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Special Report on

Department Environmental Informatics

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Environmental features and processes affecting them occur over geographical space. Geoinformatics involves the use and management of geospatial information, enabling us to understand and model environmental processes and predict the effects of environmental change. Remote sensing is a key source of geospatial data for environmental analysis and assessment. This is a very practical course with a strong environmental content aimed towards environmental managers. The course builds a working knowledge of environmental data acquisition by field survey and through remote sensing, and develops a suite of skills in analysis by GIS ...
(born U.K.) is a leading marine biologist and environmental informatics professor. Her research focusses on the spatial and nonlinear dynamics of ecosystems, climate change and scenario development. She is the current Executive Director of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark. Following this appointment, she took leave from her post as Professor of Environmental Informatics in the Department of Mathematics at University College London .
Putting people first » Some CHI papers that we like
As our technologies travel to new cultural contexts and our designs and methods engage new constituencies, both our design and analytical practices face significant challenges. We offer postcolonial computing as an analytical orientation to better understand these challenges. This analytic orientation inspires four key shifts in our approach to HCI4D efforts: generative models of culture, development as a historical program, uneven economic relations, and cultural epistemologies. Then, through reconsideration of the practices of engagement, articulation and translation in other contexts, we offer designers and researchers ways ... market research, surveys and trends
Ardhi University has vacant positions in the Academic and Administrative cadre. The University subscribes to the policy of an equal opportunity employer and therefore invites applications from candidates who are interested to work in a thriving University environment and have the requisite skills, qualifications and experience for various positions as indicated below: A: ACADEMIC POSITIONS I. School of Construction Economics and Management (SCEM) a) Position: Lecturer (1 post) Area of Specialization: Phd. Civil Engineering or related field. b) Position: Assistant Lecturer (3 Posts) Area of Specialization: MSc. Civil ... market research, surveys and trends


Sustainable Water Resources Management
of all water use globally, up to 95 percent in several developing ...... Table 1 : Near East Regional Water Balance 1994 (Million Cubic Metres per Year). ...... developed in the Department Environmental Informatics and part of the ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
DOE 1993 Program Report: Body
(DOE/ER-0544P, published June 1992) and provide new information on the DOE genome program to researchers, program managers, other government agencies, and the interested public. This FY 1993 supplement includes abstracts of 60 new or renewed projects and listings of 112 continuing and 28 completed projects. These two reports, taken together, present the most complete published view of the DOE Human Genome Program through FY 1993. Research is progressing rapidly toward the 15-year goals of mapping and sequencing the DNA of each of the 24 different human chromosomes. The DOE human genome centers at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Convey Computer Announces Record-Breaking Smith-Waterman Acceleration of 172x
RICHARDSON, Texas, May 24, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Convey Computer(TM) Corporation announced today that its implementation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm, widely used in life sciences applications for aligning DNA and protein sequences, is 172x faster than conventional methods and represents the fastest Smith-Waterman implementation(1) to date. Convey is focused on increasing the computer processing productivity required by life sciences applications -- applications where analyzing 340 terabytes of data is the norm and developing complete phylogenetic trees is just ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Technology for Transparency Review, Part VI
Over the past week we have published a number of posts to present our conclusions and recommendations to the technology for transparency movement by focusing on specific categories of projects: aid transparency , budget monitoring , election monitoring , civic complaints , and parliamentary informatics . Those five categories encompass the vast majority of projects that we documented throughout our research. However, there are five other categories of technology for transparency projects that are also worth reviewing from a thematic perspective. A number of websites have cropped up over the past few years in the United States ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Coupled modelling to transfer advanced process understanding into ...
b Department Environmental Informatics, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH. – UFZ, Leipzig, Germany. Page 2. 4403,wp, 2 ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Center for Environmental Biotechnology
The HEADS research group has established a strong track record in the rapidly growing, new subject area of Ecological Engineering. The term hydroecological engineering signifies the group’s concentration on water resources and wastewater engineering.  Recognizing the growth in the field of environmental informatics and the application of computer-based models in the development of decision support systems, the group is active in this niche area. Interest in decision support interfaces well with the group’s expertise in the deployment of real-time flow and water quality sensors, rapid laboratory assessment ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Environmental Informatics: GIS and Modeling | School of Natural ...
Environmental research, impact assessment, planning and management have grown increasingly reliant on computer-based approaches in the past few decades. Geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, dynamic-simulation modeling and statistics, for example, are utilized in a variety of scientific and professional endeavors, ranging from forestry, landscape mapping and watershed ecology to archaeology, pollution detection and geology. As a result, the need for professionals trained in technical and applied aspects of these approaches has risen dramatically. Environmental informatics, also called eco-informatics, addresses ...
What kind of fun careers can I get with a bachelor of science in ...
Geneticist - help make custom tailored medicines specific to people’s genetic backgrounds (you’d probably need a doctoral degree, though) Biomedical engineer - help make artificial limbs or develop artificial organs (you need to get your graduate training and you may need some engineering) Government Jobs: Criminalist - do crime scene investigation, testify in court Homeland Security Coordinator Marine Biologist - if you have some upper level coursework in Marine Science Work in Systematic Biology for: Colleges, universities, and agricultural colleges Federal agencies including Departments of Agriculture and Interior
If evolution doesnt happen, what do evolutionary biologists do ...
Your professors study evolution on a micro scale. There is not way to study it on a macro scale because there at NO creatures that show a change from one species to another. Each creature is distinct to its own kind and not a cross breed of two in order to show a transition. Small changes occur daily to go with our fluctuating environment. Major defects occurs but most do not pass on (ie hermaphrodites - unable to reproduce....donkeys - cross between horse and mule - can't reproduce either). I thing that they have a lot of good that they have and can continue to accomplish but on a macro scale is waist of their ...