, perhaps, how to avoid similar complex events in the future. Since the crisis is global and encompasses so many different sectors and countries, it is important to present ...
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What are the best networking websites and events for entrepreneurs ...
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4 Myths about Going Green
There were tree-huggers in the 60s and 70s. �Save the Planet� was the prevailing term in the 80�s and 90�s. Now, the phrase �Going Green� has been replaced by the more business-like �Environmental Sustainability.� It is definitely one of today�s main catch phrases and everyone wants to know what you�re doing about it. Your customers may be asking you about it. Your investors are most definitely curious. Your utilities are offering breaks for it. Your kids are probably even asking you about it when you close up shop and go home for the night because they�re learning about it in school. In the first part of this ...