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Special Report on

Computing Labs and Resources

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NICL explores system software infrastructures for the New Internet. We focus on hosting platforms for network services, including network computing and network storage. In particular, our research deals with networked utility systems that share and provision a virtualizable resource substrate (computers, network elements, storage) on demand for a wide range of networked services. Hosted services (guests) can include computational grids and cloud computing middleware and also new kinds of networked systems that run the substrate resources under their control in entirely different ways. We proposed the notion of ...
between the mid-1980s and 2002. Plan 9 is most notable for representing all system interfaces, including those required for networking and the user-interface, through the filesystem rather than specialized interfaces. Plan 9 aims to provide users with a workstation-independent working environment through the use of the 9P protocols. Plan 9 continues to be used and developed in some circles as a research operating system and by hobbyists. The name Plan 9 from Bell Labs is a reference to the 1959 cult science fiction B-movie Plan 9 from Outer Space .
Aaa Radius And Diameter Server Market Shares Strategies, And ...
AAA Radius / Diameter is positioned to provide connections in the highly competitive remote access environment. Service providers and corporate enterprises need cost-effective tools that smooth the integration of the powerful new services that are constantly emerging. These tools must increase overall network efficiency and profitability through effective management and tracking of network access and usage. AAA software provides authentication, authorization & accounting management. Radius has a significant new generation of AAA server complemented by Diameter that merges all of these needs. It enables GSM operators to allow GSM ... market research, surveys and trends
Techne » Virtual Computing Labs as a First Step Towards the ...
one which has already moved beyond “maybe we could” status is the Virtual Computing Lab, or VCL. This effort to provide computationally intensive academic tools via cloud computing potentially can expand access to complex tools, especially at smaller campuses where offering such tools in specialized labs present challenges of scale and affordability. The term “cloud computing” emerged about mid-2007 to encapsulate a number of trends that had started many years before, but were all connected by a common characteristic: accessing remote computing power over a network. Google, through their ... market research, surveys and trends


Labs and Centers Profiles: Sun Microsystems Laboratories: License ...
Jim Mitchell, the director of Sun Microsystems Laboratories, puts it this way: "This is not university research. We are here to make things that will someday make money." Creating useful technologies--marketable technologies--is what keeps us going. We're idealistic enough to want to make a difference in peoples lives and practical enough to realize that selling useful products enables us to keep doing what we love. Since Sun Labs was founded in 1990, a number of our rule-changing innovations have made it into the mainstream--from platform-independent Java technologies to our ground-breaking Sun Ray and Sun Cluster ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
ABRF Survey: Core Labs View Data Analysis as Key Challenge for ...
of 24 core labs conducted on behalf of the Association for Biomolecular Resources' Genetic Variation Research Group found that data analysis is the primary challenge core labs face when it comes to next-generation sequencing. Helaman Escobar, director of DNA Sequencing Operations at Eurofins MWG Operon, presented preliminary data from the survey this week at ABRF's annual meeting in Sacramento, Calif. He said that the survey, conducted primarily by phone, highlighted the fact that data analysis is a key challenge for core labs that have adopted next-generation sequencing instruments. The second-most cited challenge was ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
iPhone: Great Device, Lousy Telephone? is upgrading some back-end systems. Some site features, such as user registration, may be temporarily unavailable. If you have an iPhone, this experience may be familiar: Your phone shows only a bar or two, and either you can't make a call or the call you do make is so scratchy and garbled that the person you're calling can't understand what you're saying. Meanwhile, right next to you, someone on a different AT&T phone connects without a hitch and chats away happily. I decided to informally test whether there's a solid basis for that common gripe. My findings: The two iPhones I tested had ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Back-to-school IT projects reshape campus life
The top back-to-school IT projects at 10 colleges and universities show a tidal wave of change in higher education. Many of the changes could presage broader shifts in enterprise and consumer technology. Not surprisingly, wireless is fast becoming the default network connection for campus users, who typically own between two and four wireless-enabled mobile devices. At the same time, virtualization and growth in cloud-based services are centralizing and offloading IT functions. These changes, coupled with soaring video traffic, are triggering bandwidth upgrades at all levels. Back to school bargains IT pros will love As students ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Collegis: Information Technology Support Level Analysis ...
... the labs described above, many of the individual schools and departments within the College of Liberal Arts have their own computing labs and resources. ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Strategies for Allocating Computers
Distribution among the regular classrooms gets the technology to the place where the teachers and the students are, but if the school does not have enough technology to provide a critical mass within classrooms, little benefit is likely to result. In particular, the practice of putting one or two computers into a classroom appears ineffective. With a class of 30-35 students, it is difficult to provide individual students or small groups with enough computer time to have a positive impact. We would not argue that schools must have a computer for every student (many activities are not computer-based) but it does seem that ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
UHD Computer Lab Resources
There are computers available in the Academic Computing Lab (ACL), the Technology Teaching and Learning Center (TTLC), and the Commerce building computer lab (Comet).     A map of the ACL is available in PDF format. (opens in new window) Note: Each electronic classroom in the ACL is equipped with a printer, a projector, and a DVD/VHS player. Dell Optiplex GX760 Intel Core2 Duo E8400, 3.00 GHz Processor, 2GB RAM, 232GB hard drive, DVD/CD-RW, 17” LCD monitor, Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro OS and Microsoft® Windows® 7 Hewlett Packard LaserJet 9050dn Duplex printing available on these printers. Hewlett ...
How far away are we from having to deal with security threats from ...
How far away are we from having to deal with security threats from Quantum computing? The company D-Wave reportedly has a commercially available quantum computer and they plan to have a 128 qubit computer commercially available in 2010. Assuming the law of accelerating returns, we are just 3-4 years away from very powerful quantum computers.No doubt the NSA and DARPA are working on it. But, I wonder about the security of commercial databases, and the work of our competitors in the world, not to mention a wealthy individual with malevolent intent. Isn't the invention of a quantum algorithm run on a >128 qubit computer that ...
Small Business Blog - Your Small Business In 2009
Like my entire family smushed into my parents' spare bedroom this time last week, so, too, can small businesses expect their space to crowd with more startups in the coming year. That's just one of the predictions the pundits-that-be forecast for 2009. "[With] job losses high and traditional employment options limited, many will turn to self-employment and small business in 2009," says a Small Business Labs article. "And with it easier and cheaper than ever to start small or personal businesses, we expect a strong year for small business formation -- especially personal businesses." The staff at ...