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List of stock market crashes

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Moreover, the vast majority of derivatives 'cancel' each other out (i.e., a derivative 'bet' on an event occurring is offset by a comparable derivative 'bet' on the event not occurring). Many such relatively illiquid securities are valued as marked to model , rather than an actual market price. The stocks are listed and traded on stock exchanges which are entities of a corporation or mutual organization specialized in the business of bringing buyers and sellers of the organizations to a listing of stocks and securities together. The largest stock market in the United States, by market cap is the New ...
world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal value, 11 times the size of the entire world economy. The value of the derivatives market, because it is stated in terms of notional values , cannot be directly compared to a stock or a fixed income security, which traditionally refers to an actual value . Moreover, the vast majority of derivatives 'cancel' each other out (i.e., a derivative 'bet' on an event occurring is offset by a comparable derivative 'bet' on the event not occurring). Many such relatively illiquid securities are valued as marked to model , rather ...
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Bond market Stock (Equities) Market Forex market Derivatives market Commodity market Money market Spot (cash) Market OTC market Real Estate market Private equity Investors Speculators Institutional Investors Structured finance Capital budgeting Financial risk management Mergers and Acquisitions Accounting Financial Statements Auditing Credit rating agency Leveraged buyout Venture capital Credit and Debt Employment contract Retirement Financial planning Tax Fractional-reserve banking Central Bank List of banks Deposits Loan Money supply Finance designations Accounting scandals Stock market bubble Recession Stock market crash ... market research, surveys and trends
a bump in the road
With the conservatives screaming about the bailout of the automotive industry and banks, you would think that this type of economic breakdown has never happen. However, someone needs to remind the Youth that between 1968-1974 stocks lost more than 75% of their value because of the Ignorance of Man. And why that is just one in a long list of stock market crashes, I would like to hear their plan to do nothing except let the banks and car manufactures fall into Bankruptcy. For what would the World look like if 499 of the S&P closed their doors tomorrow and walked away? Does anyone care to give it a try? No, America and the other ... market research, surveys and trends


stock market: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article ...
The market in which shares are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. Also known as the equity market, it is one of the most vital areas of a market economy as it provides companies with access to capital and investors with a slice of ownership in the company and the potential of gains based on the company's future performance. Investopedia Says : This market can be split into two main sections: the primary and secondary market. The primary market is where new issues are first offered, with any subsequent trading going on in the secondary market. Related Links : If you're new to the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Stock Market Crash | Encyclopedia
loop where selling by some market participants drives more market participants to sell. Generally speaking, crashes usually occur under the following conditions [1] : a prolonged period of rising stock prices and excessive economic optimism , a market where P/E ratios exceed long-term averages, and extensive use of margin debt and leverage by market participants. There is no numerically specific definition of a stock market crash but the term commonly applies to steep double-digit percentage losses in a stock market index over a period of several days. Crashes are often distinguished from bear markets by panic selling and ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
The Dow is falling! Or not?
Tess Vigeland talks to Reuters blogger Felix Salmon about how to make sense of the conflicting headlines coming from business journalism. Felix Salmon, blogger for (Stefan Geens) More on Investing , America's Financial Crisis Tess Vigeland: So there I was last weekend, enjoying the holiday, looking forward to an Independence Day party later in the afternoon. But first, as I'm often wont to do, a check of the Sunday New York Times. What's this I see here? A lengthy profile of one market forecaster, a gentleman named Robert Prechter who basically ruined my day. So ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Volatility Is Here To Stay
Back in January, we described ways in which the world has changed since the last secular bull market. Among the wonderful features of that Goldilocks era were the consistency of high equity returns and the calmness of markets. Well, as Hugh Grant said in his memorable British-Brooklyn accent in Mickey Blue Eyes, “Fuggedabout it!” Volatility is back, it’s brash and it’s here for the duration. If we understand what’s causing this volatility, we can learn to work with it. It starts with a jockeying for capital. Around the globe, securities markets are struggling with an increasingly boisterous clash over it between governments and ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


List of recessions in the United States
Dec 5, 2008 ... List of stock market crashes. Depression. 1929–1939. 10 years 11 years. States. This sparked a global downturn, ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Q&A: Small Business and the SEC
In the chaotic securities markets of the 1920s, companies often sold stocks and bonds on the basis of glittering promises of fantastic profits - without disclosing any meaningful information to investors. These conditions contributed to the disastrous Stock Market Crash of 1929. In response, the U.S. Congress enacted the federal securities laws and created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to administer them. There are two primary sets of federal laws that come into play when a company wants to offer and sell its securities to the public. They are: The Securities Act generally requires companies to give investors ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Stock Market Crash of 1929
  information about the causes of the stock market crash of 1929, the depression that followed it,and what safeguards are in place to prevent a recurrence. �  (BECON 301, 4 May 2001) Web Resources: Foster Business Library Reference Collection: The Foster Reference Collection is located behind the Reference Desk in Foster. Great events from history II : business and commerce series. This five-volume chronological encyclopedia is devoted to the history of business and economic events of the twentieth century worlwide, starting with the first publication of the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1897 and continuing up ...
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Google Answers: Statistics on Stock Market Crashes in 1929 and 1987:
For both Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 and Black Monday, October 19, 1987: 1. What was the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the opening? 2. What was the DJIA at the end of the day? 3. How many stocks on the NYSE were up on each of those days 4. How many stocks on the NYSE were down on each of those days? Thanks Request for Question Clarification by juggler-ga on 14 Jan 2004 23:20 PST Hi. I've located the DJIA's opening & closing levels for both Black Tuesday (10/29/1929) and Black Monday (10/19/1987), as well as the advance/decline ratio for the NYSE for 10/19/1987. However, I haven't ...
WikiAnswers - Stock Market Questions including "What were the ...
Electronic exchanges and over-the-counter markets facilitating the trading of company stock and their associated derivatives such as options, futures, ETFs, and equity swaps Total questions 14500 Supervisors Become a Supervisor ID3707701199 asked Wiki what time does the new york stock exchange open and said it was the same as What time does the new york stock exchange currently open and close 11 Jul 2010 08:36 ID1976113626 asked Role of Sebi in indian stock market and said it was the same as What is the Role of sebi in indian stock markets 11 Jul 2010 07:55 ID1287276396 asked Hox to calculate 5 percent increase of 334000 and ...