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Stock Market Buys and Sells

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Gee! if you only knew the answer. We're seeing the beginning of the collapse of Capitalism unregulated. Greed my friends. You haven't seen nothing yet. This is going to get bad for a whole lot of people. Prepare for winter. Everyone just keep thinking happy thoughts! There's just not enough happy thoughts going around! Think harder D it! What comes after this? Look at the mid 20's, big spenders, living beyond your means, then the 30's... collapse... and then WW2... Now, in the mid 90's we had the big spenders ... up to now, but now the collapse starts... If we do not pull it together with very ...
world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal value, 11 times the size of the entire world economy. The value of the derivatives market, because it is stated in terms of notional values , cannot be directly compared to a stock or a fixed income security, which traditionally refers to an actual value . Moreover, the vast majority of derivatives 'cancel' each other out (i.e., a derivative 'bet' on an event occurring is offset by a comparable derivative 'bet' on the event not occurring). Many such relatively illiquid securities are valued as marked to model , rather ...
Stock Market Tutorial #5 Financial Basics | Tutorials Effects
My financial website is; A stock market investor’s guide for beginners. Dogs of the Dow, Dead Cat Bounce, Numbers vs percentage Subscribe RSS 2.0 feed. Leave a response , or Trackback from your own site. ryansm05 - July 3rd, 2010 at 9:44 pm Videos fantastic, they really had me hooked! Again, how many people I think it may be a stupid question, but I’m in England and I wonder if the terminology and the general consensus, say what you will bid for the European stock market? I am also looking to maybe start a learning university Brokerage, when I finished, and I wondered whether it would be ... market research, surveys and trends
A Review of a Successful Penny Stock Trading Program | Financial News
Isn’t stock trading is an amazing concept? It makes billionaires out of ordinary people like you and me. We bet on companies and when these companies do well (or beat expectations), we make money, it’s that simple. We all know that the secret of success at the stock market is to really know the market that you are dealing with. Not everyone is smart enough to read the fine print on financial manuals and apply economic theory to predict the future though. That’s where firms like come in. Choosing a program smartly can be the quick road to success with a little bit of hardwork and a lot of determination. ... market research, surveys and trends


Paulson Buys, Buffett Sells in Duel on SunTrust Banks (Update1 ...
Feb. 17 (Bloomberg) -- John Paulson, who amassed a fortune by betting against U.S. mortgage markets, became the biggest stakeholder in SunTrust Banks Inc. while fellow billionaire Warren Buffett was cutting his stake in the Atlanta lender. Paulson & Co., the New York-based hedge fund, boosted its ownership to 6.1 percent of SunTrust’s shares, federal filings showed yesterday. That gives his firm about 30.4 million SunTrust shares as of Dec. 31, an increase from 1.5 million on Sept. 30. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. reduced its SunTrust holdings by 22 percent to 2.4 million shares. After making billions by ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Heineken buys FEMSA beers, cements Latam alliance | Reuters
(Reuters) - Heineken NV will buy the beer business of Mexico's FEMSA in a $5.7 billion deal that boosts the Dutch brewer's emerging-markets presence and cements an alliance with one of Latin America's biggest drinks firms. Heineken, the world's third-largest brewer, said on Monday the all-stock purchase would make FEMSA its second largest shareholder -- with a 20 percent stake -- and give it access to the boardroom. The deal is competitively priced and broadens Heineken's access to higher-growth markets, analysts said. The company's shares rose 3 percent. FEMSA shares slid 13.61 percent on ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fear and Greed: How they Influence the Junior Mining Stock Market
The legendary investor Warren Buffett has two great quotes regarding fear and greed that apply to the current state of the junior mining stock market. The first quote goes like this: Unless you can watch your stock holdings decline by 50% without becoming panic-stricken, you should not be in the stock market. And the second: We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful. Let’s look at Buffet’s first quote with regards to investing in precious metal junior stocks. The junior mining stock market is very volatile. Junior mining stocks can go up or down 50% in a ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Weekly Top Insider Sells: Oracle Corp., Intuit Inc., Murphy Oil Corp ...
Oracle Corporation is one of the world's suppliers of software for information management. Oracle Corp. has a market cap of $109.57 billion; its shares were traded at around $21.83 with a P/E ratio of 13.8 and P/S ratio of 4.1. The dividend yield of Oracle Corp. stocks is 0.9%. Oracle Corp. had an annual average earning growth of 15.6% over the past 10 years. GuruFocus rated Oracle Corp. the business predictability rank of 3-star . On June 24, 2010 Oracle Corporation announced fiscal 2010 Q4 total revenues were up 39% to $9.5 billion, GAAP operating income was up 14% to $3.3 billion, and GAAP operating margin was 35. GAAP ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Stock Market Efficiency and Insider Trading Kris McKinley, Elon ...
Since the U.S. stock market (NASDAQ, American Stock Exchange, and New York Stock .... The thirty buys and thirty sells were separated into two groups. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Invest Wisely: Mutual Funds
Over the past decade, American investors increasingly have turned to mutual funds to save for retirement and other financial goals. Mutual funds can offer the advantages of diversification and professional management. But, as with other investment choices, investing in mutual funds involves risk. And fees and taxes will diminish a fund's returns. It pays to understand both the upsides and the downsides of mutual fund investing and how to choose products that match your goals and tolerance for risk. This brochure explains the basics of mutual fund investing — how mutual funds work, what factors to consider before ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
General Stock Investment Strategies: Enrolling with a company that ...
I answer only public questions so all can benefit . I do NOT endorse any of the website ads that will bring you to my answers. I have started a blog called ..AS Tbaarr Sees It.. tThats the only site where I might benefit from any ads,see below for the address. I dont care about ratings as i am not here to make you buy a service from me... If you want my opinion just ask me... I was a expert who was consistantly in the top ten.... I have found my screename,on google,being used without my permission to promote scottrade and other garbage... Ask me here first before you try any service that is claiming my ...
Who Buys My Stocks When I Sell Them? - Yahoo! Answers
When I sell stocks, who buys them? Also, if I sell when it's positive, where does that money come from? Lastly, Is market cap equal to the volume multiplied by the price of the stock? Kinda basic, stupid questions, but I can't find answers anywhere and they keep me awake at night lol. The market queues up orders to sell and orders to buy. If there is a match for a given stock, then a trade takes place. The clearinghouse sorts out transactions each day and the respective brokerages then assign payouts from the accounts where a buy is made, or pending receipts from accounts where a sell is made. There is a ...