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Special Report on

Yahoo! Small Business

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There's a never-ending evolution in consumer behaviors and preferences that impacts all their purchase decisions. And staying up-to-date on the latest consumer data can make or break your marketing campaigns. Kick-start the new year with this quiz and get valuable marketing tips that will put you ahead of the competitive curve. Questions 1. American consumers would prefer to receive gifts over gift cards. A. True B. False 2. Today's shoppers believe in "green" products and services. A. True B. False 3. There are more U.S. adults with six-figure incomes under the age of 35 than there are over the age of 54. A. True
Yahoo Small Business – The Many Benefits | Structured Settlements
When a person starts a small business, there are many preparations to be made to ensure the overall success of the business. Some of these preparations include setting up a webpage, developing a domain, implementing emails for the business, getting internet access that is appropriate to the needs of your business, as well as developing a marketing strategy. If you implement the use of Yahoo Small Business, you can get all of this and more! In this article, you will be introduced to a number of benefits when it comes to using Yahoo Small Business. One of the main benefits of using Yahoo to assist you with your small business ... market research, surveys and trends
Yahoo! Small Business Spotlight: The Feel Your Boobies Foundation ...
nothing makes us do a Yahoo! Yodel more than knowing we reminded someone to “feel their boobies”!  That’s our whole mission…finding unexpected and unconventional methods to remind young women to “feel their boobies”.  And we couldn’t do it without Yahoo! I started the Feel Your Boobies Foundation in 2004 after I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33. My goal was simply to remind as many young women as possible to “feel their boobies” because it’s something that saved my life.  We’re now an international non-profit foundation and Yahoo! enables us to spread our message far and wide… and that’s certainly ... market research, surveys and trends


Yahoo! Media Relations - Press Release
Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) today reported revenues totaling $53,620,000 for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 1998, nearly triple the revenues of $18,134,000 reported in the comparable period of the previous year. Revenues for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, 1998 represent a 30 percent increase over revenues of $41,210,000 reported in the second quarter ended June 30, 1998. Net income for the quarter was $16,654,000 or $0.15 per share diluted, compared to net income of $681,000 or $0.01 per share diluted for the comparable period in the previous ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
How to Make a Million - Yahoo! Small Business
So you want to be a millionaire. You dream of going from rags to riches with money to spare. You brainstorm ideas, searching for the one that's going to catapult you to success and add six zeros to your bank balance. Though we can't do the work for you, we can direct you down some promising paths. Here are seven industries hand-selected not only for their position in the current economic landscape, but also for their potential. And since the best ideas often spread nationally thanks to entrepreneurs who transform them into franchise concepts, opportunities abound. Exciting as it may sound, don't leave ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Back In Business
small-business owners in the region are embracing the notion that good can come from devastation. Grateful that people all around the world are helping to rebuild and revive the region, one surviving company is reminding the world that New Orleans is open for business. Silk Road Collection, a New Orleans−based seller of antique Chinese furniture, lost most of its customer base when Hurricane Katrina shattered tourism in the region. They needed to find new sources of clients and revenue. Then Yahoo! Small Business sent a team of volunteers to the region to help Gulf Coast businesses get back on their ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Best places to sell used stuff online
Around your household there are literally thousands of dollars worth of items that are simply collecting dust. What if you could clear up some free space and make some money while doing it? With all your unwanted items gone and money in your pocket, you'll be able to do the things you love like vacations, spending time with family or finally buying that item you've been anxiously waiting for. Selling your stuff online has become easier than ever with the help of websites like eBay, Amazon and many other marketplaces. Using the websites detailed in this article, you will be able to sell your unwanted items online for a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


ORIGIN Small Business Resource Guide
Yahoo! Small Business Combines news and wide-ranging content, small business communi- ties where professionals can meet and share ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
SOTS: Small Business and Micro-Business Resources
The Better Business Bureau provides resources and means for both business and customers to create a better business environment, one with integrity and honesty. The Better Business Bureau promotes self-regulation and consumer education. Connecticut Better Business Bureau This is Connecticut's branch of the Better Business Bureau. Bridgeport Regional Business Council The BRBC provides a wide range of valuable information on their website for businesses in the Bridgeport region. It is a membership-based organization that holds meetings and offers other services for local ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Small Business Information - United States Government Information ...
a resource partner with the Small Business Administration, providing assistance to small businesses through direct counseling, email counseling, and workshops. Check out their many success stories and then find the SCORE office nearest you. Documents staff are available for all kinds of outreach activities, including workshops, seminars or other kinds of meetings. Simply look at our Options For Classroom or Group Instruction site, or use the contacts at the bottom of this site. General Business & Trade Information ~ North Carolina Business & Economy ~ International Business/Trade Sexual Harassment Resources - a site designed by ...
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Help with Yahoo Small Business | Ask MetaFilter
Need help with Yahoo Small Business / Premium Services support: is there a way to update payment information at once? Tried their UI but to no avail. Also seek email to customer service--phone call got dropped after hours on hold. Last year I registered 200+ domain names with Yahoo. It was cheap and efficient, and all is well... until last week. I had changed my American Express card number and as a result, when the domain names are up for renewal this year, the system alerted me on outdated information. I tried to update my payment information, and to my surprise there is no way to update all the payment methods at once. ...
What is the contact email of Yahoo small business support? - Yahoo ...
I lost 34.95 $ by an unwanted billing and so want to contact with yahoo smallbusiness (domain) support by email. Whats the email address for this - since i canceled the product i couldnt get any result from HELP/CONTACT US pages of yahoo small business. Member since: December 16, 2008 Total points: 117 (Level 1) Don't know the contact email...but if your domain has been renewed for another year and you did not cancel that charges will be valid and no refund will be issued. The domain renewal can not be undone. The domains are on auto renew to ensure the domains renew and not be lost. If you do a whois look up of your ...