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Special Report on

CJKV Information Processing

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No, you can’t. AFDKO does not offer tools for designing or editing glyphs. it is for building OpenType fonts using existing and fully-designed PostScript fonts, and for proofing them. Some of the more advanced AFDKO tools, such as tx, mergeFonts and rotateFont, can be used to manipulate the glyph sets of existing fonts. Q2: Is the AFDKO free software? A: There are no charges to use AFDKO, meaning that it is free. However, you need to accept the FDK end-user License agreement first, and use them at your own risk, and with no guarantee of support. Of course, if you encounter any problems or issues with the AFDKO tools, please ...
cjkv information processing, 2nd ed.
The end of last year I made a move from an IT shop focused on supporting the U.S. side of our business to a department that provides support to our operations outside the U.S. This was the first time I’ve worked in an international context and found myself running into long time assumptions that were no longer true on a regular basis. My first project was implementing a third party, web based HR system for medium sized offices. I found myself constantly missing important issues because I had such a narrow approach to the problem space. Sure I’ve built applications and databases that supported Unicode, but ... market research, surveys and trends
History of Hangul
After receiving a couple of comments regarding the difficulty of the Korean writing system “Hangul” (한굴) I thought I would post a brief history of how the language came about. Hangul is one of two Korean writing systems (Hanja is the other and consists of Chinese characters).  It was the product of court scholars, who were commissioned by King Sejong (May 6, 1397 – May 18, 1450 was the fourth king of the (Choson) Joseon Dynasty).  After half a dozen years of hard work by eight scholars, the new writing system was finalized in 1443. Top linguistic scholars have high praises for Hangul.  Gari K. Ledyard stated that Hangul, market research, surveys and trends


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I'll post a few ordinary examples including the standard computer font. None of these represent the most wheat-and-sunshine-gray sort of elegant that I've seen or particularly like. Some more examples Other examples Hangul is pretty in its efficiency. Like Bauhaus architecture, less is more, the most beautiful is the most efficient. That philosophy of aesethetics. Hangul is very scientific and systemetic alphabets and still keeps that orientaliness in tact. With some modification, it can also be used to spell Chinese. It could work better than current latin ahphebet based, HanYuPinYin system. Maybe China should ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
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The rapid proliferation of mobile networks for both public use and private has made connectivity-on-the-go a desirable, if not absolutely essential, condition. Nor is this mobility limited to laptops: everywhere you look, people are downloading email and other information directly to their cell phones and PDAs. For developers, this means an increased demand to create applications for mobile devices. Microsoft's .NET Compact Frameworks provides a full suite of powerful tools to help them get the job done. The .NET Compact Framework--a scaled down version of Microsoft's .NET Framework--offers a powerful programming ... industry trends, business articles and survey research


CJKV Information Processing
Chapter 1: CJKV Information Processing Overview. • There is no universally recognized or accepted CJKV character set standard ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
This document describes how to handle CJKV text within XSL/XSL documents by using Python. We'll briefly discuss Unicode, CJKV, XSLT and then delve into the details of processing CJKV text with 4XSLT. The Unicode Standard is published by the Unicode Consortium. Unicode is a universal character set intended to encompass major scripts on the earth with an easy and unified method. Every Unicode character code is assigned by a character number in 16-bit(two bytes) width. For example, the character a is presented by two-byte 0x0061, not only one-byte 0x61 in ASCII. With the single 16-bit character set, the Unicode Standard can ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Chinese and Information Technology
This page introduces you to some basic concepts on information processing of Chinese. For an in-depth understanding, you are encouraged to read the book " CJKV Information Processing " by Ken Lunde, published by O'Reilly and available at . Much of the information on this page is based on that book. With tens of thousands of Chinese characters, character set standards are much need to ensure that only a minimum number of them are learned to facilitate effective communication. The English alphabet, which specifies 52 upper- and lower-case letters, is perhaps the simplest character set standard. Computer systems ...
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