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Information for Industry

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We welcome your interest in the University of Toledo’s technologies and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  In support of the University’s mission to improve the human condition by making available the benefits of its discoveries conceived and developed on campus, the University is committed to transferring technology to the commercial sector and employs a team with a proven track record in the protection and transfer of intellectual property to the commercial sector. Accordingly, the University’s licensing staff works together with its faculty to identify potential commercial opportunities ...
defined by a device profile. The communication protocols have support for network management, device monitoring and communication between nodes, including a simple transport layer for message segmentation/desegmentation. The lower level protocol implementing the data link and physical layers is usually Controller Area Network (CAN), although devices using some other means of communication (such as Ethernet Powerlink , EtherCAT ) can also implement the CANopen device profile. The basic CANopen device and communication profiles are given in the CiA 301 specification released by CAN in Automation. Profiles for more specialized ...
Fourteen months ago I wrote a post about, a ...
a startup social networking site, that enabled patients with disorders like ALS, MS and Parkinson's Disease, to share experience and contribute to rapid pooling of clinical data in ways that might provide practical guidance. It's an exciting idea, but apart from the omnipresent risk of offering faulty guidance, present in medical appointments as well, it risks cooptation by industry. Here's the most prescient part of the post: The aim - "providing a better, more effective way to capture valuable results and share them with patients, healthcare professionals, and industry organizations that are trying to treat ... market research, surveys and trends
Obelisk International Launches Its Latest Condominium Project at ...
Twistique', a fully interactive firm, today announced the Web design and development for Super Fan Rentals, a subsidiary of Average Sports Guy, LLC: The website focuses on social networking for sports enthusiasts, providing an opportunity for property owners and sports fans to rent/lease homes/condos during major national sporting events and much more. Users will pay the site a fee to create a profile advertising their properties. This, in turn, will allow a potential renter to view all of their information and place a reservation online. The first phase of the website is planned to be ready for ... market research, surveys and trends


Adventure Engine : adventure tourism technology
Blog for folks in the tourism sector - particularly adventure tourism. We will aspire to keep you up to date on new industry statistics, new trends and technology. The blog is managed by a leader in online reservation systems and distribution for the outdoor travel industry and distributors wanting to sell it! We look forward to your feedback. To visit us go to Feeling the need to keep up with travel industry using online sales but unsure if your company can easily take advantage of the benefits? Will your products, business methods and staff be successful online? There are a lot ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
Fuel survey writeup final
Forty-three percent of the survey respondents projected fuel expenses ..... Constant and current information for industry. ... industry trends, business articles and survey research
G-Resources Group Provides Sustainable Model for Mining in Indonesia
Hong Kong-based G-Resources Group provides a sustainable model for mining in Indonesia, shares secrets with Energy Digital. ( I-Newswire ) June 10, 2010 - (San Diego, CA). In an interview with Energy Digital, Peter Albert, Chief Executive Officer of G-Resources Group discusses the company’s flagship Martabe project in the North Sumatra Province of Indonesia. G-Resources acquired the Martabe site in July of last year. The site contains over 140 million tons of ore, which experts predict will yield over 250,000 – 300,000 ounces of gold and 2-3 million ounces of silver when the project is complete. However, G-Resources is more than ... market trends, news research and surveys resources
Energy Digital Magazine launches new June issue Featuring Ford's lineup of ...
Energy Digital Magazine launches its new June issue which focuses on global industry news, events and leading company profiles Energy Digital FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 07, 2010 – (SAN DIEGO, CA) – Energy Digital, the top digital media source for global energy news and information that reaches over 245,000 C-Level executives, and more than 26,456 companies worldwide, announces the launch of its June issue. “I am very excited for this issue. Our team really put together some interesting, relevant and dynamic stories that will captivate our readers. Plus, we were able to talk to and profile some ... market trends, news research and surveys resources


Information for Industry Media
Nov 30, 2007 ... Issue date: 30th November 2007. Pharmaceutical companies to provide product information electronically for prescription from NHS systems ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Generic Drugs: Information for Industry
includes the drug trade name, the brand company manufacturer, and the date the authorized generic drug entered the market. Back to Top   Back to Top   Step-by-step description of how to request an eCTD number from OGD. You may request a pre-assigned number, ONLY when you are submitting a NEW eCTD ANDA. If you are converting an established ANDA to eCTD, you MUST use the original ANDA application number. If submitting a paper ANDA, do NOT request a pre-assigned number. If you have any comments or questions, please contact: Gerrard Cuthbert E-mail: 301-796-3981 Back to Top     Model ... technology research, surveys study and trend statistics
Sources of Industry Information
A guide to over 23,000 national and international organizations. Useful for finding trade and industry associations and their web sites. National Trade and Professional Associations HD2425 .D623 (Directories shelves) Lists over 7000 national trade associations, labor unions, professional, scientific or technical societies and other professional organizations. North American Industry Classification System [NAICS] Provides common industry definitions for Canada, Mexico, and the United States.  In the United States, NAICS replaces the Standard Industrial Classification system (SIC). Standard Industrial Classification [SIC] ...
  1. profile image MPICAC MPI is in Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade on 6/27. Join the meetings industry and support GLBT Tobey Geise for information:
  2. profile image BabenerLawFirm Visit for more news, educational resources, and information on the direct selling industry.
  3. profile image marcsolis Billboardbiz: Jonas Brothers Set Stadium Shows In Mexico: Click through for tour dates and pre-sale information.
WikiAnswers - Where can you find sales information for a specific ...
Industry specific information can often be found at the Department of Labor (  There is an industry that offers industry specific research such as First Research  Often researching corporate leaders in a specific industry and then reading their website literature, annual report, contacting investors relations (a link often found on corporate websites), and reading their press releases can offer a great ...
Careers: Business: Information System for Managers, decision ...
1.What is the purpose of a computer aided decision support system? What are the major components of such a system? How does it help the decision making process? 2.“In the end, the information system is recognized as a foundation for human judgment, in sight and inventiveness”. Discuss in detail. 3.What are the types of Inventory Management Systems? Define them and partition further classes. Also, briefly explain each subdivision. 4.Discuss in detail the different types of computer bases information system used in different functional areas business by organizations. Who are the typical user of information system? ...