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Bellwether a Bad Investment

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And while I know that single act might not curry much favor with the man upstairs, I'm sure abstaining from the bellwether index will do wonders for the bags under my eyes and the nervous tic I've developed. A bellwether, by the way, is loosely defined as anything that tends to create, influence, or set trends. By that measure the Dow Jones is certainly one. The term comes from the Middle English word "bellewether" and actually has nothing to do with the "weather" as we know it. Instead it refers to the age old practice of putting a bell around the neck of a castrated ram (a wether), allowing the beast to lead ...
in 1792 it became the 15th state to join the Union. Kentucky is the 37th largest state in terms of total area, the 36th largest in land area, and ranks 26th in population. Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State", a nickname based on the fact that native bluegrass is present in many of the pastures throughout the state, based on the fertile soil. It made possible the breeding of high-quality livestock, especially thoroughbred racing horses. It is a land with diverse environments and abundant resources, including the world's longest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park ; the greatest length of navigable ...
The Washington Monthly
last weekend that there's a divide within the White House when it comes to the economy. Political advisors, including David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, see the polling data and are inclined to respond to public concerns about government spending and deficits. The economic team, including Christina Romer, Jared Bernstein, and Tim Geithner, see the economic data and are inclined to actually try to create more jobs and generate more growth. We were reminded again of this divide today. ABC's Jake Tapper spoke to Axelrod about the economy, and the senior White House advisor took the expected line . In his February budget ... market research, surveys and trends
The myth of the downtown boom - Rod Dreher
How many stories have you read in the past few years about people moving back into downtowns, leaving suburbs and exurbs to wither on the vine? Joel Kotkin says it ain't true. Excerpt: Housing prices in and around the nation's urban cores is clear evidence that the back-to-the-city movement is wishful thinking. Despite cheerleading from individuals such as University of Toronto Professor Richard Florida, and Carole Coletta, president of CEOs for Cities and the Urban Land Institute, this movement has crashed in ways that match--and in some cases exceed--the losses suffered in suburban and even exurban locations. Condos ... market research, surveys and trends


Bellwether Costa Rica Project Sees Jump in Sales
By all accounts, Peninsula Papagayo changed the development landscape on the northwest coast of Costa Rica. Anchored by a Four Seasons, the 2,300-acre project attracted a new high-end clientele and helped spark a wave of luxury development on the Guanacaste coast. Papagayo was not immune to the global recession, but there has been a distinct turnaround in sales activity in the last few months, says Peninsula Papagayo sales executive Steve Grubba. In an interview, Grubba discusses the recent activity, how the development is proving the experts wrong and why “condo” is a dirty word. What kind of sales activity are you seeing? We ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Economic bellwether: Experts - and those in the trenches - watch ...
Businessman Juan Suarez hopes to open Ibiza Tapas and Wine Bar on Strong Avenue in July. Martin Altmirano works on the renovation behind him. Martin Altmirano, of Pioneer Contractors of Easthampton, works on the bar in the space that will be Ibiza Tapas and Wine Bar on Strong Avenue in Northampton. NORTHAMPTON - Behind the brown paper taped to the windows of a former Strong Avenue restaurant, economic recovery is taking place. Construction crews Thursday were busy renovating the 3,746-square-foot former home of Smokin' Lil's - a property that has been vacant since the barbecue joint closed in 2008. This is the spot ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Q&A: futurethink's Lisa Bodell on Innovation
Innovation is becoming the bellwether for success among many industries. From cultural leadership to practical, cost-conscious strategies, future think 's Lisa Bodell answers the persistent questions about innovation in a recession. Innovation is once again a top strategic priority for the majority of companies in 2010, according to a mid-April report by The Boston Consulting Group . The report, based on a global survey of nearly 1,600 senior executives conducted in partnership with BusinessWeek , found that 84 percent of companies consider innovation "important" or "extremely important" for positioning ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
High-profile Seattle firm pays $35 mil for Tempe Gateway
The company that recently purchased the Gateway building in downtown Tempe says it's looking to make more investments in the Valley's depressed real-estate market. The $35 million purchase of the eight-story building at Mill Avenue and Third Street is the first acquisition by Vulcan Real Estate outside of its home city of Seattle. Lori Mason Curran, a spokeswoman for Vulcan Real Estate, said the company is interested in buying more property in the Phoenix area. "We see Phoenix as an area that has good growth prospects going forward," Curran said. "We see that it's poised for growth and a rebound, ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Research Quarterly
Despite the preponderance of bad news still facing inves- ... thus they are a bellwether for the investment consulting industry as a whole. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Floor Statement: Aviation Investment and Modernization Act ...
Mr. President, imagine this: gridlock in the skies; passengers delayed for hours and hours on a runway; an aging, antiquated air traffic control system just struggling to keep up with the growth of air traffic; a fight over how to pay for the billions of dollars needed to address airport infrastructure, infrastructure in all of its manifestations. I could be talking about the present, but I am not. I am talking about the years 2000 and 2001, prior to 9/11.    Then 9/11 did happen. It changed our country forever, and it changed it in countless ways. It forced us to understand how important aviation is to our ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Bellwether a Bad Investment
The US Treasury's most recently auctioned, or "on-the-run," nominal 30-year bond is often referred to in the financial press as the "bellwether," or "benchmark" bond against which other long-term yields should be compared. These newly issued bonds typically have a somewhat lower yield to maturity than do off-the-run Treasuries of slightly shorter remaining maturity, but it is generally assumed that the greater liquidity of the on-the-run (OTR) issue somehow compensates investors for this lower yield. This page demonstrates that investors are actually paying the Treasury over 3% ...
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The difference between these two ETF's, SPY and VTI? - Yahoo! Answers
Please tell me about them? Which one should I choose? They seem the same but what sources from this network and others say VTI is better. What are some long term ETFs to invest in for retirement? I am a Moderate investor. I am with Sharebuilder. What about Mutual Funds and what is a good on to invest in for retirement? SPY tracks the performance of the S&P 500, which is the top 500 companies as selected, based on a variety of criteria, by a committee at Standard and Poor's. VTI tracks the performance of the MSCI US Broad Market index, which is based on a calculation of different companies selected by various ...
Do you know where was Mark Mezvinsky, works in New York?
Mezvinsky is the son of former Iowa congressman Edward Mezvinsky and former Pennsylvania congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky. Like Clinton, he studied at Stanford University in California. He's also familiar with parental scandal: his father pleaded guilty in 2002 to tricking investors out of over $10 million.  by newuser42911621 on May 02 2009 (14 months ago) This was not a question, it stated a title so I am including information about the title below. Director:Adam McKay Writers (WGA):Will Ferrell (written by) & Adam McKay (written by) Contact:View company contact information for ...